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Good evening! (Morning/afternoon/night!) 🙂 I made a small purchase on Ulta a few weeks ago and thought I would finally post my new items for a first impressions/mini review.

This is the main reason for the purchase! This little Urban Decay set was on sale for $19.50! I have been wanting to try new eyeliners, especially glitter liner, so I jumped on this. I think they are still available if you’re interested! The shades are Midnight Cowboy, Starfire, and Volume. I will put swatches at the end. Considering one full size glitter liner is $21…I was all for this set! So far I’m happy with it. If I had paid $21 a piece, maybe not so much. Sometimes each stroke of the brush isn’t super precise with how much glitter comes out. I read reviews that some people had a burning sensation afterward…not sure what that’s about but I definitely didn’t!

And then let’s be honest… I love that free shipping 😂 I saw Nyx was having a little sale as well and I don’t use a ton of their products, so I thought–why not?

I don’t have a white liner currently, and I’ve been wanting more green products. So I grabbed these automatic pencils from Nyx. I think they were $5/each due to the sale? Maybe even less. They are creamy and very pretty 🙂

Im super excited about this liquid liner from Nyx! I didn’t realize it was water proof, but it’s ok. I love it. I’ve finally managed a half decent wing with this! I will definitely repurchase. I hope they have a none water proof, but even if not, I would repurchase. I went over it a couple of times to make sure it was super opaque, but it really applied beautifully!

Then, for the sale prices, I couldn’t pass up finally trying a glitter glue and the mixing medium! I haven’t tried the glue yet. I don’t use glitters too often but I get annoyed when I do because of the fallout. So far I used the medium once and did not like it ☚ī¸ I used it with the zodiac loose pigments I have and it literally cracked off of my lid very quickly. I’m going to read up on it in case I did it wrong lol…but I plan to give it a shot at maybe using for a liner next.

Finally, I had to grab this from Ulta beauty! I have used this before and my only complaint is I wish it came in a squeeze tube! I literally love this. It’s $3, smells great, peels off easily, and makes my skin so smooth. I get 3 uses easily out of it. I just roll the packet down to avoid drying out. Make sure to use a thin layer so it dries evenly. It was not painful at all to peel for me!

Here are the liner swatches 🙂

What is your favorite type of liner? I do like the mechanical ones but I might turn into a felt tip quickly with that Nyx one!

-AV (Instagram Avlovesmakeup) ❤ī¸


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Well I’ve decided to try and do a Pan Project for this year. I’m starting out on a low buy so I may as well focus on some of my favorite palettes to get some use out of them! I’m not going to pick a crazy amount right off the bat because I’ve never done a pan project before and I’ve literally never hit pan on any eyeshadow before 😂

I was inspired by Tayler from Tayler’s Edit! Go and check out her blog if you don’t know her 🙂

First up, the non eyeshadow:

We have three foundations! I told myself no more foundation until I finish at least one, and there are some foundations I would like to try 😁 I love all three of these (Urban Decay Naked Skin, NYX BB cream, and Too Faced Dew You), so I’ve just been alternating them so far. I know I’m going to repurchase the BB cream when I run out but I would like to try some other high end foundation.

Note Cosmetics Blush in Desert Rose. I love this blush!!! It’s literally my favorite and I got it in a BoxyCharm. It’s basically the only blush I wear anymore so even though it’s bigger, I think I will have no problem.

Wet n Wild bronzer. I don’t remember the specific shade but it’s the lighter one from the Fire Dragon vs Ice Dragon set. I just got this and I don’t wear bronzer a ton, so this one might be hard lol

Ofra highlighter in Glazed Donut. My favorite highlighter! I love this and wear it a ton but it’s such a huge pan and obviously it’s not something you use a ton of at once (I don’t anyways lol), so this might be a challenge. Plus I have a lot of other highlighters. But this was very expensive so I want to try and get it used!

The Eyeshadows (I’m hoping for 2-4 pans on each):

Morphe 24G Grand Glam. I love this palette but the pans are huge!

Ofra Pro Palette. This is a face palette so this might be challenging but this was one of my most expensive purchases so I want to try and feel like I got my money’s worth lol.

Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes. I love love love this and I think once spring and summer hit, I’m going to use this a lot!

Urban Decay Born to Run. I also really enjoy this palette and there’s a lot of shades, so I think I will be able to use it a lot without getting bored of it.

If I happen to do really well with these, I plan on adding some Jeffree Star palettes to the mix.

Are you doing a pan project? I’m excited for a new challenge 😊


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It seems every post is a new Jeffree Star Cosmetics palette, I know! I swear I’m almost through the initial review process with them 😂 This is another home run for me!

As with the Alien palette, I have one con– it is so clunky. Even moreso than Alien. It’s set up like a trunk which is a cute concept… But it’s so thick and bulky. The good side to that is that it’s very sturdy! The outside box is a white sleeve with the star emblem. Then the actual palette is faux red leather. There are two metal clasps that hold it closed much like on a typical trunk.

There is a mirror inside. I covered it because I was getting a bad glare from my ring light, but it’s there! The initial draw are the reds, of course. But I was pleasantly surprised at how many color combinations there are! There are neutrals, pinks, purples, as well as the reds! So far I have not had any staining, but I am pretty sure this is a vegan palette, which means the reds are dyes and have the potential to stain (if you’re not familiar, non vegan reds use beetles which do not stain…some red dyes can stain sensitive skins).

My surprise I love this shade shades: Cake Mix, Tongue Pop, Prick, and O Positive. To be clear, I love all of the reds… But these three looked so boring to me in the palette but swatched/applied sooo beautifully. O Positive looked grey to me but it’s my favorite kind of neutral–a greyish purple 😍

Everything has blended perfectly so far and no complaints with any shades! Here are so looks so far. Please keep in mind I’m a beginner and I unfortunately have to do quick makeup due to baby and work time constraints lol

What do you guys think of this palette?

Check out my Instagram for more pictures! 🙂 Avlovesmakeup


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I’m slowly making my way through trying out all of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics palettes! This is the first brand that I have all of their palettes, and it’s interesting to see how the brand evolved from first to last.

This was the first palette from the brand that really caught my attention. The packaging is cute, but it was the actual shades that drew me in. But this is a much more stacking/handling friendly palette than the Alien one. It’s very slim and durable with a mirror inside.

I’m not sure how my picture ended up off center lol but here we are. (I’m hoping to up my blog picture game soon once I get my vanity done!)

I love these shades!! It’s probably not the most usable looking palette to a lot of people, but I’m so excited for those pastel colors! I’m so into Bitch!, Submerge, and Splash! And Divine is a perfect silver sparkle.

This will be perfect for summer if it ever comes back lol.

What do you guys think? Interesting or intimidating?


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So I started this back in the middle of December, but I have been pleasantly surprised to see several other bloggers posting similar stories haha. So maybe it won’t be so hard since I’m not alone! 🙂

So last year I found myself in unfamiliar territory: I suddenly got both a raise and a promotion very close together. I was suddenly making more money than I ever have, and even though I still have debt, I actually had some money left over after paying my normal bills! And… Yep, I went a little crazy. I hit Platinum status at Ulta in like two months from basically no purchases lol. Not good.

So back in December, I wrote in my little phone note pad my plan for beauty product purchases from then until *at least* May 18. I picked that date because it’s my wedding anniversary and my husband and I always go to Erie for the day to go shopping. I hope to write a similar plan for after then too though.

I couldn’t promise a no buy, so I’m doing a low buy. I wrote out some exceptions: I can replace any skin care products I regularly use, I can buy a foundation as long as I use up one that I have now, if I need a beauty blender, refills of eyeshadow primer or face primer, or any makeup removal products. Finally, I gave myself a specific exception: if any product I have one a favorite list (Ulta or Sephora app) goes on sale for at least 50% off the regular price, I can buy it. I had to add that as I watch my favorite lists like a hawk 😂🤷

Is anyone else going on a low buy? Or a no buy?! There’s no way I could do that lol. I’m hoping to do a kind if part two to this post soon for tips on saving money/budgeting. I used to be good at it lol and I had a very serious plan to pay off my debt this year! Which means no crazy and frivolous purchases!

