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Good evening! (Morning/afternoon/night!) So my blog is a little Colourpop heavy lately…sorry! They are my favorite and I find it hardest to pass up their new launches…which is bad because that’s literally every other week 🙄😂❤️

But one deal they run off and on is a BYOP deal! You pick an empty palette…they normally have different patterns and a few different sizes, and then you fill it! The overall price is 50% what it would be if you normally bought their empty palette and then individual items to fill it. I almost did a 2 blush 9 shadows palette…but I ended up with a 12 pan eyeshadow palette.

First off … I will always say this. I LOVE the postcards they include. I literally hang them up everywhere 😂🤷 But I went with the orange desert palette because it was the prettiest for me 😁 I love orange. Btw, I did buy some creme liners…but I ended up going back for the set, so they will be in my next blog lol.

Here’s my creation! I titled it, Neutral Out of Sight, Neutral Out of Mind 😂😂😂 I crack myself up. Seriously, though, I have so many neutrals… I wanted colors that went with each other but also filled in some colors I don’t really have elsewhere.

As a side note, once you click to fill the palette, they take you to a particular page of items. It might not include every shade they have… I never tried to compare.

From top left across and down to the last one: Tiki (matte), Paper Tiger (matte), Oh Ship (matte), Lost and Found (matte), Piece of Cake (matte), Backstage (matte), Quantum Sleep (shimmer), Silver Lining (matte), Paradiso (shimmer), Formation (matte), Conjour Up (matte), and Superzoom (shimmer).

I’m not sure why, but the swatches came out a little fuzzy 😦 Like every picture I took. Anyways, they performed like you expect from Colourpop. Sometimes their mattes don’t swatch the best, but so far none are patchy or have given me any kind of trouble on the eye.

What was I thinking? First off, I had to have Silver Lining. I love purple-grey shades, and I consider that shade my favorite kind of neutral. It’s not really, but I think it is lol. I wanted some blues to go with my Atlantis palette (and because I didn’t get the Blue Blood palette 😭). I love oranges and didn’t have any hot orange colors like Oh Ship. I am lacking on yellows and teals as well. And I have so, so many shimmers!! So I only took the three I saw that looked different from what I have.

So what do you think of this deal? I believe this cost $35? I could look through my past orders but I’m lazy 🤓 It was no more than $40. They do run this off and on throughout the year if you’re interested! Sign up for their emails and they definitely alert you. I’m not sure if it’s still going on but you can check out their webpage to find out 🤗 A lot of the empty palette styles were sold out last time I looked though.

-AV (Instagram Avlovesmakeup) ❤️


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Hello! It is no secret that Colourpop went from being that brand I wanted to try to my favorite overall. I constantly purchase and review their stuff, and I think once I was disappointed and one product hasn’t worked for me. Overall, they are affordable, creative, and driven. By that last one, I mean over the last year they have been pumping out new products, new shades, new formulas, new collections, and new collabs. It’s been exciting and overwhelming lol. I had to pass on a lot of stuff I thought was awesome because there was so much one after another that I just couldn’t afford everything despite their (in my opinion) reasonable pricing.

Their biggest hit last year was probably the Disney Designer princess collab they did with Disney. It sold out instantly, came back and sold out again, and now they finally have stuff still sitting for purchase if you were late to the table. Last month they came out with a Disney Villains Collection as a part II. I have one small set I picked up to show you, but I wanted to offer some thoughts on the collection as a whole and how I think they could have done stuff a little differently. Btw, last I checked, Ulta had two collections and the palette in stock, and Colourpop has *everything* in stock. I think maybe two items were sold out ever and they already restocked them.

The Evil Queen Collection

I actually got this from Ulta because I was placing an order anyways and wanted free shipping 😂 It was $25 and came slightly damaged. Since it was just the packaging, I’m not returning or complaining.

Colourpop knows how to package. I love the overall look of everything they do.

Each set has a lipstick, highlighter, and lipgloss. The whole collection had 6 collections, a palette, a jelly much shadow for each villain, and 2 glitterly obsessed glitters. You could buy the PR kit for $250, the collection minus box for $200, or each set was $25. You could get each item individually as well. The villains were: Hades, Evil Queen, Ursula, Dr. Facilier, Malificient, and Cruella.

Highlight in Fairest of Them All, lipgloss in Bad Apple, and lipstick in Evil Queen.

