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I was trying to think of something makeup related but music has been on my mind all day and I had a screaming, possibly sick toddler all night. So my brainstorming sent out the window.

I was thinking about my “musical journey” so to speak haha. That sounds corny. So since Genevieve was born a year and almost 2 months ago, I have listened to literally nothing but pop. Stupid, catchy, on the radio bubble gum pop music. While I have always liked pop (and have always admitted I don’t think it’s all “good”…I just like it because it’s light and catchy), it’s unusual for me to only listen to that for so long. That’s the music Genevieve recognizes and loves because that’s all she’s heard. For probably the last 5 years before that, I would listen to mostly pop in the warm months and alternative/rock/heavier stuff in the cold months.

So back in the day when I was younger (the 90s), my parents listened to the radio and had CDs and (gasp) cassette tapes of mostly 80s music. But as I developed my own tastes, I liked the stuff they played on pop radio but also found my brother’s collection of Blink 182, Offspring, Foo Fighters, and Metallica. I loved it so much that I started going in a more alternative path. But don’t get me wrong…I totally still rocked out to The Spice Girls πŸ˜‚

Fast forward to when I started college (circa 2006). I started really getting into Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, Three Days Grace, and heavier bands like Disturbed and Korn and Slip Knot. My dad did not like blaring Disturbed on the drive back to college haha.

During college I found a collection of music that I fell in love with and still enjoy so much: European music. I was mostly a loner and spent hours in my apartment watching YouTube. Back then they made killer suggestions for if you liked this video, try this. So I already knew and loved Apocalyptica. They did a song with Lacuna Coil and another song with Oomph!. Man, do I love some Oomph! Just don’t look up the song translations…some of the songs are…uh, dark.

From Oomph! I found Epica, The Green Children (I’m not sure how, as they are vastly different from all of the others), and Nightwish. Out of all of them, Nightwish is still my favorite. I had the fortune to see them in concert and they introduced me to another great love, Kamelot. Kamelot is not European, but their sound reminds me of Nightwish more than an American band. They are rock with a heavy symphonic influence.

So that was my last big change in taste. I would just go back and forth between pop, alternative, rock, and my symphonic/melodious rock until for some reason I got stuck on pop.

I will end with, top 10 singers/bands I could listen to over and over in no particular order:

Breaking Benjamin

Goo Goo Dolls



30 Seconds to Mars



Panic! At the Disco


I have to add Taylor Swift…haha sorry everyone. She’s my daughter’s favorite and I actually like her music too πŸ˜‚β€οΈπŸ€·

Who is your favorite band/singer??


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A week ago, I journeyed four and a half hours away to go to a concert with my husband and my best friend and her husband. I was hesitant at first–I have been to a few concerts throughout my life, but it’s a bit rough with my anxiety and health problems to even think about anymore. But my friend was so excited, and I loved one of the bands that were playing, so I caved and said okay. We bought the tickets and then I’m pretty it was the day after the tour announced they would be playing in a city that’s about an hour away from us. Sooo…that was an irritating moment, but we kept telling ourselves it would be an adventure.

So the day arrived, and my friends drove to our house, and then we all piled into my car and my husband drove basically across most of the state. We stopped at the hotel, dropped our stuff, my friend and I did our makeup, and we were off.

Let me tell you…going to a concert that is super crowded when you are not familiar with the area is a little intimidating. We got there when they said the doors were opening and there was a good sized line. There were cops everywhere directing traffic. My husband kept turning and hoping they were leading us to the parking lot. We were very confused because we got a decent parking spot and everyone was just standing there for about a half an hour. Turns out we were in the correct spot; they were just late opening the doors.

It was about 90 degrees. We were starving by the time we got in there. My friend’s husband went off to get an alcoholic beverage while we stood in line for food. It was already very crowded, and the first opening band wasn’t going to start for another hour and a half. My friend’s beverage in a normal sized plastic cup? $15. He decided he would enjoy that one and not get another one. My husband and I split some chicken tenders and fries. I can’t eat a lot of greasy food. It was $10 I believe. A pop and a water was about $15 together. Concerts have gotten a little pricey since I last went.

The seats were crowded and uncomfortable, but we had a great view. And all of the aggravation and expenses were worth it…because the actual concert was amazing. Absolutely great. My friend and I were completely hoarse when we left from screaming and cheering.

