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I’m doing a little review and an update all together because both are short 🙂 And we know I love to ramble!

First up, spoiler on my first purchase this month– It Cosmetics Confidence in an Eye Cream. I followed my rules (from my previous blog on my low/no buy)– I wanted a new eye cream, this was on my favs list on the Ulta app, and it was 50% off for $20 during their skin care deals 😁 I wanted to try this so badly but at $40 when I wasn’t sure if I would like it … Man, is skin care expensive!! But $20? I was willing to try it!

First, I’m sorry for the pictures. I remembered at 10:00 PM I forgot to take any and here we are lol.

Packaging– It’s cute, it’s very sturdy, it’s compact, and it’s functional! I couldn’t ask for more.

There is only .5 fluid oz. Again, can we discuss how expensive skin care is? Geez. They recommend you put this on morning and night. I have been doing both for at least two weeks now. I’m not slathering it on because I want it to last lol, but I’m using enough I think. I pat it under my eyes, into my corners, and up into the lids. It feels cooling when it goes on.

I like it so far! It is anti aging, and while I am -gasp- 31, I don’t have enough “aging” issues to say much there. But I was concerned about tugging and dryness due to constant makeup wear. It’s definitely very moisturizing. My under eye area feels very soft and isn’t dry and flat looking anymore. I never had a dark circle issue, but it is supposed to brighten, and I feel like that area looks bright 🙂

Once it’s empty, I will decide if I will repurchase or try something new! If you wanted to try it, though, I am recommending it so far!

An update on my low buy: I made it through December, and I made it until literally yesterday 😂 Up until then, I literally purchased this eyecream and eyeshadow primer that was also on sale! However, Jeffree Star Cosmetics did mystery boxes and I really wanted one, so I went ahead and bought the $40 box. To my delight, my husband also bought me one 😂 To be fair, it’s supposed to be $75 in savings I think, so it’s technically like a sale! But then Colourpop and Kathleen Lights dropped a loose pigment box set to go with their Zodiac collection, and since I literally squealed when I saw swatches, it wasn’t a surprise I was checking out at literally 1:00 PM when it dropped 🤷🤦 I’m going to keep myself in check going forward, I swear! My only other purchases were gifts for friends 😁



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