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Here’s part two of the Fire Dragon vs Ice Dragon box set! If you missed part one, please check out my previous post 🙂 I talked about everything but the eye products!

But in case you don’t care about the other stuff, here’s the packaging again! Recap: super cute lol. I will say I doubt I will keep the box for long just because it’s so large, but it is really pretty.

There were actually four palettes with the collection but only two came in this box set. And sad to say (I would never tell my husband, who bought this for me), I would have rather had the other two 🙊 There was a green and grey palette and those are my favorite colors lol. But overall… I was very disappointed with the actual palettes. They swatched horrible and applied only a little better.

I’m not sure if I got spoiled by using a lot of Urban Decay and Jeffree Star products or if they are just not great. Some were patchy and some had very little pigmentation. The best colors in both were the transition shades!

Yeah 😐

However, the loose pigments, while the swatches aren’t great, do look nice applied with a finger or wet brush!

Here’s a look I did with the red palette and while I’m not the greatest, I did try lol

Just not very vibrant. I know they can have good shadows though! For comparison, I also got the Fire palette they put out with the Zodiac collection and I literally love it.

Here’s with this palette, though I did use the Blood Sugar palette with it for the mattes

What do you think? I love Wet n Wild… I was taken aback by the box set palettes!



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Hi, everyone! My wonderful husband bought me the Wet n Wild box set Fire Dragon vs Ice Dragon for Christmas and I’m finally getting around to playing with it! I am going to split this into two parts since there’s a lot of products and I took lots of pictures haha.

They definitely get points for packaging. I have used WnW since forever and they have definitely upped their packaging game in the last few years.

So I’m going to discuss the bronzers, highlighters, and lipsticks! The bronzers and highlighters have such beautiful designs on them! I love it. I think WnW was going for the Game of Thrones crowd, but I am enjoying it all without watching the show 😁

Both highlighters are beautiful. I have used both and love them! No complaints.

Then we have the bronzers. One is definitely too dark for my skin tone but both are very buttery and smooth!

I have used WnW bronzer before and I always enjoy theirs. It always blends out nicely for me!

Last, we have the liquid lipsticks!

This last one is with the flash and no ring light. I honestly love all of them. They got on smoothly, they dry down matte, and they don’t transfer!! It’s weird to say they dry matte because they have a metallic look, so maybe that’s the wrong term, but they dry down completely. I probably won’t wear these all of the time, especially the blue lol, but they all looked nice on. I actually really liked the cool toned taupe one!

Part II will be the eye products! 🙂

Did you guys grab anything from this collection?


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