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So I started this back in the middle of December, but I have been pleasantly surprised to see several other bloggers posting similar stories haha. So maybe it won’t be so hard since I’m not alone! 🙂

So last year I found myself in unfamiliar territory: I suddenly got both a raise and a promotion very close together. I was suddenly making more money than I ever have, and even though I still have debt, I actually had some money left over after paying my normal bills! And… Yep, I went a little crazy. I hit Platinum status at Ulta in like two months from basically no purchases lol. Not good.

So back in December, I wrote in my little phone note pad my plan for beauty product purchases from then until *at least* May 18. I picked that date because it’s my wedding anniversary and my husband and I always go to Erie for the day to go shopping. I hope to write a similar plan for after then too though.

I couldn’t promise a no buy, so I’m doing a low buy. I wrote out some exceptions: I can replace any skin care products I regularly use, I can buy a foundation as long as I use up one that I have now, if I need a beauty blender, refills of eyeshadow primer or face primer, or any makeup removal products. Finally, I gave myself a specific exception: if any product I have one a favorite list (Ulta or Sephora app) goes on sale for at least 50% off the regular price, I can buy it. I had to add that as I watch my favorite lists like a hawk 😂🤷

Is anyone else going on a low buy? Or a no buy?! There’s no way I could do that lol. I’m hoping to do a kind if part two to this post soon for tips on saving money/budgeting. I used to be good at it lol and I had a very serious plan to pay off my debt this year! Which means no crazy and frivolous purchases!

Here’s a picture of some pretty blue makeup 🙂 Check out my Instagram for more! (Avlovesmakeup)



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