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So I woke up Sunday feeling terrible, and it kind of went downhill until this morning (Wednesday). So I skipped posting anything on here or Instagram for the first half of the week, and I honestly still don’t feel well enough or look healthy enough for makeup lol

However, with all of that nose blowing and honestly just rubbing my face in general, skin care is more important than ever. When I get sick now, I get the worst congestion ever. I get so stuffy that my eyes feel like they are going to pop out and it usually backs up into my ears. So I inevitably start pressing on my face where my sinuses are to try and alleviate the pain. I don’t know why, because it never works lol.

But I recently added a new product to my daily skin care, and I’ve been meaning to do a post on it. It’s the Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash.

I. Love. This. I bought a small bottle at Ulta to give it a try and I will definitely be buying a large bottle when I run out.

First, it smells like orange peels. It’s not overwhelming…it’s just a very nice scent that I find relaxing. The texture is like a clear goo with little beads in it. You only need a little bit and you just rub it all over like a normal face wash and rinse. I can definitely feel it exfoliating but it’s gentle enough for every day use and doesn’t irritate my skin at all.

Even better, my skin has been noticeably nicer since I started using it. It’s just felt smoother, my makeup has been going on better, and my pores haven’t been as awful. Between my now favorite three, my skin has really been pretty nice (up until I got sick and started touching it constantly lol)

I still use the regular face wash from Philosophy especially before I try a mask so I have a clean face but it’s something super gentle. I did use it the past few days too because I find this scent extremely relaxing.

And of course the Clinique 72 hour surge moisturizer is still my favorite. I use it everyday!

What are your favorite skincare products? Philosophy and Clinique are expensive but I have decided I’m willing to pay it for how nice they make my skin!



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