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Hey, guys! I’m excited to share my first blog collab today 😊 If you don’t follow Tayler’s Edit already, you need to go to her page, check out her post for this collab (and her other posts!!), and subscribe to her! We’ve been blogging buddies for awhile now and she runs a beauty blog also. She updates great quality posts very regularly 👍 ❤️ She’s very sweet and has top-notch content 💁

(So sorry, I didn’t notice until uploading I made a shadow on the bottom of the palette 🤦)

I did a first impressions kind of blog on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Alien palette in January, and I’ve used it quite a bit since then! It’s one of the best palettes I own! And wouldn’t you know, I talked Tayler right into buying it 😂 So we decided on one color to both use: Alien, the beautiful, almost lime-green shimmer. Then we used a random numbers generator to pick 4 other shades to create a look (separately)! This is the first time I’ve done this and I will say, it was fun! It made me think more creatively. The numbers Google pulled for me were:

12 (X-Files), 8 (Martian Soil), 18 (Black Hole), 10 (Phone Home)

At first I struggled. These are not shades I would have picked for one look. However, I think I actually made it work! Afterward, I realized I was actually very lucky. There are a few shades that really would have been hard to incorporate lol.

First, I used Phone Home all over, kind of to set the primer but also for my main crease shade:

Then I used X-Files in the outer corner and blended up just a little into the crease. I struggled a little with keeping this as a noticeable color once I put the black on, so I kept going back and packing it on.

Then I went for it lol. I don’t use black eyeshadow that often and for a long time it scared me, especially before I knew how to blend 😂 I blended Black Hole onto the lid but not clear into the inner corner.

Then I added Alien! I like that the black made it grungy!

Finally, I added Martian Soil to underneath my eye because I had no idea what to do with it!! Here’s the finished look:

I also threw on the JSC Velour lipstick in Posh Spice with a gloss over top. What do you guys think? Where/how would you have used all of these shades? What’s your favorite shade in the palette?

Tayler’s look ended up so pretty! Definitely check it out 😊



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I posted a blog on the premium sized box on Tuesday if you missed it and are interested! This is the deluxe size mystery box that I bought from Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

I love that it was lipstick heavy because I honestly didn’t need more highlighters. This was $40 plus shipping.

Again, packaging is beautiful! I love the white and pink boxes. This box came with two bullet lipsticks and three Velour liquid lipsticks.

Honestly, I preferred the liquid lipsticks. The bullets seemed a little thick to me when I put them on. Maybe it was just me… I will definitely keep trying them. I really like the Posh Spice color and Clout!

The box also came with one Skin Frost in shade King Tut.

Honestly this is too dark for a highlighter for my skin tone, but it’s a beautiful color and I think I can incorporate it into eye looks 🙂

The Skin Frost is $29, and the liquid lipsticks are $18. I believe the bullets are the same or like $17. So overall, again, I really liked this box! There was a good mix of colors. I have always wanted to try a grey lipstick so I was excited to get Gargoyle.

What do you guys think? Will you buy one if/when he does it again? I think more brands should do this! If Colourpop does another one, I will definitely jump on that!


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Hi, guys! So I had been really good with not purchasing makeup for a little over a month, and then i ended up buying the Colourpop collection (see last post) as well as the Deluxe Jeffree Star Cosmetics mystery box (will be in my next post). I was very happy to find out my husband jumped on the site and purchased the Premium box for me for Valentine’s Day 😊 He didn’t make me wait to open it, so I’m excited to show you what I got! This box was $75.

First off, the non makeup. I did receive a t-shirt which I didn’t take a picture of, but it was red and said, Can’t Relate. I actually already had it in black, but I was excited for the red one! All boxes came with a pop socket. I had never used one before and I have been playing with it non stop. I hold my phone really strangely, so it doesn’t help while I’m texting or typing, but I like it anyways. The shirt retails at $25.

I got the Skin Frost in shade Regina George (retails at $29) and the Supreme Frost in Frozen Peach (retails at $32). Honestly, the pink one doesn’t scare me lol. I love colored highlighters and if applied with a light touch, it won’t be too in your face. I’m excited for the peach one because it is obviously more wearable every day.

Then I got three Velour Liquid lipsticks (each $18) and a lip liner (retails $17). I love all of the packaging on his products, by the way, but I think his liquid lipsticks are so pretty! The lip liner I was excited to try and might even use as an eyeliner. I was most excited for Doll Parts as it’s a very pretty deep pink. Since his lip products are safe for eye use, I’m probably going to get most use out of the purple and green through that. I do like to do weird looks on my Instagram lol but for everyday use, I’m not a wild lip girl 🤷

What do you guys think? Worth it to you or no? I was expecting weird colors, so that doesn’t bother me. I genuinely liked everything except the purple lipstick. I just don’t think I will get much use out of it. I definitely got my money’s worth at least!


