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Hello, everyone! I am still alive lol and hoping to get myself back on a normal schedule 🤞 I may even do a life update post. Although that’s boring compared to makeup 😂

I picked up this oh so cute little box at Marshall’s a couple of weeks ago:

This is Stila liquid eyeshadow minis in the set Oh My Stars. I bought this for $12.99. I searched both Stila’s webpage and Ulta’s and could not find this set. I believe it may have come out several months ago around Christmas time but I might be wrong (comment if you know when they dropped this!).

However, I think it’s worth doing a little review because you can buy all three shades inside in full size for $24 each at either Stila or Ulta.

As I’ve stated before, I don’t do research on ingredients really, but here’s the back if you would like that info 🙂 I have worn all three and have worn them all day. None of them bothered me in any way (no itchiness, burning, swelling, or discoloration). Everyone is different though so if you have sensitive skin, do your research! ❤ī¸

The box says each one is .07 fluid oz. They are so small but I’m starting to really appreciate minis and sample sizes. I have so many products that I rarely finish anything, so I have a chance to use these enough to know if I want a full size as well as maybe even finish these before they dry out! The applicator is a normal, flat doe foot. I actually think it’s very easy to apply these and get into the corner and have a nice, clean edge because of how small it is. I do have a full size eyeshadow and it’s not hard to apply or anything, but this tiny size just makes it all the easier to be precise.

This set includes Kitten Karma, which is a pinky-champage color; Diamond Dust, which is silver; and Gold Goddess, which is — you guessed it — gold. All three are glitters. Stila does sell “shimmers” if you do not like glitter.

The gold did not want to swatch well but it applies as well as the rest. They are very reflective and stunning, to be honest. They are great for an evening out or, if you’re a little extra like me, anytime 😂 I think even though they are glitters, they are neutral colors so it’s a pop of fun while not being too in-your-face.

I really have no complaints on these!

I have Diamond Dust in the top one and Kitten Karma on the bottom. When the light hits them, they are just 😍 I will get the least use out of Gold Goddess…I’m just not much of a gold person 🤷

What do you guys think? Do you love or hate the Stila Glitter and Glow shadows? What shades do you own?


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Hello! I’m sorry my blogging schedule is still messed up đŸ˜Ŗ I am forcing myself to post regularly on Instagram (same user name if you’re interested) but I’m still feeling overwhelmed and not great in RL to be honest.

Anyways, I did a blog a few weeks ago on the Natasha Denona mini Lila palette, in which I concluded it was really nice and I did like it, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to put forth the money for one of her bigger palettes.

Then I got a surprise đŸ˜¯đŸ˜ŽđŸ˜­

Ta-da!! If you are not familiar, this retails for $130 on Sephora currently. She actually has bigger palettes that are upwards of $200. I never looked into ND palettes too much just because they are expensive compared to what I typically buy, but there are a few I loved to look at–this one the most! 💜 I have green eyes and I can’t deny that purple makes them pop the most, so I do enjoy purple shades a lot.

But let’s start at the beginning. Packaging! The outer box is plain white and pretty classic looking, but not one I feel bad about eventually throwing out. I really like the actual palette though. It’s such a pretty purple! It’s plastic with a thin purple material over it, and it’s held closed with magnets.

My biggest complaint is actually the inside setup with the names.

There is a plastic sheet sewn into the inside with the shade names. It’s driving me crazy and I know I’m going to cut it out soon.

It’s soooooooo pretty 😍 Second biggest complaint: I wish there were more mattes. I’m actually really into nice mattes anymore and there’s only 4. It makes me want to buy her Safari palette, but I digress.

So I think the formula is slightly different from the smaller palette. Is that crazy? The mattes are so much nicer in this palette! They are so buttery and soft and blend beautifully. I would love to try more since these mattes are neutrals, but I love the tones to them. They are not just the normal browns you usually see.

The shimmers are beautiful as well. I feel like most companies do shimmers really well though, so I tend to judge based on the mattes. Nothing was patchy or anything I didn’t like.

