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Have you seen the newest Colourpop x Kathleen Lights collab?! They already launched a Zodiac themed palette… Now we get Zodiac loose pigments! Guess who bought the box set literally a minute after it dropped? 🙋 **If you are interested in these, Colourpop is doing a 20% off right now! I’m not sure for how long so hurry to their site!!!

First off, I still love and save every card they send 😂 I hope they never stop doing that! Second– omg packaging!!! If you get the box set, here is the box! There are constellations, moons, suns, and stars in gold all over a mint green box. I love it.

The Zodiac signs are inside matched up with the shades. You get a little book inside that has a few sentences about each sign, and there are some pictures of Kathleen wearing some of the shades and looking gorgeous as usual! Each pigment is in a hard plastic tube. There is a little plastic stopper in each that you remove to get to the pigments.

The water signs: The Crab, The Fish, and The Scorpion

The air signs: The Water Bearer, The Scales, and The Twins

The earth signs: The Bull, The Maiden, and The Goat (*the maiden is for Virgo..KL acknowledged it’s usually called The Virgin but she changed it 🙂)

The fire signs: The Ram, The Lion, and The Archer

I swatched them in order of the Zodiac, starting with The Ram (Aries) and going around (if you look at the box set, go counterclockwise):

Bottom to top: The Ram, The Bull, The Twins, The Crab, The Lion, The Maiden

Bottom to top: The Scales, The Scorpion, The Archer, The Goat, The Water Bearer, The Fish

Both sets in low light with camera flash:

Here are a few on the eyes 😀

My overall thoughts: I have zero regrets buying these and I love every one of them!! I just put down a primer like normal, sprayed a flat shader brush with setting spray, dipped them into the pans, tapped gently on the sides, and swiped it on. Some have a bit more glitter to them and you might want to use a glitter glue. I would not recommend using them dry… You get very little pigmentation that way. Go buy some!! 😁



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This is just a quick “look what I got” post lol. I literally can’t stop buying eyeshadow. I have so many. And I concluded awhile ago I should just stick to palettes because it makes more sense than buying singles. However… Colourpop was doing a last call sale on a bunch of singles, so broke down and bought a bunch haha. But I did buy a magnetic blank palette so it’s kind of like I bought a palette 🤷

I say this every time, but let’s talk packaging. Omg they have the best packaging! Even the box lid is freaking cute!!

Then they put in those cute little cards. I love them and save all of them 😂

The pink box in the bottom picture is the palette! It is so sturdy feeling, closes with a magnet, and is super sleek. I love it. It has a really cute design on it and is light/pale pink.

These are the shades I bought! I would list all of the names but I’m too lazy to pick each one up 🙋 If you want to know a specific one though I would be more than happy to tell you lol.

Now the best part…swatches!

So I love Colourpop because they are very affordable and have good stuff for the price. These aren’t the most amazing shadows I’ve ever worked with, but they keep me going back. They are buildable, blendable, and they have an amazing range of colors.

Here are two eye looks. Don’t judge them on these…I did these in like 5 minutes each.

Anyone else a Colourpop addict? 🙋


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I couldn’t help myself. I think I need to go to Makeup Buyers Anonymous because I seriously needed an eyeshadow palette like I needed a hole in my head haha. But I was in Ulta…and it was right there…and I had been eyeing it up since it came out…annnddd I had a rare 20% off everything coupon! (A second one! They sent me two right in a row! 🙌)

So this is a $49 palette. I got it for about $39. I’m definitely not mad about that after I swatched it.

I have been a fan of the UD brand since I was introduced. I never thought I would be able to wear uncreased eyeshadow until my friend said, have you heard of UD’s primer? However, I am sadly not sponsored by them (I wish). However, I don’t need to be because I LOVE this palette.

Do you need this? Depends on what you wear. If you only wear neutrals, you probably don’t. There’s nothing super crazy, but there are a lot of beautiful pops of color. My biggest complaint is I wish there was a grey matte shade instead of a grey shimmer. I love using grey in my crease over black because black makes nervous and is too dark on me usually.

The mattes did not swatch great but they are applying perfectly to the eyes with a brush. The shimmers are AMAZING. They are so pigmented. Plus side: you can use a finger, a brush, or a wet brush and get amazing pay off. Bad side: I have had a little fallout, I’m assuming because there are sooo pigmented. I don’t mind because I can do my eyes before my face or just use a powder brush to lightly brush away the fallout.

So I tried four different eyelooks so far. The third picture is a little rough…I tried new brushes and didn’t care for them.

