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Good evening! (Morning/afternoon/night!) 🙂 I made a small purchase on Ulta a few weeks ago and thought I would finally post my new items for a first impressions/mini review.

This is the main reason for the purchase! This little Urban Decay set was on sale for $19.50! I have been wanting to try new eyeliners, especially glitter liner, so I jumped on this. I think they are still available if you’re interested! The shades are Midnight Cowboy, Starfire, and Volume. I will put swatches at the end. Considering one full size glitter liner is $21…I was all for this set! So far I’m happy with it. If I had paid $21 a piece, maybe not so much. Sometimes each stroke of the brush isn’t super precise with how much glitter comes out. I read reviews that some people had a burning sensation afterward…not sure what that’s about but I definitely didn’t!

And then let’s be honest… I love that free shipping 😂 I saw Nyx was having a little sale as well and I don’t use a ton of their products, so I thought–why not?

I don’t have a white liner currently, and I’ve been wanting more green products. So I grabbed these automatic pencils from Nyx. I think they were $5/each due to the sale? Maybe even less. They are creamy and very pretty 🙂

Im super excited about this liquid liner from Nyx! I didn’t realize it was water proof, but it’s ok. I love it. I’ve finally managed a half decent wing with this! I will definitely repurchase. I hope they have a none water proof, but even if not, I would repurchase. I went over it a couple of times to make sure it was super opaque, but it really applied beautifully!

Then, for the sale prices, I couldn’t pass up finally trying a glitter glue and the mixing medium! I haven’t tried the glue yet. I don’t use glitters too often but I get annoyed when I do because of the fallout. So far I used the medium once and did not like it ☚ī¸ I used it with the zodiac loose pigments I have and it literally cracked off of my lid very quickly. I’m going to read up on it in case I did it wrong lol…but I plan to give it a shot at maybe using for a liner next.

Finally, I had to grab this from Ulta beauty! I have used this before and my only complaint is I wish it came in a squeeze tube! I literally love this. It’s $3, smells great, peels off easily, and makes my skin so smooth. I get 3 uses easily out of it. I just roll the packet down to avoid drying out. Make sure to use a thin layer so it dries evenly. It was not painful at all to peel for me!

Here are the liner swatches 🙂

What is your favorite type of liner? I do like the mechanical ones but I might turn into a felt tip quickly with that Nyx one!

-AV (Instagram Avlovesmakeup) ❤ī¸


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Well I’ve decided to try and do a Pan Project for this year. I’m starting out on a low buy so I may as well focus on some of my favorite palettes to get some use out of them! I’m not going to pick a crazy amount right off the bat because I’ve never done a pan project before and I’ve literally never hit pan on any eyeshadow before 😂

I was inspired by Tayler from Tayler’s Edit! Go and check out her blog if you don’t know her 🙂

First up, the non eyeshadow:

We have three foundations! I told myself no more foundation until I finish at least one, and there are some foundations I would like to try 😁 I love all three of these (Urban Decay Naked Skin, NYX BB cream, and Too Faced Dew You), so I’ve just been alternating them so far. I know I’m going to repurchase the BB cream when I run out but I would like to try some other high end foundation.

Note Cosmetics Blush in Desert Rose. I love this blush!!! It’s literally my favorite and I got it in a BoxyCharm. It’s basically the only blush I wear anymore so even though it’s bigger, I think I will have no problem.

Wet n Wild bronzer. I don’t remember the specific shade but it’s the lighter one from the Fire Dragon vs Ice Dragon set. I just got this and I don’t wear bronzer a ton, so this one might be hard lol

Ofra highlighter in Glazed Donut. My favorite highlighter! I love this and wear it a ton but it’s such a huge pan and obviously it’s not something you use a ton of at once (I don’t anyways lol), so this might be a challenge. Plus I have a lot of other highlighters. But this was very expensive so I want to try and get it used!

