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I’m doing a little review and an update all together because both are short 🙂 And we know I love to ramble!

First up, spoiler on my first purchase this month– It Cosmetics Confidence in an Eye Cream. I followed my rules (from my previous blog on my low/no buy)– I wanted a new eye cream, this was on my favs list on the Ulta app, and it was 50% off for $20 during their skin care deals 😁 I wanted to try this so badly but at $40 when I wasn’t sure if I would like it … Man, is skin care expensive!! But $20? I was willing to try it!

First, I’m sorry for the pictures. I remembered at 10:00 PM I forgot to take any and here we are lol.

Packaging– It’s cute, it’s very sturdy, it’s compact, and it’s functional! I couldn’t ask for more.

There is only .5 fluid oz. Again, can we discuss how expensive skin care is? Geez. They recommend you put this on morning and night. I have been doing both for at least two weeks now. I’m not slathering it on because I want it to last lol, but I’m using enough I think. I pat it under my eyes, into my corners, and up into the lids. It feels cooling when it goes on.

I like it so far! It is anti aging, and while I am -gasp- 31, I don’t have enough “aging” issues to say much there. But I was concerned about tugging and dryness due to constant makeup wear. It’s definitely very moisturizing. My under eye area feels very soft and isn’t dry and flat looking anymore. I never had a dark circle issue, but it is supposed to brighten, and I feel like that area looks bright 🙂

Once it’s empty, I will decide if I will repurchase or try something new! If you wanted to try it, though, I am recommending it so far!

An update on my low buy: I made it through December, and I made it until literally yesterday 😂 Up until then, I literally purchased this eyecream and eyeshadow primer that was also on sale! However, Jeffree Star Cosmetics did mystery boxes and I really wanted one, so I went ahead and bought the $40 box. To my delight, my husband also bought me one 😂 To be fair, it’s supposed to be $75 in savings I think, so it’s technically like a sale! But then Colourpop and Kathleen Lights dropped a loose pigment box set to go with their Zodiac collection, and since I literally squealed when I saw swatches, it wasn’t a surprise I was checking out at literally 1:00 PM when it dropped 🤷🤦 I’m going to keep myself in check going forward, I swear! My only other purchases were gifts for friends 😁



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I currently have three new mascaras in my collection. And I think that’s enough for now since it takes me awhile to get through mascara.

Fun fact: Apparently you’re only supposed to use a mascara for like 3-6 months! That was fun to find out when I know I used to use the same one for well over a year lol.

But I digress.

They are all prestige brands. I actually did not get any of these through conventional purchase, but they are in the $25-$30 range I believe. Which I do think is a lot for a 6 month product, but I am very picky on mascara so if I find one I like, I will be handing over my money!

Too Faced Better than Sex. I got a sample from a purchase, which was perfect because I was going to purchase it anyways. I already went through a tube and love it. I know there’s some bad feelings surrounding the brand, but I do love this mascara. It makes my lashes look very full without being clumpy. I will say though at this small size, it is hard to use lol.

It Cosmetics Superhero. This is my first product from this brand minus see brushes. I got this in a BoxyCharm and finally started using it. My only complaint is that it is “wetter” than what I normally use so I had some mascara dots on my lids before I learned to let it dry before blinking 🙄 However it does look nice on! I don’t think it does enough for me to repurchase though.

Tarte Maneater. This is my first Tarte product unless I’m forgetting something! I bought this on Ulta Black Friday for $10. This has my favorite packaging out of all of them, but it’s probably my least favorite of the three in this post. It looks nice on, but it doesn’t wow me (yet anyways…I plan to keep trying it).

I will say, so far, Wander Beauty Unlashed is standing as my favorite mascara so far. I just emptied it not that long ago and am thinking I will grab another as soon as I toss one of these. But out of these three, Better than Sex is my only repurchase.

What’s your Holy Grail mascara??


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