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So I have found some cool stuff at Marshall’s, and this was another find that I snatched right up. It’s the Cargo palette Chill in the Six.

I don’t know what that name means, though 🤷 But one, the packaging is beautiful and just screams Christmas time! I love it. The box matches the inside thankfully, although I am known for keeping the box lol. The actual palette has a flap that is magnetic that holds it closed, which I like. It’s not clunky and it definitely feels sturdy.

And I loved the colors inside! I don’t have many cool toned shadows, and I love that the whole palette is different from anything I have. I googled the palette quickly and saw a few prices like from $15-$22, but I got this for $8!

I’ve only worn it a few times so far, but overall I like it. It’s not a palette I would reach for every day, especially not in warmer months, but I’m going to have fun coming up with some different eye looks 🙂 The colors are very pretty, and there’s not a shade I don’t like. It seemed to blend and later well.

I also like that they show some different combinations you can do on the back of the box 🙂

What do you guys think of Cargo? I would definitely try some more of their products!



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