Here’s a picture of some pretty blue makeup 🙂 Check out my Instagram for more! (Avlovesmakeup)


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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Alien Palette was the first palette I opened from my Christmas gifts, and I would have been happy only getting this! I wanted it the second I saw pictures of it 😩 There are so many shades that I loved, and there was more than one green! Greens are my favorite shadow color.

I forgot to get a picture of the box, but it’s a pretty shimmery pink. My only complaint on the whole entire palette so far is that it is a little not-stacking friendly. I don’t want to say it’s clunky because it is a thin palette, but the eyes pop out on the cover. It looks and feels good quality and I think that adds to that feeling, but I could have gone for flat eyes.

The palette is held shut with a magnet, and there is a decent sized mirror in it. And look at this shade range!! 😭

I was initially so drawn to it for the obvious greens: Alien, Area 51, and Abduction. However, Phone Home and X-Files are my favorite kind of neutral mattes, and I also fell in love with Martian Soil, Space Cowboy, and Probe upon usage.

There’s a perfect “setting” color (Titan), a good brow/inner corner highlighter (Pluto), and darker mattes (Black Hole and Ghost OG).

Some of the swatches look wonky but I think it’s me because all of the colors I’ve used so far are great. They are pigmented, and they blend. I didn’t notice any patchiness. I actually managed to use a lot of colors so far. Please keep in mind I do my idea of “mom makeup” in that I have limited time in between mom things like baby crying haha…so they are not blended to perfection.

Titan, Martian Soil, and Space Cowboy

Abduction, Flying Saucer, and Probe

Titan, Phone Home, X-Files, and Moon Rock

Titan, Area 51, Ghost OG, and Alien

If you get the chance to grab this, I highly recommend it! What do you guys think of this palette?


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This will be 1 of 2 for my Ulta Black Friday weekend purchases lol. I bought these online on Thanksgiving night. Since I spent a certain amount, I got free shipping and a free makeup bag.

My main reason for the purchase: Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Face wash:

These were special limited edition due to the price. You can buy these anytime from the brand at Ulta, but I have a 4 oz bottle that I’m pretty sure cost $12-$15. These are 12 oz bottles for $15/each, so I went ahead and got two, which will literally last me at least a year. This is my favorite face wash. It’s gentle enough for every day, smells so good, and I swear it made my skin so much better.

Then I grabbed Living Proof dry shampoo

I want to go back to not washing my hair every day, so I grabbed this for $11 to try. It seems to work so far, because my hair is pretty oily if I don’t wash it. I will say, though, the scent is very strong at first. I am sensitive to scents and it gave me a headache until it faded a little, but I could smell it most of the day. It was kind of floral-y, but it was just too strong.

Then I thought The Body Shop body lotions looked nice

My skin gets horrendously dry during the winter, so I will need these. All three smell delicious 😁

Finally, I grabbed a Tarte Maneater mascara

Ulta had a bunch of mascaras for $10 so I grabbed this one to try. I like it so far. I don’t love it, but I’m not mad at paying $10 for it. I’m not sure I would repurchase at full price though.

Finally, the free Ulta bag:

You got the bag, an eyebrow tint, an eyeshadow palette, a bronzer/highlighter palette, gel liner, eyeshadow primer, lipstick, liquid lip, brush, and a $5 off coupon from an Ulta collection purchase. I’m glad this was free, because not much impressed me. The bag is cute, and I like the color of the eyeshadow primer. I also liked the gel liner. I would try that in full size. Other than that, it’s kind of a pass. The brush was so bent up I gave it to my daughter to play with. The eyeshadow is not pigmented at all. The lipstick had the consistency of Vaseline.

Swatches: on top is the bronzer and highlighter, with the eyeshadow primer right below them. Then there’s the eyeshadows next (3 on top, 3 on bottom), the liner, the liquid lip, and the lipstick. I used all 6 shadows to do two different eye looks, used both lip products and the face products, and I am wearing the Tarte mascara.

Do you love any of these products? 🙂 What’s your favorite face wash?


Check out my Instagram Avlovesmakeup for more posts!

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