Okay, so I grabbed this one because I’m addicted to red lipstick. I actually really want Dr. Facilier’s collection because the lipstick looks gorgeous, as does the gloss, and I wanted Hades only because Hercules is one of my fav Disney movies. I like everything. The highlight might be too gold for me, but it’s pretty and I will try to use it anyways 😂

My thoughts:

I’m not knocking Colourpop. Obviously a lot went into this. The main thing that kept me from buying the whole collection was I didn’t need 6 new highlighters. I just don’t lol. Also, I don’t need 6 new glosses. I don’t wear gloss much as it is, and they had tons of glosses in the Disney princess collection. I think they could have done much more with this. I think, to make it a little more different from the princess collection, each of the Villain set should have had a liquid lip, a lip liner, and the jelly much shadow. Or! They could have done a liquid lip, jelly much, and different colored eyeliners. I would have bought the whole set.

The palette I think is beautiful. I almost grabbed it. I love the jelly much shadows. I think they could have played with color some more, too. Hades’ set should have all had blue tints. Pale blue highlighter, pale blue lip gloss, and a “medium” blue lipstick. Evil Queen was good with red. Dr. Facilier’s was all rather nude/neutral which sells, but I think they should have went bolder for villains. Ursula’s highlighter and lipgloss should have been pale purple.

So I’m not sure if they really stocked up this time or if it didn’t sell as well as the princess set, that it’s just been in stock (to include PR). 🤷 I might end up grabbing some more from the set, but we will see.

What were your overall thoughts? Do you think Colourpop needs to sleep more? 😂 I went to double check prices and it took me a minute to find this under New Arrivals because there’s been like 4 releases since then! 😲

-AV ❤️ follow me on Instagram! Avlovesmakeup

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Hello and salutations 🙂 I know I’ve been slacking on my blog. I’m finding life a little stressful lately. However, I have gotten a few new things which have perked me up– one being April’s BoxyCharm!!

Theme: Peace, Love, and Boxy. I think it was centered around the upcoming Coachella (is that even how you spell it? I’m too old for such things 😂). Every time I feel it’s time to cancel, I end up getting a box I mostly love and I figure I will hold out a little while longer! Over all, I am happy with my box this month.

BoxyCharm is a $22 a month makeup subscription box. It used to be $21 but last few months, it was $22 and some change. Not sure why, but for right now I don’t care.

Item #1: Luxie brushes. For being an expensive brand of brushes, I seem to get them off and on in subscriptions. They are decent brushes. The card states they retail $28 but I would never pay that. I like the color and they work well.

Item #2: Luscious brand Angel Eyes eye primer. I have never heard of this brand but I have to wear eyeshadow primer so I’m happy to get stuff like this. It is not clear however. Mine is in shade nude which is fine; however, I had no idea how little I needed to use. I put what I thought was a tiny dab on, but it literally covered my eyes up to my eyebrows and then down and around like concealer 😂 I haven’t done a wear test yet. Retail: $14

Item #3: Artist Couture loose highlight in shade Purple Dream. I was kind of dubious because I’ve never used a loose highlight before and the packaging made it look orange. And then I had the *worst* time opening it lol. But omg…it is GORGEOUS 😍 I’m in love. I have never heard of this brand before but I’m sold. Retail: $27

Item #4: Appeal Cosmetics Holographic Lip Gloss. This is the only thing I wasn’t thrilled about. It’s supposed to be retail $21. I don’t know about that. If you love glosses, I’m sure you will like it. I’m not huge into glosses, and it’s clear so not too exciting to me 🤷

Item #5: Pur Festival pressed pigments palette. I heard this was made for Boxy but I’m not 100% sure on that. I didn’t think I would love this but I do 😁 The colors all work well, and the glitters are very pretty.

There are no overall unique colors, but I’m liking it. I will definitely get some use from it. It’s supposedly retail $36.

Here are swatches, followed by a look 😁

See what I mean about the highlighter?! I have the gloss on with a pink lipliner underneath.

What did you guys get in your boxes?? Anything different? Do you still love BoxyCharm?

-AV (Instagram Avlovesmakeup) ❤️

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Hello, blog world! I’m going to do a different kind of blog today. One year ago on April 7th, I actually started my makeup Instagram page Avlovesmakeup! I had posted a few pictures on my personal page, but I actually have such bad anxiety that I was embarrassed to have my real life friends and family see my pictures. So I created a new Instagram and felt like it would be a neat little side hobby 🙂 After awhile I did post something on my actual Instagram and had a few people in my life follow my makeup Instagram, and that made me feel really nice.

