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So I really don’t have a lot of Too Faced products! If I’m buying high end, I always went for Urban Decay. However, after I got that Life is a Festival palette, I really wanted to try more of their stuff. I was really impressed by it. So after wandering into Ulta one day, I left with a $42 face palette 🙂

First, I love the packaging. The outside box is very pretty, and the inside is a tin that is also very pretty. I love the colors and I like how sturdy it feels. There is a mirror inside also.

Also, it does have a light, very pleasant peach-like scent to it! As someone who has a lot of issues with strong scents (like I get a full blown headache and nausea), this in no way bothered me and I really liked it. I actually specifically didn’t look at Too Faced products for awhile because most of them are scented, but after smelling it in the store, I didn’t think it would be a problem.

It’s so light it honestly isn’t noticeable once it’s on.

There is a highlighter, a blush, and a bronzer.

So none of them are wow, in your face. They are more subtle and just give an overall glowy, healthy look. The bronzer disappointed me a little because it literally doesn’t show up on my face. And I am very pale lol. I don’t know if it’s the formula or if it really is just very light.

Would I buy it again? Not for $42. I will keep using it for sure, and it would be convenient to travel with. But maybe if I found it half off would I get it again.

Do you have this item? What’s your favorite product from the Sweet Peach line?



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