I would write the names but I didn’t 😂 Sorry 😂

So is it worth it? It’s a hard pressed question. I always say things are worth whatever someone wants to pay for it. Clearly the brand does well and generally gets good reviews because they are going strong from what I see. I would be curious to try a palette like the Safari which is all matte. And if I have some money saved up, I might grab another one down the line. 🤷

What do you guys think? Which ND palettes do you own? Would you dish out $130 or more for one? I know Sephora runs a sale twice a year and I suppose that would be the time to get one!


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Hello, everyone! First and foremost, I am a tad behind on reading blogs and I apologize and will catch up! I’m struggling with depression and anxiety (blah blah blah) again…work has been stressful and yet boring and Genevieve (my 2 year old) decided to stop sleeping for awhile lol.

Anyways, so here’s a little blog so I don’t feel like a huge slacker lol.

I couldn’t resist sneaking into Marshall’s this weekend 🙈 I was thrilled to find this!

BareMinerals Celestial Magic lipset. It has 8 mini Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick in it. While I love reds and rosy browns, I recognize nudes are the most go to and practical to have around lol.

I love the packaging! I love that there are two different designs. They are very tiny, but they are pretty and feel heavy (definitely not cheap).

I paid $9.99. I’m pretty sure these were on Ulta for $18 or $20 around Christmas time. I think $1-something a piece is reasonable! I will say, I think a lot of them are too light for me, which I found strange considering I’m pretty pale lol. They didn’t all look too light with the swatches, but on my lips they looked pretty pale.

All in all, I am happy with this purchase! If you see this, check it out 🙂


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Hello! I hope everyone is doing well 😊 I thought about uploading another personal blog but decided to stick with a makeup one tonight. More people seem to enjoy the makeup ones, but you might be seeing a personal blog soon. Real life has been a little bit of a struggle lately 🤷

Anyways, onto the main attraction! I will say this, my husband is a really good listener right when I start to accuse him of not hearing a word I say 😂😂 He might not hear me say anything about chores, but he heard I’ve been struggling and that I’ve always wanted to try Natasha Denona. Wouldn’t you know, he took a half a day last Friday, saw a movie, and went into a Sephora kiosk and bought me this:

I really was floored 😭 It’s the Mini Lila palette. He said they only had this mini and one that “was boring skin colors” 😂😂 I’m assuming the Star palette (I think it’s called?) I remember there was an all neutral palette. If I wanted to spend the money, this mini or the Lila full palette are the ones that caught my eye the most, as well as that tropical one she put out.

I did want some more purples in my collection. There is a bright berry matte, a purple shimmer with green specks in it, a raisin colored matte, a soft gold shimmer, and a camel colored matte. I will say, for being so small, there are a good number of different looks you could pull off with just this. If using just the neutrals, though, I would want a deeper brown from something else.

I do love this but I have to say… I’m just still not sure why this brand is so expensive. I’m assuming at this point you’re literally paying for the name. It’s nice, but if Colourpop had this for $25 I would say they are off their rocker. It didn’t perform any better than stuff I typically use now. I know her full sized palettes are huge, but man, $150? I had trouble justifying spending that before but I think this actually made me really think I wouldn’t put down that much for a big one. She has beautiful palettes, but I can buy Jeffree Star or even Colourpop for a lot less.

What do you guys think? I would pick up another mini if I really liked it, but unless my husband goes fully crazy for our anniversary and surprises me, hahaha, I am not planning on purchasing a big one still. If you have and you love it, I’m not knocking it! I just wish she would chop off about $50-$60 ☚ī¸


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Hello! If you celebrate Easter, I hope you had a wonderful Easter. If you do not, I hope you had a wonderful Sunday 😊

I swear this is my last “look what I got from Colourpop” post for awhile haha. If I buy more from them, I will hide it for awhile 😂 Seriously, though, they have just been hitting it hard with eye catching releases lately. The most complaints I see toward Colourpop is please stop releasing so much at once because I can’t afford it 😂

We will first acknowledge the card 😂 I was so excited that I got a different one even with my orders being placed so closely together. My dad used to be a bee keeper, so I especially liked this one.