First opening band was Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness. I hope I spelled his last name correctly, because I had never heard of this band until we attended this concert. I was pleasantly surprised. I assumed since it was the first opening band and I had never heard of them, that they were a new band and would be terrible. They were pretty easy going, what I personally call hippy music, and they had a good vibe and an upbeat attitude. The singer was entertaining and danced around. He even got down and ran through the crowd…which I thought was suicide. Two girls that were obviously huge fans took off after him and never came back haha. But I enjoyed their style and while they weren’t something I would jam out to, they got the concert off on a good note.

At this point, the whole place was just packed, and everyone was happy and excited. The whole atmosphere there throughout the afternoon and into the night was just fantastic.

The second opening band I was really excited about. The opening bands weren’t announced until about a week before we went (or at least we didn’t hear about them until then). AWOLNATION has been around and I had heard enough of their songs to be excited to hear them live but I didn’t know enough of their stuff that I would have bought tickets to just see them. However, they also really impressed me. They played three songs that I knew and loved and the rest I had not heard but really liked. The lead singer had a lot of energy, as did the rest of the band. The music was extremely loud and it was actually hard to hear the singer, butΒ it didn’t take away from the show for me. Their performance really got people pumped up and ready for the first of the headlining bands.

This was who I had gone for, and who my friend wanted to see the most out of the two bands. Panic! at the Disco. Brendan Urie. Before I saw him live, I loved Panic and thought he was a very talented individual. This performance just blew me away. I love him even more than I did before. He came out with a ton of energy and just put everything he could into his performance. And not to forget the rest of the band–they all did amazing too, but Brendan was obviously the main attraction. He was the one singer I thought you could hear the most clearly over the music, and I think that was just because he’s very loud and has a great vocal range. Throughout his show, Brendan Urie sang every song, played the guitar during one song, played piano for two songs, and even played a drum set with his drummer for a segment. He nailed two backflips and jumped off of the stage at one point. And of course he ripped off his shirt at one point, which didn’t fail to impress basically every person there who was attracted to men. He picked high energy songs and even did a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen), belting his heart out through the whole thing. My husband (who was only mildly impressed with Panic before this and a huge Queen fan said that he did a good job, which translates to, it was amazing).

His performance gave way to the main headlining band and the closer of the evening-Weezer. Since Weezer has been around forever, I have naturally heard a lot of their songs. My husband is a huge fan of theirs, so this is who he was most excited to see. I was afraid I wouldn’t know most of what they played since I never went out of my way to listen to their stuff or even to go through a whole CD, but I was happy to find that I knew 90% of the songs they played. I would say they weren’t quite as high energy as Panic, but I think that’s just the nature of their music. They were still amazing, though, and they were a great close to the night. They kept the upbeat energy and positivity going while chilling down a little after Panic’s high energy performance. They had a great sound, and they kept the crowd involved and excited.

All in all, if I had to go back and do it again knowing all the little annoyances and anxiety issues I would have, I would still do it. It was totally worth the money between tickets, gas, the hotel, and food. In fact, I would say it was the best concert I have been to so far. Kudos to everyone…from newer acts to acts that have been around a few years to a decade to a few decades almost, everyone showed that they were doing the thing that they loved most.


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I know this isn’t a brand new CD, but it’s brand new to me in a few ways. One, I just bought it. And two, I honestly didn’t know that Panic! had any CD’s after their second one. Way back in college, I heard them on the radio or something and ended up buying their first CD, which I really enjoyed. Then their second CD came out. While I liked their first (and maybe only?) single from there, “9 in the Afternoon,” I didn’t like the overall sound of the CD, so I never purchased it. After that, I didn’t hear much at all from Panic! at the Disco, and as with most bands that suddenly gain popularity with one CD and then the next one doesn’t do as well, I figured they broke up.

At work, I now sit next to a young man who is very music oriented, and one day we got on the subject of Panic! at the Disco. He loves them. He was talking about how great their third CD was and that they had a semi-recently released fourth CD, but he hadn’t heard it. I went to youtube and started looking up videos, because despite the fact that it’s almost impossible to find them on TV anymore, I love music videos. I have found so many great songs because the videos looked super interesting. After clicking through “Miss Jackson,” “Nicotine,” “This is Gospel,” and “Girls/Girls/Boys,” I realized that if I love four songs already off of that album, I may as well just purchase it. It was only about $5.00 on amazon mp3 downloads that day.

“Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!” may just be one of the best whole album purchases I have ever made.

There is only one song on there that I don’t really care for, but I don’t hate it (the last song). It’s just a little slow for me. But the rest of the songs I find equally great. If you don’t know anything about Panic!, I suggest looking up some of their videos before just buying this, because they do have a techno/dance quality to them that I know a lot of people find annoying (my husband one of them). I like a lot of different music, though, and while I don’t usually go for autotunes and techno-dancey sounds, this CD and Brandon Urie in general really won me over. Sidenote: My friend told me to watch a live video of Mr. Urie performing a slow, acoustic song at a concert, and I am generally impressed by his singing ability. Unlike a lot of singers in the pop industry, he can actually sing very well and hits a variety of notes. That’s another reason why the one song on the CD didn’t do much for me–it’s a slow and pretty song that I think would have been a little more emotional for me if he had just sang it normally, instead of autotuning his great voice.

But anyways, we were talking about our favorite songs, and once I start listening one or two, I realize I’m just going to start listing the whole CD. “Miss Jackson” started out as my favorite because it was really catchy, and I thought the video was really interesting/weird, which rates it even higher in my mind. But then again, “Far Too Young to Die” gets stuck in my head on a regular basis. “Girls/Boys/Boys” is the first song I learned all of the words to, and “Vegas Lights” and “Nicotine” just make you want to dance. That doesn’t leave too many other songs, and like I said, I think they’re all fantastic. So if you’re looking for a solid “dance-ish” CD, check this one out. I haven’t listened to their third CD yet, but my friend says he thinks it’s better than this one. I have watched the video for the one song “The Ballad of Mona Lisa,” and I really enjoyed it. The steampunk costumes really made the video.


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As someone who absolutely loves music, I have noticed over the course of pretty much my whole life that people tend to get super aggressive over their music preferences…and I am referring specifically to “common” people. Not the ones who made it big and are signed, etc, but people like me who just buy and listen to music. I am, however, extending that to include people who are in a band, but it is a “local band” and they are not signed and not really known by anyone outside of their friends and maybe some people in their area. I remember when I was younger (and even now sometimes) that if I would get caught up in a discussion about bands and musicians that I liked, I would be really careful about who I would say I liked and didn’t like. I guess I was more careful about revealing who I liked than admitting to not liking someone, but still…even at an early age I remember having almost a sense of guilt and embarrassment about liking certain artists and bands. Why? Because there is almost a sense of “coolness” surrounding who you like on the music scene.

Now, I’m not saying I have never looked at someone and been like, “Ew, really, you like them?” I’m not saying there can’t be any discussions on who’s better and all that. But there seems to be a lot of shaming that goes on when people discuss musicians. Why?? The people who freak out because you happen to like a musician who isn’t top class are never people who are famous, who have doctorates in music, or have really any right to think their tastes are better than yours. Now a days I’m getting to the point where I don’t care if someone thinks I listen to stupid bands, and I have found that I get this a lot more. (Just for the record, I really listen to a wide-range of music, and just because I like and listen to someone, doesn’t mean I think that they are the best musician out there. I may simply just like the sound of their music.)
Person: Well, you don’t listen to Nickelback, do you?
Me: Actually, I do.
Person: Oh my god, what is wrong with you?
I honestly don’t think anything is “wrong with me.” And as a side note, this is a friend I was talking to. No hard feelings, but I’m using this example because it happened very recently and because this specific one is probably the most common one I’ve heard in recent years. Apparently a lot of people just hate Nickelback, and anyone that listens to them is extremely stupid and needs their ears examined. I mean, it’s totally fine to not like someone. It’s fine to be like, “Oh, geez, really? I hate them.” But some people take it a lot further than the above example and try to make you feel like you’re a piece of dirt for liking certain bands. I don’t understand when the hostility goes to that level. Especially because it’s not like it’s a famous label CEO who is talking to you. Another example:
Person: Why didn’t anyone tell me that Matchbox 20 is an awesome band???
Other Person: Because they’re not?
Person: Yeah, I was just kidding. Obviously!
Haha? I listen to Matchbox 20. Maybe they’re not the best band that ever lived, but it’s not like they do anything particularly annoying or obnoxious. They don’t swear and they don’t talk about anything controversial or derogatory. Why put down people that happen to like them? Does it make you feel better about yourself? Chances are you listen to bands that a lot of other people like…and those are perhaps the worst examples. When someone is making you feel stupid for listening to someone, and then you find out that they listen to this band that you absolutely can’t stand:
Person A: What? You’re seriously giving me grief because I listen to this band, but you listen to *them*? Really?
Person B: Yeah, but only because my band is just absolutely amazing! You’re an idiot for not liking them! Don’t even talk to me!
It’s fine for them to be like, your band sucks. But the second you try to turn it around, you are once again an idiot…this time not for listening to a band, but for not listening to a band. It gets tiring. I find this phenomenon is worst with music than it is with video games, movies, or TV shows…or really anything else. I’m not sure how it started. I think it’s good to listen to a wide range, but hey…whatever floats your boat. Really the only people that I absolutely do not understand are the ones who say they hate all music and don’t listen to anything. There is so much variety out there…I can’t even imagine going through life without some kind of music. I know people do…I just wouldn’t be able to stand it.

