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Hello! If you celebrate Easter, I hope you had a wonderful Easter. If you do not, I hope you had a wonderful Sunday 😊

I swear this is my last “look what I got from Colourpop” post for awhile haha. If I buy more from them, I will hide it for awhile 😂 Seriously, though, they have just been hitting it hard with eye catching releases lately. The most complaints I see toward Colourpop is please stop releasing so much at once because I can’t afford it 😂

We will first acknowledge the card 😂 I was so excited that I got a different one even with my orders being placed so closely together. My dad used to be a bee keeper, so I especially liked this one.

Colourpop released 8 pressed glitters and 4 neon pigments. I actually had no interest in getting the pigments especially because I already had one shade in another palette (Sandbar); however, the math made me buy them. To get the palette with all 12 was $40. Each glitter was $5. So…. I’m not good at math, but it gets better when it involves makeup 😂

Let’s talk packaging. Each shadows came individually in these cartons which are gorgeous considering they are meant to be thrown away. The palette that came to put them in is the Orange Desert one I picked for BYOP and I was happy about that! I think it’s a gorgeous look

And here they are!

Gorgeous, right? How could I pass them up? I honestly don’t have many glitters and definitely none like these. Don’t shove your finger straight into one or it will be a mess. You can see the orange one looks funny because I did that. They are not loose…they have a clear gel which is why you don’t really need a glitter glue…but they are soft enough you want to go in gently. Here are swatches, which I found hard to do lol. I didn’t want to use a sh*t ton of product to make them opaque for swatches. Colourpop has swatches on their website if you don’t like these! But this is from swirling my finger once, twice for just a few:

Some of them are one color with another color glitter added in. So in different lights, they look different–which I love. The pigments are said to work best if you put a white base down.

I watched someone do both plain and white base on YouTube, and they are definitely more vibrant with white.

Glitters across the top, then bottom: Hungry Ghost, Light Show, Palooza, Boombayah, Free Bird, Renegade, Indio.

Pigments across: Keep Scrolling, Sandbar, OOO, Seeing Stars.

I literally have glitter all over me just from carefully getting shade names from them 😂 I love how glitter looks, hate how messy it is! There was some fall out as the day went on, so you could use a glitter glue as reenforcement. My favorite glitters are all of them 😂🤷 My favorite pigment is OOO!

Also, FYI, the pigments will stain. See my below pic with the liners.

Now, they also released a box set of neon liners (you can buy individually $5, box is $20):

They are mechanical (you twist and more comes out). They are creme gel liners. They do feel creamy and glide on easily. One word of advice: don’t go in too hard. I literally broke the tip off of two so far 🙄😭 I like them, though.

I used Hungry Ghost and the neon yellow liner!

What do you guys think? Do you like glitter? Or neons? Does Colourpop need to slow down??!



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Hello, blog world! Sorry, I’ve been a slacker this week. I had to work some OT at work and then my husband and I got hooked on a show that we have to watch after the baby goes to bed lol. Anyway, with all of the millions of new products Colourpop is dropping, I thought it would be fun to look at the different formulas of eyeshadow (and I threw blush in there too) they offer in case you aren’t that familiar with Colourpop!

First, of course, they have pressed powders. I have eyeshadows in matte and shimmer shades, as well as a blush in a powder. This brand is one of the best affordable brands I can recommend to people. Their shades are all buttery, pigmented, and blend well. I’m sure you can find better ones in the more expensive brands, but with an exception of two shades in a particular palette, I’ve had no complaints. This palette I built myself. The blush is Soul Mate from the Zoella collab.

Then they have two different formulas. They have their Super Shock Shadows (also available for blush and highlighter) as well as their Jelly Much eyeshadows. From left to right above: Super Shock Cheek in Drop of a Hat, Super Shock Shadow in Coconut, and Jelly Much in Into Focus. The Super Shocks apply best with a finger in my opinion. They are very smooth, very buttery, and very pigmented. They will dry up and dry up much faster if you don’t keep the lid on as much as possible. The Jelly Much I also apply with a finger, but I’ve had success using a flat shader brush as well. They are literally a jelly like consistency. I let mine dry at least 20 seconds before blinking, and they don’t budge on my eyes (I always wear primer btw).

The two blushes:

The eyeshadows:

Swatch bottom to top: pressed powder matte in Team Captain, pressed powder shimmer in Fault Line, Super Shock Shadow in Coconut, and Jelly Much in Into Focus.

If you get individual eyeshadows they are $5 to have the little compact come with it, the SSS and Jelly Much are $8 I believe. I recommend grabbing a SSS and Jelly Much if you haven’t tried them!

Do you guys love Colourpop? What’s your favorite formula?


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So while I did buy another eyeshadow palette, it was 50% off and was under $20, so for once I did follow my no buy/low buy rules 😂 And I’m so glad I did! I believe the Hush app is going to be no more soon. They are selling everything at discount and not long after I bought this, it was sold out. I put off buying this palette for a long time because I had something else of theirs that didn’t impress me. Spoiler alert–not having that problem with this one!

So I’m actually pretty sure this came because of the Tarte April Fool’s Day post. You know, where they created an image of a green and blue palette and pretended it was their next release– and it completely backfired because people were genuinely excited for it 😂

First off, this retailed at $14 and I got it for $7 plus some shipping. Packaging– amazing. The box is that soft feeling material, like it’s partially suede or something. The actual palette is sturdy with a mirror! The names of the shades are printed. I was nervous because Tidal (bottom left) seems very soft/crumbly and it seemed a little upset from shipping, but it held together.

