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Hello, blog world! I’m going to do a different kind of blog today. One year ago on April 7th, I actually started my makeup Instagram page Avlovesmakeup! I had posted a few pictures on my personal page, but I actually have such bad anxiety that I was embarrassed to have my real life friends and family see my pictures. So I created a new Instagram and felt like it would be a neat little side hobby 🙂 After awhile I did post something on my actual Instagram and had a few people in my life follow my makeup Instagram, and that made me feel really nice.

But on to the actual blog! I thought I would perhaps amuse some of you with how much I did not know when I decided to launch full force into the makeup world 😂 Here is the first picture I posted on April 7, 2018.

It’s not that I thought I was really good or anything, but it’s almost embarrassing 😂🤷

So I remember 100% what makeup this is from looking at it lol! The eyeshadow is the blue from the Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne palette, and the lipstick is a Katy Kat lipstick.

To apply that eyeshadow, I literally used one of those sponge applicators. That’s the only way I knew how to put on eyeshadow! I just swiped the sponge applicator across my eyelids…and done.

This was a few months later. I was starting to use actual brushes at this point but I think I was still using a sponge across the lid. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to get pigmentation like everyone else did. I bought my first brush set on Amazon. It was cheap but I actually still have it and like them.

So you know what I did? I started watching YouTube videos like crazy! My favorites: Tati, Kathleen Lights, ThatGirlShae, and Alexandria. I also started getting an ipsy bag, and then started getting BoxyCharm in June.

This was about August time. I started buying more products and following blogs and Instagrams. I started having regular interaction with some people, too, which was really nice!! Some people dropped off the blogging world, but I gained a few new friends ❤️

I started learning how and when you apply eyeshadow with a finger, with a wet brush, and with different kinds of brushes. I started appreciating and becoming obsessed with blending brushes 😂 It helped that my husband was and is very supportive too. My biggest obstacle was time. Between a full time job and a very clingy and active baby, I had maybe an hour to work on my makeup every night.

I soon started learning about how to apply bronzer, blush, and highlighter. No, I did not know how to do that lol. I put on highlighter by literally swiping a brush in a straight line down my cheekbone, and putting blush right on the apples of my cheeks which is fine for some people, but didn’t work for my face.

I actually have started to learn how to apply eyeliner, fake eyelashes, and to fill in my eyebrows 🙂 That’s about where I am now. Going forward, I’m hoping to keep learning how to blend better, apply a wing better, and put on lashes better.

It was interesting to me to see my progress. I still get discouraged because I was hoping to be better than I am, but I also recognize that I’m a perfectionist and also that I’m not very artistic. I have never been able to free hand draw very well, so I’m never going to be like some of the big Instagram people who draw huge landscapes on their faces 🙂 And that’s ok! This is still a hobby for me, and it’s something I find fun and relaxing.

If you made it to the end, thank you for reading and for your support! ❤️



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So while I did buy another eyeshadow palette, it was 50% off and was under $20, so for once I did follow my no buy/low buy rules 😂 And I’m so glad I did! I believe the Hush app is going to be no more soon. They are selling everything at discount and not long after I bought this, it was sold out. I put off buying this palette for a long time because I had something else of theirs that didn’t impress me. Spoiler alert–not having that problem with this one!

So I’m actually pretty sure this came because of the Tarte April Fool’s Day post. You know, where they created an image of a green and blue palette and pretended it was their next release– and it completely backfired because people were genuinely excited for it 😂

First off, this retailed at $14 and I got it for $7 plus some shipping. Packaging– amazing. The box is that soft feeling material, like it’s partially suede or something. The actual palette is sturdy with a mirror! The names of the shades are printed. I was nervous because Tidal (bottom left) seems very soft/crumbly and it seemed a little upset from shipping, but it held together.

Okay, let’s just call it as it is– It swatches horribly. It does. I don’t know why, because they all feel buttery and smooth. They do not perform horribly, though! I am amazed by how much I fell in love with this palette. I’m sorry it’s sold out because I would have bought a back up lol.

Here are a few looks I created with it. The first one is the greens, the second one is the blues, and the third one I used an orange from UD Born to Run with some of the blues:

Please note I am attempting to learn to put on falsies lol so if they aren’t the best… I’m trying!

What do you guys think? Love it or too much?


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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Alien Palette was the first palette I opened from my Christmas gifts, and I would have been happy only getting this! I wanted it the second I saw pictures of it 😩 There are so many shades that I loved, and there was more than one green! Greens are my favorite shadow color.

I forgot to get a picture of the box, but it’s a pretty shimmery pink. My only complaint on the whole entire palette so far is that it is a little not-stacking friendly. I don’t want to say it’s clunky because it is a thin palette, but the eyes pop out on the cover. It looks and feels good quality and I think that adds to that feeling, but I could have gone for flat eyes.

The palette is held shut with a magnet, and there is a decent sized mirror in it. And look at this shade range!! 😭

I was initially so drawn to it for the obvious greens: Alien, Area 51, and Abduction. However, Phone Home and X-Files are my favorite kind of neutral mattes, and I also fell in love with Martian Soil, Space Cowboy, and Probe upon usage.

There’s a perfect “setting” color (Titan), a good brow/inner corner highlighter (Pluto), and darker mattes (Black Hole and Ghost OG).

Some of the swatches look wonky but I think it’s me because all of the colors I’ve used so far are great. They are pigmented, and they blend. I didn’t notice any patchiness. I actually managed to use a lot of colors so far. Please keep in mind I do my idea of “mom makeup” in that I have limited time in between mom things like baby crying haha…so they are not blended to perfection.

Titan, Martian Soil, and Space Cowboy

Abduction, Flying Saucer, and Probe

Titan, Phone Home, X-Files, and Moon Rock

Titan, Area 51, Ghost OG, and Alien

If you get the chance to grab this, I highly recommend it! What do you guys think of this palette?


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