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Have you seen the newest Colourpop x Kathleen Lights collab?! They already launched a Zodiac themed palette… Now we get Zodiac loose pigments! Guess who bought the box set literally a minute after it dropped? 🙋 **If you are interested in these, Colourpop is doing a 20% off right now! I’m not sure for how long so hurry to their site!!!

First off, I still love and save every card they send 😂 I hope they never stop doing that! Second– omg packaging!!! If you get the box set, here is the box! There are constellations, moons, suns, and stars in gold all over a mint green box. I love it.

The Zodiac signs are inside matched up with the shades. You get a little book inside that has a few sentences about each sign, and there are some pictures of Kathleen wearing some of the shades and looking gorgeous as usual! Each pigment is in a hard plastic tube. There is a little plastic stopper in each that you remove to get to the pigments.

The water signs: The Crab, The Fish, and The Scorpion

The air signs: The Water Bearer, The Scales, and The Twins

The earth signs: The Bull, The Maiden, and The Goat (*the maiden is for Virgo..KL acknowledged it’s usually called The Virgin but she changed it 🙂)

The fire signs: The Ram, The Lion, and The Archer

I swatched them in order of the Zodiac, starting with The Ram (Aries) and going around (if you look at the box set, go counterclockwise):

Bottom to top: The Ram, The Bull, The Twins, The Crab, The Lion, The Maiden

Bottom to top: The Scales, The Scorpion, The Archer, The Goat, The Water Bearer, The Fish

Both sets in low light with camera flash:

Here are a few on the eyes 😀

My overall thoughts: I have zero regrets buying these and I love every one of them!! I just put down a primer like normal, sprayed a flat shader brush with setting spray, dipped them into the pans, tapped gently on the sides, and swiped it on. Some have a bit more glitter to them and you might want to use a glitter glue. I would not recommend using them dry… You get very little pigmentation that way. Go buy some!! 😁



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I have wanted this palette since it launched for several reasons. One, I love Colourpop. Two, I like small palettes. Three, I LOVE pink. Four, it launched on October 3 for Mean Girls (We wear pink on Wednesday), and that is my birthday…so I was destined to get it eventually! 😁 I bought it around the Black Friday sales, but the first one had a completely smashed pan. It was the glitter one, and there was so much fine glitter everywhere that I ended up tossing it after taking pictures of it. I tried cleaning it but it was not working. Customer Service was great and they quickly sent a new one (you do have to send pictures for a damaged item).

Like…awful. I love glitter but not when it’s literally everywhere.

Let’s talk packaging. It’s super pink lol. Which I love. It’s sturdy feeling but it is a plastic palette. It does have the mirror, which appreciate. It retails and is still available on their website for $12. I got it for $9.40 I believe.

Here it is in different lighting. I personally love all of the colors. There are 5 mattes, 2 glitter, and 2 satin. I think if anything you could complain there isn’t a super light matte or a super dark/deep matte, but I’m ok with that. I have a million of those shades.

The swatches did not impress me. These were just single finger swatches. They all felt nice (smooth and creamy), but it made me worried about performance. So I went ahead and slapped some on. I say that because I literally spent 5 minutes on it and used zero other makeup except some eye shadow primer, which I always use!

And I liked how they performed! Again this was very quick and simple, but they went on pigmented and were blending for me.

Also, can we please once again commend Colourpop on these postcards they send with every purchase?? They kill me. I was sooo happy they even sent a new one with the replacement palette because I save every one 😂

Does anyone have and love this palette? If you don’t and you love pink, I recommend it! 😊


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So the first of my Black Friday purchases have rolled in. I actually bought these two a couple of days before Black Friday because Colourpop was offering free shipping for any price point, so I grabbed these.

Spoiler alert: I did some online shopping this weekend because I couldn’t resist, so I will be getting a mini wave of new products in lol.

So I already own two Jelly Much shadows, and I love these. I own a dark green and a purple-red shifting color, so now I’m adding a bright green and a peach to the mix.

First, the cards they sent with purchases kill me. I keep every one because I love that someone thought to do this.

If you aren’t aware, these are a jelly like substance. You have to keep the inner lid so you can seal it up, so they don’t dry out.

I find them very easy to apply, use, and remove. I swirl my fingertip around a little and then swipe it across eyelids. It seems to do best if you only do one or two layers. Then I keep my lid shut for approximately 20 seconds while it dries. Then voila! I take a fluffy crease brush and buff it out or use a powder shadow in the crease to blend. A little makeup remover takes it off very easily.

The peach is Morning Light. The green is Into Focus. Both are from the new Holiday collection.

If you let them dry before blinking, I have not had any transfer issues. If you wipe your finger on it, though, it will come off a little.

As before, I’m very impressed with these! I’m glad I grabbed them. I love greens so much and I feel like I finally have a good range of different greens. And the peach is a beautiful but subtle look for days I’m not being too extra 😂

Do you guys love the jelly much shadows?


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I am still getting over my cold, unfortunately, so I thought I would just do a short blog to end my Sunday 🙂

It seems like Christmas stuff comes out earlier and earlier every year. I saw stuff in Walmart before Halloween was here, and I stepped into one today for groceries and it was out in full force! Halloween left overs were heavily discounted and pushed aside, and fall decorations were being condensed as well. A lot of Christmas decorations have been out, but now the candy and gift sets were lining the shelves!