Okay, let’s just call it as it is– It swatches horribly. It does. I don’t know why, because they all feel buttery and smooth. They do not perform horribly, though! I am amazed by how much I fell in love with this palette. I’m sorry it’s sold out because I would have bought a back up lol.

Here are a few looks I created with it. The first one is the greens, the second one is the blues, and the third one I used an orange from UD Born to Run with some of the blues:

Please note I am attempting to learn to put on falsies lol so if they aren’t the best… I’m trying!

What do you guys think? Love it or too much?


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Here’s part two of the Fire Dragon vs Ice Dragon box set! If you missed part one, please check out my previous post 🙂 I talked about everything but the eye products!

But in case you don’t care about the other stuff, here’s the packaging again! Recap: super cute lol. I will say I doubt I will keep the box for long just because it’s so large, but it is really pretty.

There were actually four palettes with the collection but only two came in this box set. And sad to say (I would never tell my husband, who bought this for me), I would have rather had the other two 🙊 There was a green and grey palette and those are my favorite colors lol. But overall… I was very disappointed with the actual palettes. They swatched horrible and applied only a little better.

I’m not sure if I got spoiled by using a lot of Urban Decay and Jeffree Star products or if they are just not great. Some were patchy and some had very little pigmentation. The best colors in both were the transition shades!

Yeah 😐

However, the loose pigments, while the swatches aren’t great, do look nice applied with a finger or wet brush!

Here’s a look I did with the red palette and while I’m not the greatest, I did try lol

Just not very vibrant. I know they can have good shadows though! For comparison, I also got the Fire palette they put out with the Zodiac collection and I literally love it.

Here’s with this palette, though I did use the Blood Sugar palette with it for the mattes

What do you think? I love Wet n Wild… I was taken aback by the box set palettes!


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Hi, everyone! My wonderful husband bought me the Wet n Wild box set Fire Dragon vs Ice Dragon for Christmas and I’m finally getting around to playing with it! I am going to split this into two parts since there’s a lot of products and I took lots of pictures haha.

They definitely get points for packaging. I have used WnW since forever and they have definitely upped their packaging game in the last few years.

So I’m going to discuss the bronzers, highlighters, and lipsticks! The bronzers and highlighters have such beautiful designs on them! I love it. I think WnW was going for the Game of Thrones crowd, but I am enjoying it all without watching the show 😁

Both highlighters are beautiful. I have used both and love them! No complaints.

Then we have the bronzers. One is definitely too dark for my skin tone but both are very buttery and smooth!

I have used WnW bronzer before and I always enjoy theirs. It always blends out nicely for me!

Last, we have the liquid lipsticks!

This last one is with the flash and no ring light. I honestly love all of them. They got on smoothly, they dry down matte, and they don’t transfer!! It’s weird to say they dry matte because they have a metallic look, so maybe that’s the wrong term, but they dry down completely. I probably won’t wear these all of the time, especially the blue lol, but they all looked nice on. I actually really liked the cool toned taupe one!

Part II will be the eye products! 🙂

Did you guys grab anything from this collection?


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So in my last post, I said I recently bought the Bad Habit eyeshadow primer to test out. It was $6 on the Hush app, and I saw via Instagram that they have their own site up and running from which you can purchase their products.

I really like Bad Habit from all that I’ve used. They are a knock off brand, which I wasn’t too sure how I felt about that at first. However, they were offering affordable dupes for products that were appealing to me. I’ve used some eyeshadow palettes, some liquid lipsticks, and now their primer. They also have highlighters and now brushes.

So my absolute favorite eyeshadow primer and honestly the only one I use anymore is the Urban Decay original potion. It retails at I believe $22. They have colored ones that are $24. Even though it lasts me a long time…that’s a lot. Especially if I can find one I like for $6.

After using it twice, I like it so far. It would be nice to even have a cheap one for days I’m just posting on Instagram or going out for an hour or two versus all day. I did use it all day once and it admirably held up.

These pictures are right after applying:

These pictures are 8 hours later:

It applies clear on the lid. There is a slight chemical smell but nothing overwhelming. There is a wand but I honestly never use them. I just wipe it onto my finger and then apply to my lids.

So I’m definitely going to keep using this! If I change my mind, I will definitely do an update post!

What are your thoughts on knock off makeup brands? I think it does raise the question of how much are we paying just for the brand name on the box rather than actual product…


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This is just a quick “look what I got” post lol. I literally can’t stop buying eyeshadow. I have so many. And I concluded awhile ago I should just stick to palettes because it makes more sense than buying singles. However… Colourpop was doing a last call sale on a bunch of singles, so broke down and bought a bunch haha. But I did buy a magnetic blank palette so it’s kind of like I bought a palette 🤷

I say this every time, but let’s talk packaging. Omg they have the best packaging! Even the box lid is freaking cute!!

Then they put in those cute little cards. I love them and save all of them 😂

The pink box in the bottom picture is the palette! It is so sturdy feeling, closes with a magnet, and is super sleek. I love it. It has a really cute design on it and is light/pale pink.

These are the shades I bought! I would list all of the names but I’m too lazy to pick each one up 🙋 If you want to know a specific one though I would be more than happy to tell you lol.

Now the best part…swatches!

So I love Colourpop because they are very affordable and have good stuff for the price. These aren’t the most amazing shadows I’ve ever worked with, but they keep me going back. They are buildable, blendable, and they have an amazing range of colors.

Here are two eye looks. Don’t judge them on these…I did these in like 5 minutes each.

Anyone else a Colourpop addict? 🙋


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