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Hello! I’ve put off buying KL Polishes forever because I honestly don’t wear nail polish a ton. Mostly because it chips instantly and drives me crazy! However, I love Kathleen Lights and I already bought her Zodiac palette, Zodiac lipsticks, and the Zodiac pigments… So I’ve been eyeing her Zodiac nail polish set since it launched.

Then I heard that KL Polish would be no more soon! I’m assuming it’s true because everything has been going on sale and nothing is restocking 😦 So I thought… Better get it now!

Can you see how great my low buy is going? 😂🤷🤦

First off, I couldn’t get a good picture without my ring light, but my ring light was making some of them not look the correct color. If you buy them individually normally (and some of them are sold out), they were $9.50/each. The set was $100. I think pretty much everything is on sale now for between $7-8.50, and last I looked, the set is still available at $80.

I am not disappointed so far. Processing and shipping took maybe a little over a week.

There were a few shades I wasn’t necessarily crazy about but I wanted some that were sold out individually. However, I will say seeing them in person, I really like them all!

I put on Capricorn the day I got them and this picture is two days later. So far, no chips, which is a record for me!

This is my favorite shade. It’s green with a red shift! I thought that was pretty unique!

This is Scorpio. It’s red but I feel the picture looks more brown.

The sparkly orange is Leo.

The dark orange is Aries.

This one is Pisces.

I didn’t do all of them, but those arey favorite! They dry pretty quickly I will say! Also, each picture is two coats, nothing else! One coat was a little too see through for me.

What do you guys think? Are you into nail polishes? If you want to try this brand, grab them now! I was going to get a few more, but then I heard she’s starting a new brand, so I think I’m good with these for now!



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Have you seen the newest Colourpop x Kathleen Lights collab?! They already launched a Zodiac themed palette… Now we get Zodiac loose pigments! Guess who bought the box set literally a minute after it dropped? 🙋 **If you are interested in these, Colourpop is doing a 20% off right now! I’m not sure for how long so hurry to their site!!!

First off, I still love and save every card they send 😂 I hope they never stop doing that! Second– omg packaging!!! If you get the box set, here is the box! There are constellations, moons, suns, and stars in gold all over a mint green box. I love it.

The Zodiac signs are inside matched up with the shades. You get a little book inside that has a few sentences about each sign, and there are some pictures of Kathleen wearing some of the shades and looking gorgeous as usual! Each pigment is in a hard plastic tube. There is a little plastic stopper in each that you remove to get to the pigments.

The water signs: The Crab, The Fish, and The Scorpion

The air signs: The Water Bearer, The Scales, and The Twins

The earth signs: The Bull, The Maiden, and The Goat (*the maiden is for Virgo..KL acknowledged it’s usually called The Virgin but she changed it 🙂)

The fire signs: The Ram, The Lion, and The Archer

I swatched them in order of the Zodiac, starting with The Ram (Aries) and going around (if you look at the box set, go counterclockwise):

Bottom to top: The Ram, The Bull, The Twins, The Crab, The Lion, The Maiden

Bottom to top: The Scales, The Scorpion, The Archer, The Goat, The Water Bearer, The Fish

Both sets in low light with camera flash:

Here are a few on the eyes 😀

My overall thoughts: I have zero regrets buying these and I love every one of them!! I just put down a primer like normal, sprayed a flat shader brush with setting spray, dipped them into the pans, tapped gently on the sides, and swiped it on. Some have a bit more glitter to them and you might want to use a glitter glue. I would not recommend using them dry… You get very little pigmentation that way. Go buy some!! 😁


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