So I have found some cool stuff at Marshall’s, and this was another find that I snatched right up. It’s the Cargo palette Chill in the Six.

I don’t know what that name means, though 🤷 But one, the packaging is beautiful and just screams Christmas time! I love it. The box matches the inside thankfully, although I am known for keeping the box lol. The actual palette has a flap that is magnetic that holds it closed, which I like. It’s not clunky and it definitely feels sturdy.

And I loved the colors inside! I don’t have many cool toned shadows, and I love that the whole palette is different from anything I have. I googled the palette quickly and saw a few prices like from $15-$22, but I got this for $8!

I’ve only worn it a few times so far, but overall I like it. It’s not a palette I would reach for every day, especially not in warmer months, but I’m going to have fun coming up with some different eye looks 🙂 The colors are very pretty, and there’s not a shade I don’t like. It seemed to blend and later well.

I also like that they show some different combinations you can do on the back of the box 🙂

What do you guys think of Cargo? I would definitely try some more of their products!



I have wanted this palette since it launched for several reasons. One, I love Colourpop. Two, I like small palettes. Three, I LOVE pink. Four, it launched on October 3 for Mean Girls (We wear pink on Wednesday), and that is my birthday…so I was destined to get it eventually! 😁 I bought it around the Black Friday sales, but the first one had a completely smashed pan. It was the glitter one, and there was so much fine glitter everywhere that I ended up tossing it after taking pictures of it. I tried cleaning it but it was not working. Customer Service was great and they quickly sent a new one (you do have to send pictures for a damaged item).

Like…awful. I love glitter but not when it’s literally everywhere.

Let’s talk packaging. It’s super pink lol. Which I love. It’s sturdy feeling but it is a plastic palette. It does have the mirror, which appreciate. It retails and is still available on their website for $12. I got it for $9.40 I believe.

Here it is in different lighting. I personally love all of the colors. There are 5 mattes, 2 glitter, and 2 satin. I think if anything you could complain there isn’t a super light matte or a super dark/deep matte, but I’m ok with that. I have a million of those shades.

The swatches did not impress me. These were just single finger swatches. They all felt nice (smooth and creamy), but it made me worried about performance. So I went ahead and slapped some on. I say that because I literally spent 5 minutes on it and used zero other makeup except some eye shadow primer, which I always use!

And I liked how they performed! Again this was very quick and simple, but they went on pigmented and were blending for me.

Also, can we please once again commend Colourpop on these postcards they send with every purchase?? They kill me. I was sooo happy they even sent a new one with the replacement palette because I save every one 😂

Does anyone have and love this palette? If you don’t and you love pink, I recommend it! 😊


December BoxyCharm

It’s the last BoxyCharm of 2018! I actually got this on Wednesday but I am starting to get overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I need to do this month, so it’s been a little struggle to keep up on my blog and Instagram posts 😦

But I was actually planning on cancelling my BoxyCharm after this month and this box drew me back in! I had seen the palette they put out and was underwhelmed with it. However… I didn’t get the palette! I was so confused when I opened my box lol but then excited 🙂

They always have a “theme” but I usually don’t get how all of the products tie into it lol. That doesn’t matter to me though.

Favorite product–Pretty Vulgar matte setting powder. How beautiful is this packaging?? If I had a vanity, this would be sitting out on display. It’s a huge container with a little powder puff inside. I put it on one time over my BB cream and it did not make me look cakey, which is a feat this time of year! And it retails for like $32!

Surprise item– PYT mini hair straightener! This is what I got instead of the palette I believe. And I literally just said to my husband I need a hair straightener for my layers. I have pretty short hair that is basically straight, but sometimes my layers flip out funny. This worked perfectly for that…and it retailed $75?!?

Last three products I have not tried but I’m excited for them as well. I got a Tartist lip gloss, a Bodyography lip liner, and a Cosmedix face mask.

Here is the card with the description.

What did you guys get in your BoxyCharm? If you got the palette, did you like it?


I finally picked up some Stila makeup! I snagged a primer from Ulta during Cyber Monday, and then a few days later I randomly came across a bunch of their makeup in Marshall’s that I couldn’t pass up!

Packaging is nice! It looks nice but it’s nothing that I’m blown away by.

The One Step Primer I grabbed on sale for $18, which I believe was half off. It’s not my favorite but I like it so far. It did feel hydrating on my face but it didn’t do anything for my pores, which are a problem area.

The matte lipstick I got in shade Jolie. To be fair, it may have been old since it was in Marshall’s. But I found it very dry, and the shade was too pink for me. However, I put a pink gloss over top of it and it worked perfectly!

I also grabbed the eyeliner in Midnight Blue. I love this so far! It’s a beautiful color and went on very smoothly. I would try more if I find them on sale 🙂

Finally, I got a liquid eyeshadow which is what I feel they are best known for. I have wanted to try their liquid eyeshadow forever, but I don’t like a lot of liquid formulas, so I didn’t want to drop $21 on one. I was excited to grab this for $8! And when I looked it up on their website, it said it was a limited edition color. The shade is called Freedom, and I do love it. It’s a very beautiful shimmer sky blue. It went on well and stayed on without creasing (I used my normal primer).

What are your favorite Stila products?


Current Mascaras

I currently have three new mascaras in my collection. And I think that’s enough for now since it takes me awhile to get through mascara.

Fun fact: Apparently you’re only supposed to use a mascara for like 3-6 months! That was fun to find out when I know I used to use the same one for well over a year lol.

But I digress.

They are all prestige brands. I actually did not get any of these through conventional purchase, but they are in the $25-$30 range I believe. Which I do think is a lot for a 6 month product, but I am very picky on mascara so if I find one I like, I will be handing over my money!