Colourpop released 8 pressed glitters and 4 neon pigments. I actually had no interest in getting the pigments especially because I already had one shade in another palette (Sandbar); however, the math made me buy them. To get the palette with all 12 was $40. Each glitter was $5. So…. I’m not good at math, but it gets better when it involves makeup 😂

Let’s talk packaging. Each shadows came individually in these cartons which are gorgeous considering they are meant to be thrown away. The palette that came to put them in is the Orange Desert one I picked for BYOP and I was happy about that! I think it’s a gorgeous look

And here they are!

Gorgeous, right? How could I pass them up? I honestly don’t have many glitters and definitely none like these. Don’t shove your finger straight into one or it will be a mess. You can see the orange one looks funny because I did that. They are not loose…they have a clear gel which is why you don’t really need a glitter glue…but they are soft enough you want to go in gently. Here are swatches, which I found hard to do lol. I didn’t want to use a sh*t ton of product to make them opaque for swatches. Colourpop has swatches on their website if you don’t like these! But this is from swirling my finger once, twice for just a few:

Some of them are one color with another color glitter added in. So in different lights, they look different–which I love. The pigments are said to work best if you put a white base down.

I watched someone do both plain and white base on YouTube, and they are definitely more vibrant with white.

Glitters across the top, then bottom: Hungry Ghost, Light Show, Palooza, Boombayah, Free Bird, Renegade, Indio.

Pigments across: Keep Scrolling, Sandbar, OOO, Seeing Stars.

I literally have glitter all over me just from carefully getting shade names from them 😂 I love how glitter looks, hate how messy it is! There was some fall out as the day went on, so you could use a glitter glue as reenforcement. My favorite glitters are all of them 😂🤷 My favorite pigment is OOO!

Also, FYI, the pigments will stain. See my below pic with the liners.

Now, they also released a box set of neon liners (you can buy individually $5, box is $20):

They are mechanical (you twist and more comes out). They are creme gel liners. They do feel creamy and glide on easily. One word of advice: don’t go in too hard. I literally broke the tip off of two so far 🙄😭 I like them, though.

I used Hungry Ghost and the neon yellow liner!

What do you guys think? Do you like glitter? Or neons? Does Colourpop need to slow down??!


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Good evening! (Morning/afternoon/night!) So my blog is a little Colourpop heavy lately…sorry! They are my favorite and I find it hardest to pass up their new launches…which is bad because that’s literally every other week 🙄😂❤ī¸

But one deal they run off and on is a BYOP deal! You pick an empty palette…they normally have different patterns and a few different sizes, and then you fill it! The overall price is 50% what it would be if you normally bought their empty palette and then individual items to fill it. I almost did a 2 blush 9 shadows palette…but I ended up with a 12 pan eyeshadow palette.

First off … I will always say this. I LOVE the postcards they include. I literally hang them up everywhere 😂🤷 But I went with the orange desert palette because it was the prettiest for me 😁 I love orange. Btw, I did buy some creme liners…but I ended up going back for the set, so they will be in my next blog lol.

Here’s my creation! I titled it, Neutral Out of Sight, Neutral Out of Mind 😂😂😂 I crack myself up. Seriously, though, I have so many neutrals… I wanted colors that went with each other but also filled in some colors I don’t really have elsewhere.

As a side note, once you click to fill the palette, they take you to a particular page of items. It might not include every shade they have… I never tried to compare.

From top left across and down to the last one: Tiki (matte), Paper Tiger (matte), Oh Ship (matte), Lost and Found (matte), Piece of Cake (matte), Backstage (matte), Quantum Sleep (shimmer), Silver Lining (matte), Paradiso (shimmer), Formation (matte), Conjour Up (matte), and Superzoom (shimmer).

I’m not sure why, but the swatches came out a little fuzzy đŸ˜Ļ Like every picture I took. Anyways, they performed like you expect from Colourpop. Sometimes their mattes don’t swatch the best, but so far none are patchy or have given me any kind of trouble on the eye.

What was I thinking? First off, I had to have Silver Lining. I love purple-grey shades, and I consider that shade my favorite kind of neutral. It’s not really, but I think it is lol. I wanted some blues to go with my Atlantis palette (and because I didn’t get the Blue Blood palette 😭). I love oranges and didn’t have any hot orange colors like Oh Ship. I am lacking on yellows and teals as well. And I have so, so many shimmers!! So I only took the three I saw that looked different from what I have.