The Eyeshadows (I’m hoping for 2-4 pans on each):

Morphe 24G Grand Glam. I love this palette but the pans are huge!

Ofra Pro Palette. This is a face palette so this might be challenging but this was one of my most expensive purchases so I want to try and feel like I got my money’s worth lol.

Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes. I love love love this and I think once spring and summer hit, I’m going to use this a lot!

Urban Decay Born to Run. I also really enjoy this palette and there’s a lot of shades, so I think I will be able to use it a lot without getting bored of it.

If I happen to do really well with these, I plan on adding some Jeffree Star palettes to the mix.

Are you doing a pan project? I’m excited for a new challenge 😊


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That title is long and maybe confusing…sorry. 🤷 So I thought my latest Colourpop splurge was coming today but I was wrong. So here we are with an idea. I was reminiscing on the Urban Decay Through the Looking Glass palette and how it has this shade that is just amazing and perfect. And that got me to this idea. So when I buy a palette, at least half of the time it’s because a specific (like, one) shade drew me in. And I decided I would buy the whole palette just to have that shade. Normally the rest of the palette is attractive to me also, but there’s this one shade that from swatches or just the picture…it looks different from anything else that I have and I’m just dying to have it. That’s the draw-in shade.

But…most times once I start actually using the palette, I end up with a favorite that’s different from the draw in shade. So I wanted to share a few examples 🙂

Urban Decay: Through the Looking Glass.

This was limited edition and I almost died when my husband bought it for me for Christmas. I was dying to have that green Hatter shade. My favorite? Salazen Gum. I will cry when it dries up or I hit pan. I love love love this shade.

Anastasia BH Prism palette

I was kind of disappointed with this palette overall. I had a lot of trouble with the shimmers because they are like a chunky glitter for the most part. I was dying to have Osiris. My favorite ended up being the mattes in general, but I am particularly fond of Lure. It’s a perfect grey-purple

Urban Decay Born to Run

I was *living* for the three in the corner– Wanderlust, Radio, and particularly Big Sky (swatched). I do love these a lot, but my favorite ended up being Accelerate. The pigmentation blew me away

Morphe 24G Grand Glam palette

I wanted that bright pink shade (I couldn’t get it to look true to life in the picture for some reason…second row down in the middle, it looks bright pink IRL) so badly. I do love it, but I had the orange shimmer (three rows down, last one) and this dusty/dingy rose color (top row, last one) be my favorites and go-tos.

Crown Brushes Fuego palette

I did not buy this…it came in a BoxyCharm. But not everyone got it, and when I saw a picture, I thought…please let me get this palette!! I wanted the shade on the second row, first spot. I ended up being in love with the top row, middle shade. It’s a beautiful sunrise, golden-pink shimmer

Juvia’s Place The Dolce

So this is the exception. I wanted that mint green shade Macarons soooo badly, and it’s definitely my favorite shade. However, I was surprised by how much I ended up loving the light pink Creme.

Finally, Colourpop x Kathleen Lights Zodiac palette

This is another exception. I wanted this whole palette so badly but was disappointed with my sign’s shade (The Libra). However, (see my earlier post on this palette), I ended up being disappointed in the whole palette but loving The Libra and The Cancer the most. Both are beautiful light pink matte and shimmer shades respectively. I like The Libra all over my lid as a base. I picked The Aries as my draw in because I had the highest expectations for that shade.

Sorry…this was pretty long! With the unfortunate exception of The Zodiac palette and the Prism palette, I love the rest completely. But I thought it was interesting to reflect on my expectations vs reality 🙂 Anyone e else have and love these palettes??


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So I have casually mentioned a thousand times that Urban Decay is my favorite high end makeup brand. I appreciate a lot of lower cost makeup but I think I’ve only bought one item from UD that’s let me down and that was a face spray for hydration. Just didn’t do much for the price. The quality of makeup is great, and they are cruelty free. I know they have some vegan products as well. My only complaint is they are a tad costly.

