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So I was faced with a big decision haha…I had a very rare 20% off my whole order (prestige brands included!) for Ulta as well as had built up $20 off in points. I also promised my husband I would not buy eyeshadow until after Christmas after that purchase. So I knew it had to be something good. So I settled on something I have been eyeing for probably close to a year:

Ofra Pro Palette Free Spirit. This is online only at Ulta for $59. I swear it had a higher price point before but maybe I’m confusing it with their all highlighter palette that is a whopping $130 I believe. I rarely see any reviews for Ofra and when I do, it’s their highlighter. Which is great. I already own Glazed Donut. I also have a liquid lipstick I got in a BoxyCharm that I love. But I couldn’t take it anymore 😂 It was too pretty! So I bought it along with a new brush set and a lip set from Ulta for stocking stuffers.

First, I *love* the packaging. It’s sleek and thin. It’s magnetic. It’s sturdy. It does have a small mirror. And every pan easily pops out (they are held in with magnets and have a little dip you can get a finger in). So if you hit pan…you can buy an individual of something and pop it right in. Reusable palette!

There are neutral eyeshadow, pops of color eyeshadow, two highlighters (and one has several shades), a bronzer, two blushes, and a banana powder. It’s a whole face in one palette.

Everything swatched great. They are on the softer side, and I definitely stuck my finger in too hard in the banana powder and got it everywhere lol.

My only complaint so far is there is some kick up in the pans. Not so much fallout, but I had to keep blowing on the palette after using something so it didn’t get into a neighboring pan. I only actually applied stuff to my face once so far, but so far I am enjoying everything but the banana powder. It’s not for me.

I used three eyeshadows, mixed the two blushes, the bronzer, and two highlighters. Everything was easy to work with.

Anyone else own an Ofra palette? I can’t wait to try the blue shades next!



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