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I hope everyone had a great holiday! Or if you don’t celebrate anything, I hope you had a great normal Tuesday haha. If you don’t follow my Instagram (Avlovesmakeup), let me fill you in on what my amazing husband bought me: lots and lots of Jeffree Star Cosmetics!

The best part is that I only talked about really wanting to try his makeup because I had heard such great things about it. And the Alien palette (his most recent) came out right after I swore no more eyeshadow palettes for a long time. And I was so sad because it looked right up my alley lol.

The first package I opened from my husband was the Alien palette and I was so excited. I then proceeded to open every palette JS has as well as lip scrubs, a set of liquid lipsticks, the infamous star mirror, some highlighters, and a makeup bag

He also bought me a Wet n Wild box set from the Fire Dragon vs Ice Dragon! I was just blown away. He’s the best gift giver and just so generous to keep my addiction to makeup going 😂

So I’m excited to start doing reviews of all of my new makeup products! I know JS is controversial to a lot of people, but I’m going to focus on the makeup. If you really don’t like him, I will apologize ahead of time (I dislike someone enough that I don’t buy their products anymore, so I get it).

On an ending note, my husband’s last gift to me was an actual vanity! The lighting is terrible in my room right now, but I’m working on setting it up and fixing that 😊

Are you guys interested in JS Cosmetics? Do you own anything?



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I finally picked up some Stila makeup! I snagged a primer from Ulta during Cyber Monday, and then a few days later I randomly came across a bunch of their makeup in Marshall’s that I couldn’t pass up!

Packaging is nice! It looks nice but it’s nothing that I’m blown away by.

The One Step Primer I grabbed on sale for $18, which I believe was half off. It’s not my favorite but I like it so far. It did feel hydrating on my face but it didn’t do anything for my pores, which are a problem area.

The matte lipstick I got in shade Jolie. To be fair, it may have been old since it was in Marshall’s. But I found it very dry, and the shade was too pink for me. However, I put a pink gloss over top of it and it worked perfectly!

I also grabbed the eyeliner in Midnight Blue. I love this so far! It’s a beautiful color and went on very smoothly. I would try more if I find them on sale 🙂

Finally, I got a liquid eyeshadow which is what I feel they are best known for. I have wanted to try their liquid eyeshadow forever, but I don’t like a lot of liquid formulas, so I didn’t want to drop $21 on one. I was excited to grab this for $8! And when I looked it up on their website, it said it was a limited edition color. The shade is called Freedom, and I do love it. It’s a very beautiful shimmer sky blue. It went on well and stayed on without creasing (I used my normal primer).

What are your favorite Stila products?


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The first of my Black Friday purchases has rolled in! Woohoo 🙂 After I promised my husband no eyeshadow palettes until after Christmas… I definitely bought two 🙈 I couldn’t help it! This one from Too Faced I have wanted for months, and when I finally decided I was going to buy it, I realized it wasn’t at Ulta. I look at Sephora but I don’t buy from them often. But then I saw Too Faced was offering some good deals for Black Friday.

I purchased two items and got a bag with sample sized products, two regular mini samples, and shipping all free! Who could resist? (Not me)

Packaging: A+ on everything. Even if you hate the brand, you have to admit they have adorable packaging. I don’t want to throw out any boxes! And everything was nestled nicely in a sturdy box filled with paper crinkly- packaging things.

Purchase One: The Just Peachy Mattes palette. I love this so far. No regrets on this. The palette itself is very nice. It’s extremely durable, and has a little clasp that holds it closed (and they look like peaches). And it’s metal I think… definitely not the cardboard that a lot of brands use. There is a mirror on top. I put the box there so you didn’t see my reflection lol. Everything swatches wonderfully and nothing has been patchy.

Purchase Two: the Dew You foundation from their Tutti Frutti line. I only used it once but I like it so far. It’s a dewy finish and it looks boarderline cakey but it’s not terrible. My skin gets horribly dry in the winter! The color was a tad off but I think it’s the closest match they had. My biggest complaint is the scent. I’m sure most people find it refreshing but it’s almost too much for me. I’m pretty sensitive to scents though. When I was outside or at the store I didn’t notice it, but shut up in my office or the car I did.

The freebies: the makeup bag is plastic and really big! I was surprised. I don’t normally use plastic makeup bags but it would be great for a trip. I already know I love their Better Than Sex mascara. I also got a lip oil from the peach line…it’s ok. I don’t like it enough I would specifically purchase it. I also got a sample of their Chocolate Soleil bronzer. It smells so good!! I like it so far. I don’t use bronzer a lot but I would keep using it.

Finally, the minis:

I haven’t tried the glitter glue yet. I had to mix the first two shades of the foundation together to get even a close match. It’s just not for me unfortunately. And only because it’s a matte finish. I love matte but it looks horrible on my skin.

Here are two eye looks I did so far. Forgive my eyeliner in the one and my skin in the other haha. The first one I actually used all Too Faced products on my face except the eye liner.

What are your favorite Too Faced products? 🙂


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Since I missed my beginning of the week post, I decided to do another quick post before the weekend hits. I have a feeling my blogging schedule is not going to be super consistent with the holidays coming… But I will still be around 😁

So I used to love painting my nails, but I would get so frustrated with how quickly it would chip and look ugly that I stopped painting them except for important events.

Which means I’ve been using the same nail polish I’ve had for like…ten years or more 😬 I don’t throw it out until I have to haha.

Recently I randomly grabbed the Wet n Wild Gel Nail Polish to try because I loved the color (it was Pretty Peas, a beautiful light mint color that I’ve been obsessed with…I realized I own 100 items in that color after I bought it lol). And magic! Where have I been on new nail polish formula?? That stuff didn’t chip for like 4 days! It used to chip on me in 1 hour!

