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So for Christmas my wonderful husband bought me a whole set of Velour Liquid Lipsticks from JSC’s Thirsty release plus one from his most current Alien release.

Like with his other products, I love the packaging. It’s all very pretty and looks expensive.

These go on very nicely, mostly due to the way the doe foot applicator is shaped. It literally fits on my lips perfectly and I can just glides it on. The colors really don’t need a second coat; they were all very opaque on first application. Some are matte and some are metallics, but they all felt very comfortable on! They did experience some wear off throughout the day, but it was a very even wearing off which I love.

A lot of these are colors I will mostly wear for Instagram looks, I’m not going to lie lol. I’m not bold enough to wear a lot of these outside of the house. They are all very pretty though!

Soft Serve


Coral Fixation

Cherry Wet


Thirst Trap

Fudge Pop

Huntington Beach

You’re Still on the Property (I’m so glad he got this one only because I laugh every time I think of the name … It’s from one of the videos he did with Shane Dawson)

So far I’m liking the formula! Do you guys have any of these? What’s your favorite shade? Out of these, I love Cherry Wet and Fudge Pop



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I am still kind of addicted to the Hush app. I’m pretty sure that’s the only place to buy Bad Habit products. I have very little complaints with this brand so far, and I was very excited to see they were coming out with liquid lipsticks. They were cheap but not the cheapest I’ve ever seen. I actually waited until I saw other people buy them and post swatches and reviews before making the splurge to just get the whole set of six.

So I believe they are $6/each or $28 for the whole set, which is why I just did the set. I am super impressed with packaging. The box is sturdy and almost has a velvet feel to it. I know other makeup brands have something similar. The bottles themselves are beautiful. They look like glass but are a thick plastic. A+ for me. They don’t look or feel cheap at all.

More pros: they are good sized and I love the applicator. I have so much trouble trying to apply lipsticks usually but I can get this stuff on pretty quickly and without a lot of wiping off and trying again!

They do dry down matte and there’s very little to no transferring. From top to bottom: Mind Games, Centerpiece, Broken Heart, Trophy Life, Collide, Speed Dial. I thought I would dislike Trophy Life the most because it’s a purplish shade, but I actually love it.

I have only worn two shades so far, Trophy Life and Mind Games. The only con I am going to give them–they are a bit drying. I already have dry lips and my lips have a lot of lines. It strangely was not uncomfortable for me but I could tell after wearing a few hours that my lips would need a good moisturizer afterward. I did amp up my lip care before wearing the next one and it was a better experience.

I would definitely recommend these for anyone looking for a decent priced liquid lipstick! They wore decently through eating. They had some wear after around 5 hours, which is pretty normal I think. This is Trophy Life in the below pics…I was taking pics for the eyeshadow but you can get an idea on the lipstick:

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So I’m talking about makeup again! I will add a picture to this post of most of my Urban Decay (UD) collection, but I have several eyeshadow singles that I didn’t bother digging out to include. It’s funny that I went from wearing very basic makeup that I grabbed at Walmart and most of which were brands I bought because my mother (who knows zero about makeup) always wore them, to being a little obsessed with a high end brand.

Origin Story: I was at work one day, talking to a friend of mine. At the time, I knew her but we weren’t best friends, and she was training me on a new function at work. She was checking something I did, and I couldn’t stop staring at her eyeshadow! I was so jealous! It was shimmery and pretty and completely not creased despite the fact that she had been at work for probably 8 hours at that point. Like, how was that even possible I wondered. So I blurted out that I loved her eyeshadow and I wished I could wear it.

“But why can’t you?” “Um, because my eyelids are disgusting and greasy and it just creases and looks terrible!” I basically cried.

“Oh,” she replied, “You just need to use eyeshadow primer. Have you ever heard of Urban Decay? They are a little pricey but it works so well.”

It was all downhill from there! That might have been the first time I actually went into a Sephora. I bought the Minor Sin primer, and I was in love. That one is not pictured, because I used it and bought another one and used it too, but someone bought me the original so I’ve been working my way through that tube. They both work amazingly, but the original is colorless while Minor Sin has a shimmery brown color to it so it works like a base, too. It is like magic for me. I have had eyeshadow on for almost 14 hours (not doing anything crazy or sweating, just a normal 14 hour day) and it is just barely starting to crease. And that’s even with drug store eyeshadow on top of it!

So I’m sure you can tell, that is probably my number one favorite UD product and obviously my favorite eyeshadow primer. Let’s go down the list then:

I love their liquid lipsticks. I have three big ones and a box of samples. The only one I didn’t like was a shade I was eyeing forever and the shade looks terrible on me. I bought it on sale online, so I just kept it. But Amulet is my favorite shade! It’s a neutral brown, and several people have complimented me on it. And they stay on really well!! And they don’t transfer when I kiss the baby, which is great! Best of all, they don’t feel bad or drying to me. I usually put vaseline on my lips a little before hand and then kiss the back of my hand to get any excess off, but I have terrible lips. They are always dry and chapped.

Eyeshadows! I’m sorry to say the Alice in Wonderland and Gwen Stefani palettes were limited edition, so if you like them, they are gone. The smokey one is still around (I think?). I LOVE the Alice in Wonderland palette. It has a beautiful range of colors. I really like the smokey palette. The Gwen Stefani one, I was not 100% thrilled with. There are two shades in it– grey and grey-purple –that I love. But for some strange reason, I get fallout with some shades that I don’t get with any other UD eyeshadow. The colors themselves are pretty, though. All of the singles I love. I have browns and purples mostly, because that used to be all I wore. Now I’m getting into the bright and crazy shades. The MoonDust palette is just beautiful!! I LOVE shimmers and sparkles, and it definitely delivers on that. There’s not a shade I don’t love. I usually just wear one at a time all across my lid. I really wanted their new Kristen Leanne palette, but I’m probably not going to get together enough extra money before it runs out. My next purchase will probably be the Naked Heat Petite, because I wanted the full size one. So why not get the tiny one? Anyways, their shadows are great (except for the above mentioned). Minimal to no fall out (exception aside) that I’ve experienced, and they have great pigment!

I have only tried one liquid liner, and I decided I just wasn’t skilled enough for liquid liner haha. It was beautiful though. I believe the shade is fireball. It basically doesn’t come off. I forgot to mention that with the primer. Once you put that one, use a good makeup remover to get it off. It is STUCK. Same with this liner. It took forever to get off, but that’s good!

I wasn’t crazy about the hydrating spray in the green box. It’s nice, and I didn’t have a bad experience, but my skin was just too dry. It wasn’t enough.

The complexion primer in the purple box, however…LOVE. Where has that been my whole life?? I only use a little bit, and I tap it into my large pores across my cheeks…it makes my skin look so much better just like that, but underneath the foundation or BB cream…magic.

I have one highlighter from them, and it’s really nice! I probably wouldn’t say it’s my favorite highlighter ever (that would be Becca), but it has a beautiful shimmer to it and doesn’t look chunky or glittery. It’s just a nice shimmer.

I think that’s about it for my collection so far! I wanted to try their foundation, but I’m afraid my skin is too dry for it. And like I said…definitely eyeing up a few palettes. I need eyeshadow like a hole in the head, but it’s all just so pretty!! I wouldn’t mind trying some of their lip liners and regular eye liners. Maybe my next visit to Ulta, or Sephora…or, let’s be real, I’m obviously a UD member haha.

All of this was purchased with my own money. I’m obviously a nobody. However, if UD would want me to review products they send me, I would definitely not say no 😀 What’s your favorite UD product???


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