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I was wanting to try some new masks and I stumbled upon a little package that ELF Cosmetics was offering for $18. It is just a little clear bag, but it comes with 5 different masks that they offer in trial size/travel size.

I definitely destroyed the bag while opening it lol so it is not pictured.

So far I have tried the glitter peel mask and the marshmellow mask. I really liked the glitter peel mask! It’s the first peel I’ve used, and man did it hurt 😓 But it made my skin feel and look so good! My face just felt so smooth.

The marshmellow one didn’t seem to do as much, but I didn’t dislike it. I will definitely try it again.

Pros to buying this: if you are like me and want to branch out and try a bunch of new masks, this is a great and affordable little bundle. They are a great size to travel with or to throw in an overnight bag. There’s definitely enough product for several tries in each.

And I really didn’t find any cons so far 🙂 I really do like ELF products. It’s a very affordable brand and has a wide variety of products from skin care to makeup.

Has anyone else tried any of these? What is your favorite kind of mask?



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