Too Faced Better than Sex. I got a sample from a purchase, which was perfect because I was going to purchase it anyways. I already went through a tube and love it. I know there’s some bad feelings surrounding the brand, but I do love this mascara. It makes my lashes look very full without being clumpy. I will say though at this small size, it is hard to use lol.

It Cosmetics Superhero. This is my first product from this brand minus see brushes. I got this in a BoxyCharm and finally started using it. My only complaint is that it is “wetter” than what I normally use so I had some mascara dots on my lids before I learned to let it dry before blinking 🙄 However it does look nice on! I don’t think it does enough for me to repurchase though.

Tarte Maneater. This is my first Tarte product unless I’m forgetting something! I bought this on Ulta Black Friday for $10. This has my favorite packaging out of all of them, but it’s probably my least favorite of the three in this post. It looks nice on, but it doesn’t wow me (yet anyways…I plan to keep trying it).

I will say, so far, Wander Beauty Unlashed is standing as my favorite mascara so far. I just emptied it not that long ago and am thinking I will grab another as soon as I toss one of these. But out of these three, Better than Sex is my only repurchase.

What’s your Holy Grail mascara??


This will be 1 of 2 for my Ulta Black Friday weekend purchases lol. I bought these online on Thanksgiving night. Since I spent a certain amount, I got free shipping and a free makeup bag.

My main reason for the purchase: Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Face wash:

These were special limited edition due to the price. You can buy these anytime from the brand at Ulta, but I have a 4 oz bottle that I’m pretty sure cost $12-$15. These are 12 oz bottles for $15/each, so I went ahead and got two, which will literally last me at least a year. This is my favorite face wash. It’s gentle enough for every day, smells so good, and I swear it made my skin so much better.

Then I grabbed Living Proof dry shampoo

I want to go back to not washing my hair every day, so I grabbed this for $11 to try. It seems to work so far, because my hair is pretty oily if I don’t wash it. I will say, though, the scent is very strong at first. I am sensitive to scents and it gave me a headache until it faded a little, but I could smell it most of the day. It was kind of floral-y, but it was just too strong.

Then I thought The Body Shop body lotions looked nice

My skin gets horrendously dry during the winter, so I will need these. All three smell delicious 😁

Finally, I grabbed a Tarte Maneater mascara

Ulta had a bunch of mascaras for $10 so I grabbed this one to try. I like it so far. I don’t love it, but I’m not mad at paying $10 for it. I’m not sure I would repurchase at full price though.

Finally, the free Ulta bag:

You got the bag, an eyebrow tint, an eyeshadow palette, a bronzer/highlighter palette, gel liner, eyeshadow primer, lipstick, liquid lip, brush, and a $5 off coupon from an Ulta collection purchase. I’m glad this was free, because not much impressed me. The bag is cute, and I like the color of the eyeshadow primer. I also liked the gel liner. I would try that in full size. Other than that, it’s kind of a pass. The brush was so bent up I gave it to my daughter to play with. The eyeshadow is not pigmented at all. The lipstick had the consistency of Vaseline.

Swatches: on top is the bronzer and highlighter, with the eyeshadow primer right below them. Then there’s the eyeshadows next (3 on top, 3 on bottom), the liner, the liquid lip, and the lipstick. I used all 6 shadows to do two different eye looks, used both lip products and the face products, and I am wearing the Tarte mascara.

Do you love any of these products? 🙂 What’s your favorite face wash?


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Too Faced Purchases

The first of my Black Friday purchases has rolled in! Woohoo 🙂 After I promised my husband no eyeshadow palettes until after Christmas… I definitely bought two 🙈 I couldn’t help it! This one from Too Faced I have wanted for months, and when I finally decided I was going to buy it, I realized it wasn’t at Ulta. I look at Sephora but I don’t buy from them often. But then I saw Too Faced was offering some good deals for Black Friday.

I purchased two items and got a bag with sample sized products, two regular mini samples, and shipping all free! Who could resist? (Not me)

Packaging: A+ on everything. Even if you hate the brand, you have to admit they have adorable packaging. I don’t want to throw out any boxes! And everything was nestled nicely in a sturdy box filled with paper crinkly- packaging things.

Purchase One: The Just Peachy Mattes palette. I love this so far. No regrets on this. The palette itself is very nice. It’s extremely durable, and has a little clasp that holds it closed (and they look like peaches). And it’s metal I think… definitely not the cardboard that a lot of brands use. There is a mirror on top. I put the box there so you didn’t see my reflection lol. Everything swatches wonderfully and nothing has been patchy.

Purchase Two: the Dew You foundation from their Tutti Frutti line. I only used it once but I like it so far. It’s a dewy finish and it looks boarderline cakey but it’s not terrible. My skin gets horribly dry in the winter! The color was a tad off but I think it’s the closest match they had. My biggest complaint is the scent. I’m sure most people find it refreshing but it’s almost too much for me. I’m pretty sensitive to scents though. When I was outside or at the store I didn’t notice it, but shut up in my office or the car I did.

The freebies: the makeup bag is plastic and really big! I was surprised. I don’t normally use plastic makeup bags but it would be great for a trip. I already know I love their Better Than Sex mascara. I also got a lip oil from the peach line…it’s ok. I don’t like it enough I would specifically purchase it. I also got a sample of their Chocolate Soleil bronzer. It smells so good!! I like it so far. I don’t use bronzer a lot but I would keep using it.

Finally, the minis:

I haven’t tried the glitter glue yet. I had to mix the first two shades of the foundation together to get even a close match. It’s just not for me unfortunately. And only because it’s a matte finish. I love matte but it looks horrible on my skin.

Here are two eye looks I did so far. Forgive my eyeliner in the one and my skin in the other haha. The first one I actually used all Too Faced products on my face except the eye liner.

What are your favorite Too Faced products? 🙂