So I have *terrible* pores. Even when I went through a weird time of very dry skin, my pores were huge and very noticeable. I don’t lie about having bad skin but I like covering it up when I go out. I had acne bad for many, many years and it’s a security thing to at least wear foundation if I leave the house.

So I’ve been on the hunt for great coverage that looks natural. For some reason, last time I tried full coverage foundation it looked very cakey despite my oily skin.

So I decided to try the UD Optical Illusion face primer. It retails for either $32 or $34 (sorry…I could have googled that lol) and it’s like a whipped cream consistency. If you use a small amount and pat it in, I think it really does well as a pore filler. I will keep buying this unless I come across something better.

But it wasn’t enough. So I bought the Naked Skin foundation that is supposed to blur pores. It’s $40. I don’t find that it does much on its own. If I was just going to use foundation, I’m not sure it’s worth the price. It reminded me of the Maybelline Fit Me Dewey. It goes on nicely (I use a beauty blender), but it’s a tad tacky and I can definitely still see my pores. The only plus to the other foundations is that it seems to last longer before rubbing off or breaking apart from oil.

So I finally broke down and bought The Velvetizer. It’s a mix in powder for the Naked foundation. It’s supposed to give your skin a velvety finish. It retails for $34. You only use a dime size, mix it in, and apply like normal. You can also just use it as a setting powder. I read a lot of bad reviews on Ulta. If you do not have oily skin, I can see this making your face very cakey looking. It’s also very easy to waste product. I want to get a piece of glass to mix it on, because some of it soaks into the back of my hand before I can use it. For how much it all cost, that sucks. But…I do like this personally. I tried it with my Maybelline foundation and didn’t like it as well surprisingly. But with the Naked foundation, it did give my skin a very smooth, not sticky, velvety feel to it.

So I have pictures. Please keep in mind: my camera sucks. I tried to have my face in the same position, but…you know, human error. I used the same lighting but one picture looked darker to me for some reason. And I only put product right on my cheek where my pores are the worst, so don’t judge the rest of my face lol.

My face with no product:

My face with just the Naked foundation:

With the foundation and primer:

Finally, foundation, primer, and Velvetizer mixed in with foundation:

What’s everyone’s favorite foundation, pore filling primer, and powders?


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I got a small bonus at work, so I told myself I could buy a few things from Ulta that I had been eyeing up. I buy makeup all the time (obviously 😂), but there were two things I was putting off because one product I wasn’t sure would live up to the hype and the other is pricey and had multiple negative reviews.

It’s amazing how fast it all adds up. 😔

The expensive product: Urban Decay Velvetizer

This is a loose powder medium that was created to mix into the Naked foundation. Since I just bought one of the Naked foundations, it was a good time to finally break down and buy it. It retails I believe $34. It’s a pretty big jar but you do lose some product between dumping it out and mixing it; however, I was happy with the end result! While I liked the Naked foundation, this made my face feel really smooth. It did not look cakey on me (the biggest negative review), but I do have very oily skin lately.

The will it live up to the hype product: Juvias Place The Douce palette, retails around $20-$25 (I can’t remember). I looooovvveee this. The only negative reviews I saw were based around the Brand’s customer service so once Ulta started selling it on their site, I knew it was time! They are so creamy and blend beautifully! I love the colors. The pans are huge. My only complaint is that I do like when they have mirrors in them. But it was packaged well and I have tried multiple shades with no issues. The mint green is the reason I picked this one!

Next product: Wet n Wild highlighter in Diamond Lily, retails $4.99

I love Wet n Wild but for some reason their website does not take my debit card đŸ˜Ļ So I wait until I find stuff on Ulta. I think I’m going to try buying a prepaid Visa because there are some brushes and sale items on their site I really want! But I love their highlighters. Very pretty and creamy.

Next: It’s a 10 silk leave in spray, and as a bonus, I got a free sample of their hair mask treatment. Travel size spray was around $11.

