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Hello and good evening/morning/afternoon! I always type my blog at about 10:00 PM lol. I had a few items sitting here that I have been meaning to review but really didn’t have a ton to say about, so I thought I would do a small hit or miss post 😃

First up: Becca Cosmetics Volcano Goddess palette

This is a mostly hit with a catch: I bought this at Marshall’s for $16.99. Had I gotten it at full price, I would not have been super happy. I absolutely love the mattes and shimmers. They are buttery and very blendable. The glitters do not show up much at all. I am buying a glitter glue, but so far using a finger or wet brush did nothing for them. I also wish there were two more matte shades in this.

Item #2: Too Faced Melting Powder Blush in shade Ginger Peach

Overall, this is a miss. I bought this at Marshall’s also for $10. I love the color of it, but it doesn’t apply really at all with a brush (I even used a Kabuki brush as they suggested). It was suggested to use a finger to apply and then blend out, but with my very textured skin, it looked patchy and showed my pores badly. I am going to keep playing with it but I’m not thrilled with it overall. 😦 I wish it had just been a regular powder instead of a cream to powder.

Item #3: Milani blush palette in Coral Beams

Currently this is a miss but I’m determined to make it a hit lol. I bought this on a whim because it looked so beautiful and I wanted to try more from Milani. As you can see, it’s just not super pigmented. I’m not sure if I need to dig down a little more (I’m hoping). I tried to swatch each color and then the swipe that shows up the most is me swirling my finger around the pan probably five times. I bought this full price at Ulta… I believe it was $11.99. I will keep playing with this, too!

Item #4 and finally, this lash kit I found at Marshall’s:

This was my first venture into false lashes. I was very upset at how bad I was at applying until I bought better lashes and realized, this kit just has poor quality lashes 🤷 It was thankfully only $10. It was nice to introduce me. At any rate, I’m going to try each style because it came with a lot! And then the box is actually very nice. The lid lifts on top and then there’s a pull out drawer below. I will keep it to store more stuff 😁

That’s it for tonight! What is your favorite blush? I really only have one I like right now from Note Cosmetics and am looking for another good one 🤔

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So I bought several things on the Hush app like two weeks ago at this point and I just completely forgot to post this lol. I actually thought I had then and had to double check. Better late than never, right?

So let’s start off with the masks. I have semi-recently become very interested in really good skin care, mostly because I never had nice skin. And I feel like a lot of the reasons why I didn’t have nice skin was because I had zero knowledge in how to have nice skin. After I got pregnant, I literally had perfect, glowing skin. After pregnancy, I started researching how to try and go back to having beautiful skin. I bought two from one brand because they were $1/each. I have only tried the Sweet Honey one so far because it was leaking and needed to be used. I liked it but I honestly didn’t notice much of a difference. I believe it was $4.

Then I bought a tub mask. I have higher hopes for this than the sheets because I will get several uses and will be able to see if over time there’s a difference. I have heard good things about Tree Hut. I used it once and it was easy to use and remove. It smelled ok. Nothing that bothered me. I can’t remember the price but this was the most expensive single item I got…I want to say $15.

Then I bought some lip care products. The Nugg scrub I’m not super thrilled with yet. I believe I have used it four times. I have the worse lips so it might just be me. It doesn’t seem to do enough. But I don’t hate it. I believe it was around $5. The Milani lip moisturizer is great so far on the other hand. I love the scent. It’s very buttery without being greasy. I used to just use Vaseline on my lips but since just using this (every night since I got it), I feel like my lips have improved a little, which is a lot for me lol. I believe this was $8. It’s small but a little goes a long way.

Finally, I had to try the Bad Habit eyeshadow primer. I love their eyeshadows and lipsticks, so for $6, I couldn’t resist. I finally used it for the first time today. So far I am impressed. I will do another post on it after a few uses. Packaging is great. There was a very light chemical scent to it, but as someone super sensitive to scents, it didn’t bother me. It’s about the same size as other primers I’ve used.

I was happy I stayed away from actual makeup because I needed some new skincare stuff.

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-AV (Avlovesmakeup)

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So I was graced with a 20% off of everything Ulta coupon a few weeks ago and knew it was too good to pass up lol. Normally Ulta coupons are only for a single item or just for the “drugstore” makeup, so it’s nice to get these types of coupons! I decided to not go crazy on makeup because I’ve been buying so much lately and picked up some skin care products too. I am not a rich person by any means haha so I try to shop smart. Ulta usually has free gift with your purchase promotions and I was happy to stumble upon a pretty nice one.

So I was going to buy the Clinique 72 Hour Surge moisturizer anyways. It’s my favorite and I’m almost out. A half an ounce is $12. Ug. But I did see if I spent $30 in Clinique products I got 3 Clinique samples that looked promising. So I bought a whole ounce of the moisturizer and a face cleanser to try. I’m not 100% sure if I really read the package haha…it’s for very dry to combo skin, and my skin has decided to be oily again. But I will give it a go. I normally have combo skin so hopefully it’s ok.

Then I got the three samples. The one is my favorite moisturizer I just mentioned, so I’m happy about that. The second is a face cleanser, so that’s cool. Both are decent sizes. The third is a mini/sample Sonic face brush! That I was most excited about. I want to see if it makes any difference on my pores. It’s supposed to last a month if I use it twice a day for 30 seconds each time, which again…is a decent free sample in my opinion

I also decided to try an Anastasia BH eyebrown pencil and I bought a Morphe eyebrush set that came in this bag

Overall, I’m excited. I got free shipping, 20% off everything, and 3 samples. Anyone use one if those face brushes? I will update if I think it made a difference!


Instagram is avlovesmakeup if you are interested! Thanks for reading ❤️

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