Anyone else buy this or going to? I’m in love 😍


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So I have done several looks with this palette–Morphe’s 24G Grand Glam palette. I am kind of mad that I didn’t buy this sooner because I probably wouldn’t have bought some other palettes that I have that I was underwhelmed with. This palette is perfect for me (and I feel like a lot of people). There are a lot of light and dark nude colors while also having pops of color and pops of glimmer. I realized at some point I was buying all of these colorful palettes and didn’t really have a good range of neutral colors anymore. This solved that!

Also, the colors apply smoothly and blend beautifully. What more could you ask for? 😁

So I naturally did not keep pictures of all of my looks. I have a really bad habit of deleting my pictures before realizing I still need them. 🙄 I did an orange look which is up on my Instagram if anyone is interested (avlovesmakeup). I did a soft brown with a glimmer that looks almost olive green over the weekend. I did a look with the red shimmer. And I did a pink look which I do have:

I am thoroughly pleased overall. The palette is $29. It is very big length wise (it is thin though). It’s on Morphe’s site and Ulta online right now. Again, my only two complaints are no mirror and the shade names are on the plastic that I know a lot of people don’t keep. I do because I’m particular 😂

For the above look, I used Creamer, Glitz, Spiffy, and Glossy. I actually used the second from the top for a highlight too!

Anyone else have this palette? Or another Morphe palette you can’t live without?


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So I once again purchased from the Hush app…if they didn’t have free shipping no matter what I wouldn’t buy as much, so really it’s the app’s fault 😁 So they bundled two palettes for $20. I had been eyeing them for awhile so I finally broke down lol.

Sold separately they are $12 each. The top one is the Smoothie palette and the bottom is the Milkshake palette. I initially was just going to buy the Smoothie one but figured $10/piece is a great deal, and I’m so glad I did.

First, they come in matching boxes. The palettes are sturdy feeling with a large mirror included. They are a decent size without being too big. They stay closed with a magnet. And they each have 12 shades.

(Smoothie on top, Milkshake bottom)

Smoothie: you have 4 shimmers and 1 semi shimmer? I think Mahalo Mango is a shimmer but it’s not as noticeable as the others. Then you have 7 mattes. This is as close to a soft, neutral palette I have lol. The colors did not swatch well. But they do seem to build up when I quickly tried them on my lids.

Milkshake: as the box says, they are mattes. These swatched much better for me, and I’m excited to try some looks. I really like the colors here.

Anyone else addicted to Hush?? I need to delete my debit card off of it haha


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I feel like I see a lot of articles and tips for making blue eyes, brown eyes, and even hazel eyes pop, but I see less mention of green eyes! I always heard blue eyes are recessive, so I thought they were the rarest color until about two years ago I saw a random fact of the day at the place I was working that said green eyes make up only 2% of the population. Then I felt kind of special 😜

I always wanted emerald green eyes, but turns out that’s not a very natural shade of eyes lol. So I have naturally light green eyes, which I have grown to love even though they aren’t as noticeable as a lot of bright blues or dark browns. However, I have learned that using purple makeup makes them pop quite a bit. Really, purple anywhere–if I want my eyes to stand out, I go for a purple shirt or dress, purple eyeshadow, or purple eyeliner. I’m not really into the colored mascara.

So I thought I would share my current favorite purple eyeshadows. Even if you don’t have green eyes, I think most shades of purple are flattering on a lot of people.

From bottom to top: Urban Decay in Asphyxia (single), UD in Backtalk (single), UD in Punk (grey purple shade from the Gwen Stefani palette), Bad Habit BPM (After Shock palette), and BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil (they have a few purples but my fav is the pink-purple in the last row, first one). I know the Gwen Stefani one looks more grey in this swatch, but I love how it looks on me. I usually use it like a smudged liner on my bottom lid. I thought about giving this palette away a few times but could never quite do it simply because of that color.

What’s your favorite shade to make your eyes go *pop*? 😁


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Looking for a sparkly eyeshadow palette? Try Urban Decay’s Moondust palette! I have had this since it came out, but I still love it. The colors are beautiful both on their own and on top of matte colors. Like other UD shadows, they are pretty long wear and don’t crease (especially if you are using their primer!). The last color looks grey in the swatch but it’s more of an iridescent shade and probably my favorite.

Urban Decay still sells this on their website for $49 and I believe Sephora and Ulta still sells it.

Check out my new Instagram for makeup pictures. I plan on putting something on it every day or every other day! Avlovesmakeup


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