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I was wanting to try some new masks and I stumbled upon a little package that ELF Cosmetics was offering for $18. It is just a little clear bag, but it comes with 5 different masks that they offer in trial size/travel size.

I definitely destroyed the bag while opening it lol so it is not pictured.

So far I have tried the glitter peel mask and the marshmellow mask. I really liked the glitter peel mask! It’s the first peel I’ve used, and man did it hurt 😓 But it made my skin feel and look so good! My face just felt so smooth.

The marshmellow one didn’t seem to do as much, but I didn’t dislike it. I will definitely try it again.

Pros to buying this: if you are like me and want to branch out and try a bunch of new masks, this is a great and affordable little bundle. They are a great size to travel with or to throw in an overnight bag. There’s definitely enough product for several tries in each.

And I really didn’t find any cons so far 🙂 I really do like ELF products. It’s a very affordable brand and has a wide variety of products from skin care to makeup.

Has anyone else tried any of these? What is your favorite kind of mask?



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If anyone wants to try some ELF products for super cheap, check out their summer sale! Their stuff is hit or miss for me, but overall I love the brand.


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So ELF did a 50% off sale a few weeks ago and I made a few purchases. Here are my buys and initial thoughts as I’ve now worn some of it a few times.

Starting with the big fail for me. So the color was actually spot on; however, if the description said this had a scent, I completely missed that. This has a floral scent to it. It’s not unpleasant, but once I had it on my face I instantly had a horrible headache and was getting nauseous. I have a pretty bad sensitivity to scents. I washed it off within 3 minutes so I can’t say more about this 😦

Some would say this blush is way too dark for me 😸 I just applied with a very light hand! It was too pretty to pass up!

This bronzer is very pretty and it’s really creamy.

I liked this powder but I think I liked my Wet n Wild mattifying powder more. But I will keep using this.

This is the other item I didn’t really try yet! I have visible blue veins around my eyes that I’m hoping the yellow will fix. If anyone has tried this, let me know what you think!

Loved this highlighter! It’s a very pretty shimmer that has a natural look to it.

I was so excited to buy this and so far I am liking it! It clips right on your phone and there are three brightness settings. It seems to help because my camera takes bad pictures.

The rest were brushes! I got all face brushes for contouring and different powders. I already knew I liked their face brushes 👍

I think everything came to like $50! The only regret is the foundation 😦 What is everyone’s favorite ELF product?


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Hey, everyone…E.L.F. is running 50% off of most of their site if anyone is interested. Brand new items are not included, and you have to spend at least $30 to get the 50 off. There’s no promo code…they automatically take it off if you spend enough. And you get free shipping in the US over $25 🙂 I couldn’t resist a few new items to try 🙂 I love their fluffy brushes!


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So I posted a few weeks ago about a change in my skin care routine…which, really, was the beginning of one for me in general. I’ve always had very oily skin and nothing worked for my break outs, so I stopped trying a long time ago. However, more recently, a change made my skin extremely dry. It freaked me out because I’ve never had close to dry skin. So I started trying different products in hopes of getting myself back to where I could wear an actual foundation. I was only able to use a BB Cream, but I still have large pores so I was kind of self conscious only wearing that.

I am happy to say after using the same three products consistently I was finally able to wear a dewey foundation all weekend and my skin looked and felt normal. If you are struggling with dry skin, try these out.

Philosophy daily cleanser. It came with another bottle that I think was makeup remover and it cost between $12-$15.

ELF exfoliator. It never irritated my skin and it left it feeling really nice and smooth. It was maybe $5.

Clinique 72 hour surge moisturizer. This is pricey unfortunately. Maybe once summer hits I won’t be so dry that I need to keep using as much of this as I do. This tiny bottle was $12 I think. I don’t slather it on by any means though so it’s been lasting.

I use the cleanser or the exfoliator every day. Usually I do three days cleanser, then use the exfoliator. I use the moisturizer every day after whichever face cleanser I use. I haven’t broken out and my face feels hydrated but not oily.

In case anyone was wondering, I used the Maybelline Fit Me Dewey Finish foundation. It’s like a medium coverage and left my skin looking dewey but not shiny. I had a nice glow and it didn’t feel tacky or sticky, so I would recommend that too!


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