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So I was going to do a post on the last two palettes I got from this brand, Beauty Killer and Androgyny, but my phone appears to have deleted all of my Androgyny pictures lol. Technology, am I right? 🤷

But I feel like I’ve had a lot of posts dedicated to Jeffree Star Cosmetics lately, so I’m going to do a final overall thoughts post. Maybe I will revisit them later for more in depth reviews, especially on the ones that didn’t get their own post. But if you check out my Instagram page (Avlovesmakeup), I have swatches and looks for each palette!

The Alien palette

I cannot wait to start using this again. This is my favorite out of the JSC palettes. It has such a wide variety of colors and there are no colors I don’t like!

The Blood Sugar palette

This is my second favorite out of the brand! Again, there is a huge variety of colors and they all blended like a dream. You can do a bold all red look, or a soft neutral.

The Thirsty Palette

My third favorite of the brand. The colors are beautiful and so bright and summery. I found I wanted to use the same three colors over and over again, but maybe once the weather warms up I will be inspired to really delve into this palette.

The Beauty Killer palette

This would be my first favorite and I believe it was the first palette for JSC. The colors are pretty, and I will definitely get some use out of this. I see me more using this in conjunction with other palettes than all by itself.

The Androgyny palette

This one was such a mixed thing for me. I liked the colors individually, but when I looked at this palette, I was not inspired and came up with literally one look with it. It has a beautiful matte olive green that I love, and a beautiful mustard yellow matte, but then I was kind of stuck with what to do. I’m thinking I will just use this in conjunction with other palettes.

Finally, the highlighters

I got the Platinum Ice palette and a Skin Frost in a beautiful mint color. I love all of these so far! If you only like natural looking highlight, though, these are not for you 😂

The only other product I got from JSC that I didn’t post are the lip scrubs, and they are awesome! They smell and taste great lol and they work really well on my lips.

What’s your favorite JSC product? Or what are you dying to try?


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It seems every post is a new Jeffree Star Cosmetics palette, I know! I swear I’m almost through the initial review process with them 😂 This is another home run for me!

As with the Alien palette, I have one con– it is so clunky. Even moreso than Alien. It’s set up like a trunk which is a cute concept… But it’s so thick and bulky. The good side to that is that it’s very sturdy! The outside box is a white sleeve with the star emblem. Then the actual palette is faux red leather. There are two metal clasps that hold it closed much like on a typical trunk.

There is a mirror inside. I covered it because I was getting a bad glare from my ring light, but it’s there! The initial draw are the reds, of course. But I was pleasantly surprised at how many color combinations there are! There are neutrals, pinks, purples, as well as the reds! So far I have not had any staining, but I am pretty sure this is a vegan palette, which means the reds are dyes and have the potential to stain (if you’re not familiar, non vegan reds use beetles which do not stain…some red dyes can stain sensitive skins).

My surprise I love this shade shades: Cake Mix, Tongue Pop, Prick, and O Positive. To be clear, I love all of the reds… But these three looked so boring to me in the palette but swatched/applied sooo beautifully. O Positive looked grey to me but it’s my favorite kind of neutral–a greyish purple 😍

Everything has blended perfectly so far and no complaints with any shades! Here are so looks so far. Please keep in mind I’m a beginner and I unfortunately have to do quick makeup due to baby and work time constraints lol

What do you guys think of this palette?

Check out my Instagram for more pictures! 🙂 Avlovesmakeup


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I’m slowly making my way through trying out all of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics palettes! This is the first brand that I have all of their palettes, and it’s interesting to see how the brand evolved from first to last.

This was the first palette from the brand that really caught my attention. The packaging is cute, but it was the actual shades that drew me in. But this is a much more stacking/handling friendly palette than the Alien one. It’s very slim and durable with a mirror inside.

I’m not sure how my picture ended up off center lol but here we are. (I’m hoping to up my blog picture game soon once I get my vanity done!)

I love these shades!! It’s probably not the most usable looking palette to a lot of people, but I’m so excited for those pastel colors! I’m so into Bitch!, Submerge, and Splash! And Divine is a perfect silver sparkle.

This will be perfect for summer if it ever comes back lol.

What do you guys think? Interesting or intimidating?


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So for Christmas my wonderful husband bought me a whole set of Velour Liquid Lipsticks from JSC’s Thirsty release plus one from his most current Alien release.

Like with his other products, I love the packaging. It’s all very pretty and looks expensive.

These go on very nicely, mostly due to the way the doe foot applicator is shaped. It literally fits on my lips perfectly and I can just glides it on. The colors really don’t need a second coat; they were all very opaque on first application. Some are matte and some are metallics, but they all felt very comfortable on! They did experience some wear off throughout the day, but it was a very even wearing off which I love.

A lot of these are colors I will mostly wear for Instagram looks, I’m not going to lie lol. I’m not bold enough to wear a lot of these outside of the house. They are all very pretty though!

Soft Serve


Coral Fixation

Cherry Wet


Thirst Trap

Fudge Pop

Huntington Beach

You’re Still on the Property (I’m so glad he got this one only because I laugh every time I think of the name … It’s from one of the videos he did with Shane Dawson)

So far I’m liking the formula! Do you guys have any of these? What’s your favorite shade? Out of these, I love Cherry Wet and Fudge Pop


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