This is an expensive brand but I hear great things about it. My hair has been very frizzy and not great feeling, so I’m hoping this helps. It has a floral smell but fades eventually. It doesn’t make my hair feel tacky or sticky or anything. I’ve only used it twice but I’m not sure I noticed a difference.

Lastly, a repurchase of my Philosophy Purity face cleanser

This is the smallest size, around $12. It lasted me almost 3 months, not using it every day (I have other face products). It smells great, feels great, and I have no complaints on this!

I really want to buy more Juvias Place palettes…I wish free shipping was less than a $50 purchase. đŸ˜Ļ

Anyone else have and love these products??


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I couldn’t help myself. I think I need to go to Makeup Buyers Anonymous because I seriously needed an eyeshadow palette like I needed a hole in my head haha. But I was in Ulta…and it was right there…and I had been eyeing it up since it came out…annnddd I had a rare 20% off everything coupon! (A second one! They sent me two right in a row! 🙌)

So this is a $49 palette. I got it for about $39. I’m definitely not mad about that after I swatched it.

I have been a fan of the UD brand since I was introduced. I never thought I would be able to wear uncreased eyeshadow until my friend said, have you heard of UD’s primer? However, I am sadly not sponsored by them (I wish). However, I don’t need to be because I LOVE this palette.

Do you need this? Depends on what you wear. If you only wear neutrals, you probably don’t. There’s nothing super crazy, but there are a lot of beautiful pops of color. My biggest complaint is I wish there was a grey matte shade instead of a grey shimmer. I love using grey in my crease over black because black makes nervous and is too dark on me usually.

The mattes did not swatch great but they are applying perfectly to the eyes with a brush. The shimmers are AMAZING. They are so pigmented. Plus side: you can use a finger, a brush, or a wet brush and get amazing pay off. Bad side: I have had a little fallout, I’m assuming because there are sooo pigmented. I don’t mind because I can do my eyes before my face or just use a powder brush to lightly brush away the fallout.

So I tried four different eyelooks so far. The third picture is a little rough…I tried new brushes and didn’t care for them.

Anyone else buy this or going to? I’m in love 😍


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My skin just keeps me guessing. I feel like I talk more about my skin issues than anything lol. I have always hated my acne prone, super oily skin until I was pregnant…then it became beautiful and oilfree and glowing and I loved it. Then it became super dry and I was scrambling for new products. Now it has some how started to become oily again 🤷 I’m guessing the weather has something to do with it. The winter seemed very dry and just this last week we were tossed into a suddenly hot, quite humid spring.

So my pores have been looking big again and there’s a definite sheen that is not highlighter on my cheeks 🙄

But I have discovered a new combo that has been making my skin look as close to flawless as I can hope to get: Urban Decay’s Optical Illusion pore filler/face primer with Wet n Wild’s Matte About You mattifying face powder. I kind of did it the first time without any thought…I was rushing and thought my pores looked terrible so I dabbed on the primer, then thought I looked glossy still so I used the powder.

So the primer is expensive but I don’t use a lot. I put about a half a pump or less onto a finger, then tap it across my cheeks where my pores are largest. After doing that, I gently rub the left over across the rest of my cheek and blend it out. I sometimes dab a tiny bit of the excess on the tip of my nose and the center of my chin. Then I take a blush brush and swirl it in the powder, tap it off, and swirl it across my whole face. The powder was only $4.99, so I’m generous with it.

It’s funny because if I swipe my finger into the powder, it looks like nothing comes off and it’s dried up. But it definitely comes off on the brush. And it seems to keep my face nicely matte looking for a few hours and then I just dab a little more powder on if needed.

I can’t wait to see if my skin keeps getting oiler until I’m back where I started 🙄 I’m hoping it stays as is, comfortably in the middle of oily and dry. Is that too much to ask??

-AV (check out my Instagram avlovesmakeup for more makeup related stuff!)

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