But on to the actual blog! I thought I would perhaps amuse some of you with how much I did not know when I decided to launch full force into the makeup world 😂 Here is the first picture I posted on April 7, 2018.

It’s not that I thought I was really good or anything, but it’s almost embarrassing 😂🤷

So I remember 100% what makeup this is from looking at it lol! The eyeshadow is the blue from the Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne palette, and the lipstick is a Katy Kat lipstick.

To apply that eyeshadow, I literally used one of those sponge applicators. That’s the only way I knew how to put on eyeshadow! I just swiped the sponge applicator across my eyelids…and done.

This was a few months later. I was starting to use actual brushes at this point but I think I was still using a sponge across the lid. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to get pigmentation like everyone else did. I bought my first brush set on Amazon. It was cheap but I actually still have it and like them.

So you know what I did? I started watching YouTube videos like crazy! My favorites: Tati, Kathleen Lights, ThatGirlShae, and Alexandria. I also started getting an ipsy bag, and then started getting BoxyCharm in June.

This was about August time. I started buying more products and following blogs and Instagrams. I started having regular interaction with some people, too, which was really nice!! Some people dropped off the blogging world, but I gained a few new friends ❤️

I started learning how and when you apply eyeshadow with a finger, with a wet brush, and with different kinds of brushes. I started appreciating and becoming obsessed with blending brushes 😂 It helped that my husband was and is very supportive too. My biggest obstacle was time. Between a full time job and a very clingy and active baby, I had maybe an hour to work on my makeup every night.

I soon started learning about how to apply bronzer, blush, and highlighter. No, I did not know how to do that lol. I put on highlighter by literally swiping a brush in a straight line down my cheekbone, and putting blush right on the apples of my cheeks which is fine for some people, but didn’t work for my face.

I actually have started to learn how to apply eyeliner, fake eyelashes, and to fill in my eyebrows 🙂 That’s about where I am now. Going forward, I’m hoping to keep learning how to blend better, apply a wing better, and put on lashes better.

It was interesting to me to see my progress. I still get discouraged because I was hoping to be better than I am, but I also recognize that I’m a perfectionist and also that I’m not very artistic. I have never been able to free hand draw very well, so I’m never going to be like some of the big Instagram people who draw huge landscapes on their faces 🙂 And that’s ok! This is still a hobby for me, and it’s something I find fun and relaxing.

If you made it to the end, thank you for reading and for your support! ❤️


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Hey, everyone! I’m just posting a small review today. I’m running into a lack of extra time lately unfortunately 😐

But I got the Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Strength and Moisture Leave-In Mask in a previous BoxyCharm. This is one product I actually had no intentions of really using and it’s almost empty 😁

It wasn’t a huge bottle (2oz), but I was surprised I did end up liking this. I spritz a little on each side of my hair, on top and underneath, after washing my hair. Then I comb it through my hair. It’s been lasting quite awhile, but I keep my hair pretty short! I imagine if you have long hair, it wouldn’t last long lol.

I know that’s not the greatest picture lol. And it occurs to me as I’m writing this that I could have taken pictures of my hair with and without this in 😂🤷 Sorry, everyone. It’s amazing what stress and anxiety does to the brain/memory 🤦

However, I will say despite having straight, not very thick hair, my hair tends to get frizzy and “puffy”, especially after my shower. With this stuff in, though, it’s very sleek and straight. My hair looks noticeably nicer after using it. If I know I’m going out the next day or anything special, I definitely use this!

Has anyone else tried this? I know Ulta doesn’t have it… I am interested in buying one after this is completely gone! 🙂

Check out my Instagram at Avlovesmakeup for looks almost every day! ❤️


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Hello, blog world! Sorry, I’ve been a slacker this week. I had to work some OT at work and then my husband and I got hooked on a show that we have to watch after the baby goes to bed lol. Anyway, with all of the millions of new products Colourpop is dropping, I thought it would be fun to look at the different formulas of eyeshadow (and I threw blush in there too) they offer in case you aren’t that familiar with Colourpop!

First, of course, they have pressed powders. I have eyeshadows in matte and shimmer shades, as well as a blush in a powder. This brand is one of the best affordable brands I can recommend to people. Their shades are all buttery, pigmented, and blend well. I’m sure you can find better ones in the more expensive brands, but with an exception of two shades in a particular palette, I’ve had no complaints. This palette I built myself. The blush is Soul Mate from the Zoella collab.