So what do you think of this deal? I believe this cost $35? I could look through my past orders but I’m lazy 🤓 It was no more than $40. They do run this off and on throughout the year if you’re interested! Sign up for their emails and they definitely alert you. I’m not sure if it’s still going on but you can check out their webpage to find out 🤗 A lot of the empty palette styles were sold out last time I looked though.

-AV (Instagram Avlovesmakeup) ❤ī¸

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Hello! It is no secret that Colourpop went from being that brand I wanted to try to my favorite overall. I constantly purchase and review their stuff, and I think once I was disappointed and one product hasn’t worked for me. Overall, they are affordable, creative, and driven. By that last one, I mean over the last year they have been pumping out new products, new shades, new formulas, new collections, and new collabs. It’s been exciting and overwhelming lol. I had to pass on a lot of stuff I thought was awesome because there was so much one after another that I just couldn’t afford everything despite their (in my opinion) reasonable pricing.

Their biggest hit last year was probably the Disney Designer princess collab they did with Disney. It sold out instantly, came back and sold out again, and now they finally have stuff still sitting for purchase if you were late to the table. Last month they came out with a Disney Villains Collection as a part II. I have one small set I picked up to show you, but I wanted to offer some thoughts on the collection as a whole and how I think they could have done stuff a little differently. Btw, last I checked, Ulta had two collections and the palette in stock, and Colourpop has *everything* in stock. I think maybe two items were sold out ever and they already restocked them.

The Evil Queen Collection

I actually got this from Ulta because I was placing an order anyways and wanted free shipping 😂 It was $25 and came slightly damaged. Since it was just the packaging, I’m not returning or complaining.

Colourpop knows how to package. I love the overall look of everything they do.

Each set has a lipstick, highlighter, and lipgloss. The whole collection had 6 collections, a palette, a jelly much shadow for each villain, and 2 glitterly obsessed glitters. You could buy the PR kit for $250, the collection minus box for $200, or each set was $25. You could get each item individually as well. The villains were: Hades, Evil Queen, Ursula, Dr. Facilier, Malificient, and Cruella.

Highlight in Fairest of Them All, lipgloss in Bad Apple, and lipstick in Evil Queen.

Okay, so I grabbed this one because I’m addicted to red lipstick. I actually really want Dr. Facilier’s collection because the lipstick looks gorgeous, as does the gloss, and I wanted Hades only because Hercules is one of my fav Disney movies. I like everything. The highlight might be too gold for me, but it’s pretty and I will try to use it anyways 😂

My thoughts:

I’m not knocking Colourpop. Obviously a lot went into this. The main thing that kept me from buying the whole collection was I didn’t need 6 new highlighters. I just don’t lol. Also, I don’t need 6 new glosses. I don’t wear gloss much as it is, and they had tons of glosses in the Disney princess collection. I think they could have done much more with this. I think, to make it a little more different from the princess collection, each of the Villain set should have had a liquid lip, a lip liner, and the jelly much shadow. Or! They could have done a liquid lip, jelly much, and different colored eyeliners. I would have bought the whole set.

The palette I think is beautiful. I almost grabbed it. I love the jelly much shadows. I think they could have played with color some more, too. Hades’ set should have all had blue tints. Pale blue highlighter, pale blue lip gloss, and a “medium” blue lipstick. Evil Queen was good with red. Dr. Facilier’s was all rather nude/neutral which sells, but I think they should have went bolder for villains. Ursula’s highlighter and lipgloss should have been pale purple.

So I’m not sure if they really stocked up this time or if it didn’t sell as well as the princess set, that it’s just been in stock (to include PR). 🤷 I might end up grabbing some more from the set, but we will see.

What were your overall thoughts? Do you think Colourpop needs to sleep more? 😂 I went to double check prices and it took me a minute to find this under New Arrivals because there’s been like 4 releases since then! 😲

-AV ❤ī¸ follow me on Instagram! Avlovesmakeup

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