When I worked in retail, this really irritated me. It seems like there really aren’t that many Christmas songs, especially not the classics, so I would have to listen to the same songs over and over and over for close to two months! That would drive me crazy.

However, now that I’m out of retail…I do enjoy getting my Christmas shopping done early, so it helps me to have everything coming out already!

I refuse to let my husband (who is a Christmas nut) decorate our house until after Thanksgiving though 😂

I am already thinking about what greens and reds I have in my makeup collection for parties already though haha. Everything (makeup related) in the pictures is from Colourpop, one of my favorite brands!

What do you guys think? Does it annoy you to have all of the Christmas stuff out in stores already? I love fall stuff so I think they should keep fall out longer!


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Well I had a different blog planned for tonight, but lo and behold…somehow my order to Colourpop…made on Friday at 1 PM…made it from Cali to my PA doorstep over the weekend! 😱 I don’t know how they did it lol. I did not buy the whole collection, so here’s what I did get:

So here’s the back story. Colourpop announced they did a collab with Disney and came out with the Disney Designer Collection. There were 6 princesses featured (Tiana, Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Jasmin, and Belle). There was a palette, 6 lipsticks (one named for each princess), 3 lipglosses, 6 super shock shadows, and 2 highlighters.

There was a PR box you could get for $120 that included this beautiful box with pop up cut outs of the princesses with the palette, the glosses, the lipsticks, and 4 super shocks. Then there was the bundle for $110, sans PR box but plus the other two super shocks. Then you could buy every piece separate.

I was so tempted to get the box, I won’t lie! However, I watched a few YouTubers who got PR and ultimately decided against it. While the whole set is beautiful…there really wasn’t anything I didn’t have in my collection. I definitely didn’t need a palette with a lot of pinks and lighter shades. I didn’t need 9 lip products.

So I calmed down and got the following:

Super Shock shadows in A Whole New World and Under the Sea

I love their super shocks, so these didn’t disappoint. I thought the purple would be darker, but I still like it.

A lip gloss in Bobbidi and lipsticks in Ariel and Snow White

My only regret is I should have gotten Belle instead of Ariel. I think Belle’s was a little darker and I personally am more of a fan of Belle. Ariel is very nice (the color lol) but I have a few nudes this color already. I thought it would have more pink in it.

My overall thought is what I heard the YouTubers say (and I was grateful for their honesty): the collection is beautiful… Colourpop does great stuff…but you really don’t need the whole collection. If they restock, I would say to grab one or two things. The packaging is gorgeous and I will be keeping them 🙂

My only complaint is they didn’t have my favorite Disney princess…Rapunzel 😭 But all of the reimagined outfits etc are gorgeous 😍

Anyone else pick anything up? I know some stuff sold out pretty instantly, but I heard they would restock!


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Has anyone tried the Jelly Much eyeshadows from Colourpop?? I was a little skeptical as to whether I would like these even after I saw some videos on YouTube. But Colourpop had another free shipping weekend, so I grabbed a new bright orange super shock shadow I had been eyeing up, and decided to take the plunge and grab what looked like the most unique shade of the Jelly Much shades.

The top shade is the Jelly Much. It is actually a jelly consistency. It comes with a pull off top, and you are supposed to keep the lid so it doesn’t dry out so quickly.

The top swatch is the jelly much swatch. The bottom is the super shock shadow 🙂

So it went on easily. I use a fingertip and patted it on, and then swiped it across the lid. I used a primer like normal. It did not crease on me (the longest I wore it so far was 6 hours), and it didn’t move around. I was careful to keep my eye looking downward and did not look up until after about 10 seconds so it had time to dry.

I was so happy with this shade that I went ahead and purchased another shade to try 🙂

Anyone else try these? Colourpop is very quickly moving to my three favorite brands!


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This is just a quick “look what I got” post lol. I literally can’t stop buying eyeshadow. I have so many. And I concluded awhile ago I should just stick to palettes because it makes more sense than buying singles. However… Colourpop was doing a last call sale on a bunch of singles, so broke down and bought a bunch haha. But I did buy a magnetic blank palette so it’s kind of like I bought a palette 🤷

I say this every time, but let’s talk packaging. Omg they have the best packaging! Even the box lid is freaking cute!!

Then they put in those cute little cards. I love them and save all of them 😂

The pink box in the bottom picture is the palette! It is so sturdy feeling, closes with a magnet, and is super sleek. I love it. It has a really cute design on it and is light/pale pink.

These are the shades I bought! I would list all of the names but I’m too lazy to pick each one up 🙋 If you want to know a specific one though I would be more than happy to tell you lol.

Now the best part…swatches!

So I love Colourpop because they are very affordable and have good stuff for the price. These aren’t the most amazing shadows I’ve ever worked with, but they keep me going back. They are buildable, blendable, and they have an amazing range of colors.

Here are two eye looks. Don’t judge them on these…I did these in like 5 minutes each.

Anyone else a Colourpop addict? 🙋


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