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I finally picked up some Stila makeup! I snagged a primer from Ulta during Cyber Monday, and then a few days later I randomly came across a bunch of their makeup in Marshall’s that I couldn’t pass up!

Packaging is nice! It looks nice but it’s nothing that I’m blown away by.

The One Step Primer I grabbed on sale for $18, which I believe was half off. It’s not my favorite but I like it so far. It did feel hydrating on my face but it didn’t do anything for my pores, which are a problem area.

The matte lipstick I got in shade Jolie. To be fair, it may have been old since it was in Marshall’s. But I found it very dry, and the shade was too pink for me. However, I put a pink gloss over top of it and it worked perfectly!

I also grabbed the eyeliner in Midnight Blue. I love this so far! It’s a beautiful color and went on very smoothly. I would try more if I find them on sale 🙂

Finally, I got a liquid eyeshadow which is what I feel they are best known for. I have wanted to try their liquid eyeshadow forever, but I don’t like a lot of liquid formulas, so I didn’t want to drop $21 on one. I was excited to grab this for $8! And when I looked it up on their website, it said it was a limited edition color. The shade is called Freedom, and I do love it. It’s a very beautiful shimmer sky blue. It went on well and stayed on without creasing (I used my normal primer).

What are your favorite Stila products?



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So I really don’t have a lot of Too Faced products! If I’m buying high end, I always went for Urban Decay. However, after I got that Life is a Festival palette, I really wanted to try more of their stuff. I was really impressed by it. So after wandering into Ulta one day, I left with a $42 face palette 🙂

First, I love the packaging. The outside box is very pretty, and the inside is a tin that is also very pretty. I love the colors and I like how sturdy it feels. There is a mirror inside also.

Also, it does have a light, very pleasant peach-like scent to it! As someone who has a lot of issues with strong scents (like I get a full blown headache and nausea), this in no way bothered me and I really liked it. I actually specifically didn’t look at Too Faced products for awhile because most of them are scented, but after smelling it in the store, I didn’t think it would be a problem.

It’s so light it honestly isn’t noticeable once it’s on.

There is a highlighter, a blush, and a bronzer.

So none of them are wow, in your face. They are more subtle and just give an overall glowy, healthy look. The bronzer disappointed me a little because it literally doesn’t show up on my face. And I am very pale lol. I don’t know if it’s the formula or if it really is just very light.

Would I buy it again? Not for $42. I will keep using it for sure, and it would be convenient to travel with. But maybe if I found it half off would I get it again.

Do you have this item? What’s your favorite product from the Sweet Peach line?


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So I’ve been wanting try a Morphe palette for a long time. I’m not sure why I was putting it off. At any rate, I had some money left on an Ulta gift card and they had a Morphe palette I had been eyeing for a long time (I think it was only available at Ulta online, just fyi). For $29 I got the 24G Grand Glam palette.

First off, this palette is huuuggee! I was not expecting that even though I saw pictures. I always assume they make it look bigger in the pics. It came in a matching box with bubble wrap and arrived safely! The palette is big because the pan sizes are big! I don’t have any palettes with such large pans. I think they went wider rather than deeper. So this isn’t super travel friendly. It is thin though! I also don’t like that it’s not held close by a magnet or anything.

Another small con: unless you’re weird like me and keep all packaging (I really do and need to stop.. I keep the plastic covers and outside boxes for everything), you won’t know the names. The shade names are printed on the separate plastic cover. There is also no mirror.

So what do I like about this?? Um, the shades are GORGEOUS and very creamy! I only swatched and wore one look so far, but I know I’m going to love it. There wasn’t a lot of kick up, and I had no fallout on what I used so far. The shades I used blended very easily.

I went with an orange look because that’s why I bought this palette. I love oranges and thought that this palette had so many pretty ones.

Anyone else a fan of Morphe? I will definitely keep using this palette. I’m hoping my initial love doesn’t fade!


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So I once again purchased from the Hush app…if they didn’t have free shipping no matter what I wouldn’t buy as much, so really it’s the app’s fault 😁 So they bundled two palettes for $20. I had been eyeing them for awhile so I finally broke down lol.

Sold separately they are $12 each. The top one is the Smoothie palette and the bottom is the Milkshake palette. I initially was just going to buy the Smoothie one but figured $10/piece is a great deal, and I’m so glad I did.

First, they come in matching boxes. The palettes are sturdy feeling with a large mirror included. They are a decent size without being too big. They stay closed with a magnet. And they each have 12 shades.

(Smoothie on top, Milkshake bottom)

Smoothie: you have 4 shimmers and 1 semi shimmer? I think Mahalo Mango is a shimmer but it’s not as noticeable as the others. Then you have 7 mattes. This is as close to a soft, neutral palette I have lol. The colors did not swatch well. But they do seem to build up when I quickly tried them on my lids.

Milkshake: as the box says, they are mattes. These swatched much better for me, and I’m excited to try some looks. I really like the colors here.

Anyone else addicted to Hush?? I need to delete my debit card off of it haha


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I feel like I see a lot of articles and tips for making blue eyes, brown eyes, and even hazel eyes pop, but I see less mention of green eyes! I always heard blue eyes are recessive, so I thought they were the rarest color until about two years ago I saw a random fact of the day at the place I was working that said green eyes make up only 2% of the population. Then I felt kind of special 😜

I always wanted emerald green eyes, but turns out that’s not a very natural shade of eyes lol. So I have naturally light green eyes, which I have grown to love even though they aren’t as noticeable as a lot of bright blues or dark browns. However, I have learned that using purple makeup makes them pop quite a bit. Really, purple anywhere–if I want my eyes to stand out, I go for a purple shirt or dress, purple eyeshadow, or purple eyeliner. I’m not really into the colored mascara.

So I thought I would share my current favorite purple eyeshadows. Even if you don’t have green eyes, I think most shades of purple are flattering on a lot of people.

From bottom to top: Urban Decay in Asphyxia (single), UD in Backtalk (single), UD in Punk (grey purple shade from the Gwen Stefani palette), Bad Habit BPM (After Shock palette), and BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil (they have a few purples but my fav is the pink-purple in the last row, first one). I know the Gwen Stefani one looks more grey in this swatch, but I love how it looks on me. I usually use it like a smudged liner on my bottom lid. I thought about giving this palette away a few times but could never quite do it simply because of that color.

What’s your favorite shade to make your eyes go *pop*? 😁


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