So naturally I went crazy haha. I decided I would throw out all of my long expired nail polishes and update my collection. Wet n Wild actually offers some grouped sets for a cheaper price on their website, so check it out! Otherwise, they are only $4.99…very affordable!

So far I’ve used the Pretty Peas one and the Taupe’s a Joke…both of which I love. I forgot to keep a picture of the mint one, but here’s Taupe…

I feel it’s more of a grey purple than taupe… Like taupe is grey brown, right? But don’t get me wrong, I am super into this color!

What are you favorite nail polish brands? I really want to try KL next! (Kathleen Light’s brand) I almost bought her Zodiac collection but then didn’t… It was kind of expensive at the time 😦


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So I was faced with a big decision haha…I had a very rare 20% off my whole order (prestige brands included!) for Ulta as well as had built up $20 off in points. I also promised my husband I would not buy eyeshadow until after Christmas after that purchase. So I knew it had to be something good. So I settled on something I have been eyeing for probably close to a year:

Ofra Pro Palette Free Spirit. This is online only at Ulta for $59. I swear it had a higher price point before but maybe I’m confusing it with their all highlighter palette that is a whopping $130 I believe. I rarely see any reviews for Ofra and when I do, it’s their highlighter. Which is great. I already own Glazed Donut. I also have a liquid lipstick I got in a BoxyCharm that I love. But I couldn’t take it anymore 😂 It was too pretty! So I bought it along with a new brush set and a lip set from Ulta for stocking stuffers.

First, I *love* the packaging. It’s sleek and thin. It’s magnetic. It’s sturdy. It does have a small mirror. And every pan easily pops out (they are held in with magnets and have a little dip you can get a finger in). So if you hit pan…you can buy an individual of something and pop it right in. Reusable palette!

There are neutral eyeshadow, pops of color eyeshadow, two highlighters (and one has several shades), a bronzer, two blushes, and a banana powder. It’s a whole face in one palette.

Everything swatched great. They are on the softer side, and I definitely stuck my finger in too hard in the banana powder and got it everywhere lol.

My only complaint so far is there is some kick up in the pans. Not so much fallout, but I had to keep blowing on the palette after using something so it didn’t get into a neighboring pan. I only actually applied stuff to my face once so far, but so far I am enjoying everything but the banana powder. It’s not for me.

I used three eyeshadows, mixed the two blushes, the bronzer, and two highlighters. Everything was easy to work with.

Anyone else own an Ofra palette? I can’t wait to try the blue shades next!


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I was wanting to try some new masks and I stumbled upon a little package that ELF Cosmetics was offering for $18. It is just a little clear bag, but it comes with 5 different masks that they offer in trial size/travel size.

I definitely destroyed the bag while opening it lol so it is not pictured.

So far I have tried the glitter peel mask and the marshmellow mask. I really liked the glitter peel mask! It’s the first peel I’ve used, and man did it hurt 😓 But it made my skin feel and look so good! My face just felt so smooth.

The marshmellow one didn’t seem to do as much, but I didn’t dislike it. I will definitely try it again.

Pros to buying this: if you are like me and want to branch out and try a bunch of new masks, this is a great and affordable little bundle. They are a great size to travel with or to throw in an overnight bag. There’s definitely enough product for several tries in each.

And I really didn’t find any cons so far 🙂 I really do like ELF products. It’s a very affordable brand and has a wide variety of products from skin care to makeup.

Has anyone else tried any of these? What is your favorite kind of mask?


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Well I had a different blog planned for tonight, but lo and behold…somehow my order to Colourpop…made on Friday at 1 PM…made it from Cali to my PA doorstep over the weekend! 😱 I don’t know how they did it lol. I did not buy the whole collection, so here’s what I did get:

So here’s the back story. Colourpop announced they did a collab with Disney and came out with the Disney Designer Collection. There were 6 princesses featured (Tiana, Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Jasmin, and Belle). There was a palette, 6 lipsticks (one named for each princess), 3 lipglosses, 6 super shock shadows, and 2 highlighters.

There was a PR box you could get for $120 that included this beautiful box with pop up cut outs of the princesses with the palette, the glosses, the lipsticks, and 4 super shocks. Then there was the bundle for $110, sans PR box but plus the other two super shocks. Then you could buy every piece separate.

I was so tempted to get the box, I won’t lie! However, I watched a few YouTubers who got PR and ultimately decided against it. While the whole set is beautiful…there really wasn’t anything I didn’t have in my collection. I definitely didn’t need a palette with a lot of pinks and lighter shades. I didn’t need 9 lip products.

So I calmed down and got the following:

Super Shock shadows in A Whole New World and Under the Sea

I love their super shocks, so these didn’t disappoint. I thought the purple would be darker, but I still like it.

A lip gloss in Bobbidi and lipsticks in Ariel and Snow White

My only regret is I should have gotten Belle instead of Ariel. I think Belle’s was a little darker and I personally am more of a fan of Belle. Ariel is very nice (the color lol) but I have a few nudes this color already. I thought it would have more pink in it.

My overall thought is what I heard the YouTubers say (and I was grateful for their honesty): the collection is beautiful… Colourpop does great stuff…but you really don’t need the whole collection. If they restock, I would say to grab one or two things. The packaging is gorgeous and I will be keeping them 🙂

My only complaint is they didn’t have my favorite Disney princess…Rapunzel 😭 But all of the reimagined outfits etc are gorgeous 😍

Anyone else pick anything up? I know some stuff sold out pretty instantly, but I heard they would restock!


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