Then they have two different formulas. They have their Super Shock Shadows (also available for blush and highlighter) as well as their Jelly Much eyeshadows. From left to right above: Super Shock Cheek in Drop of a Hat, Super Shock Shadow in Coconut, and Jelly Much in Into Focus. The Super Shocks apply best with a finger in my opinion. They are very smooth, very buttery, and very pigmented. They will dry up and dry up much faster if you don’t keep the lid on as much as possible. The Jelly Much I also apply with a finger, but I’ve had success using a flat shader brush as well. They are literally a jelly like consistency. I let mine dry at least 20 seconds before blinking, and they don’t budge on my eyes (I always wear primer btw).

The two blushes:

The eyeshadows:

Swatch bottom to top: pressed powder matte in Team Captain, pressed powder shimmer in Fault Line, Super Shock Shadow in Coconut, and Jelly Much in Into Focus.

If you get individual eyeshadows they are $5 to have the little compact come with it, the SSS and Jelly Much are $8 I believe. I recommend grabbing a SSS and Jelly Much if you haven’t tried them!

Do you guys love Colourpop? What’s your favorite formula?


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Good evening/morning/afternoon! Maybe a month and a half ago now, I saw an ad on Facebook for a company called Common Panda. They sell all kinds of little things, but this ad was for their temporary hair wax dye. I read a ton of comments and people claimed it worked. I clicked on the link and thought…why not??

Background: I’ve dyed my hair for probably a decade and a half now. I’ve done so many shades of anything not blonde and that’s only because I refuse to bleach my hair. I have naturally medium brown hair. It’s pretty nondescript in my opinion, so I dye it off and on. I’ve always wanted to do fun colors, but most require bleaching my hair or were too adventurous for me to have for weeks lol.

This product is hair WAX. I say this because I guess I wasn’t thinking that when I bought it. It dries like wax. So read the instructions and don’t glob on a ton like I did originally or your hair will not move when it dries 😂

It says the products are all natural. I didn’t research them, so you can if you want lol. It’s supposed to wash out in one wash (don’t get caught in a heavy rain!). And best of all–cruelty free 🙂 And the address was in the US. It took about 3 days for processing, then maybe 4 days to arrive.

I bought two at one time, this blue and a bright green color. One was $14.95, one was $19.99. Then because I bought two, I believe I got 10% off the total. They have 7 colors: grey, purple, pink, red, green, blue, golden orange. You can buy all 7 for a bundle deal.

They emailed me instructions and they are also printed on the tub. You are supposed to take a small amount on a finger, wipe it evenly on your hands, than smear down your hair. Again, I used too much because I thought it wouldn’t show well and mine got very stiff. I wet my hair beforehand (dampened with a spray bottle, not soaked), and it went on easily.

Cons: There is a scent. I was thinking floral-y, but it suddenly hit me what it reminds me of–my dad’s shaving cream. 😂 It’s not unpleasant, but I have a strong sensitivity to scents. It fades once it’s on and dries, but unless you’re out in the open air, you’re going to notice it. Also, it’s not going to be super vibrant if you have darker hair, which I was prepared for and was not disappointed by at all. Finally, it is a wax…so it’s going to be stiff if you do a large portion of your hair!

Pros: it’s easy. It’s relatively cheap. It’s a fun way to try colors if you can’t permanently dye due to jobs or school. It’s kid friendly if your kid wants a few strips 🙂 And it is very easy to wash out! So seriously, avoid the rain lol! It didn’t stain my skin at all and soap and water took it right off my skin. My nails had a little tint but it wore off pretty quickly/easily.

Overall, I was happy with it. I’m excited to try green next!

And the company is so nice!! I posted an Instagram pic and tagged them…they reposted me on their Instagram and their Facebook! (And had my Instagram tag in the pic). And when I thanked them and shared their post, they offered to send me another color 😊 I asked for purple, so I’m excited to get that one too! (This post is my honest opinion, though…just wanted to make that clear 😉 I paid for my first order).

If you have lighter hair than me, you definitely won’t have any issues with color using a small amount! I saw people commenting their had dark brown or black hair and it showed up, but it just wasn’t super vibrant, but I can’t verify that obviously.

What do you guys think? Are there other brands with temporary dye like this?


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