So in conclusion, there are a lot of musicians and bands that I hate. It’s okay to hate bands. I hate Justin Beiber and Niki Minaj and pretty much every grindcore band there is. I also don’t really like hardcore rap or gospel music. But I listen to Nickelback and Matchbox 20 and Selena Gomez and a lot of other people/bands that are generally accepted. Just listen to someone! And when you’re having discussions or debates, play nice, children. There’s no need to insult people for something that they merely like.

End note: Top three favorite bands as of lately: Kamelot, Goo Goo Dolls (who have bounced around my top 3 since I can remember), and Evanescence (who also tends to stay at my top). Kamelot is a semi-recent find…like in the last year and a half to two years…but I just fell in love with them. Check them out. If you like them, great. If not…what’s wrong with you?? πŸ˜‰ Just kidding……


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So I haven’t written a blog in weeks because of holidays and not feeling well, but I had tons of ideas. I went to write one yesterday, and naturally all of my ideas departed from my head. However, I was going through my youtube subscriptions and catching up on videos (it’s my substitution for cable), and I watched one that inspired this blog. It was a countdown of 10 controversial videos, and there were a number of ways they came to their conclusions (they had a previous 10 controversial videos countdown, so they were excluded, plus they used their own methods and fan voted ones).

Naturally, because she seems to be everywhere, Miley Cyrus’ “Can’t Stop” video was number 9. Now, I hated that it was included because I wish everyone would just stop talking about her. She knows what she’s doing. She’s doing it to get everyone to talk about her and to view her stuff and oh, look, it’s working!! But I guess she was the number 1 voted fan choice for being on there, so they had to include her. I will not argue that her taste in general is questionable at best. Still, I really don’t think this was a situation in which Miley wrote this song and was just super excited to go over her ideas for this videos and omg it just really showcases her creative and personal side!! No. She sat down with a bunch of writers and producers and they decided the best way to get everyone to feel scandalized. This was a (sad) attempt to be “edgy,” and I think it’s stupid. I think the song is stupid, and the video was definitely stupid.

As far as I remember, the rest had a legitimate or at least understandable reason for being on there. The other one I would like to point out is the number one pick. I’m not putting the band name or the song name, because I don’t want to give it anymore publicity than it already has. After listening to why it was on there plus watching them play parts of the video, I decided that this video and Miley Cyrus’ video had no right to be on the same list. Compared to this video, Cyrus’ video was child’s play. I will start off by saying that nothing would air this video, so I’m assuming it’s just floating around the internet and that’s where the clips come from. I will then follow up by saying that every scene they showed had a large “blocked out” section, and even with that, I was starting to feel ill watching it. To just give a general description so we all know what I’m kind of talking about, it was super, super, super bloody and gory.

I don’t like bloody or gory things in general. Still, this was far beyond being creative or understandable or necessary. It was completely disgusting. One, why make a video when nothing will air it? Does that make it better that everyone thinks it’s so disgusting that they won’t allow it on their station/website? Two, why make it at all? There are ways to be disturbing without making it what I consider garbage. I like disturbing videos if they’re actually done creatively. This was garbage. It was bloody and gory and disgusting for the sake of being bloody and gory and disgusting. It had no other purpose. Which leads me to three, how can and why do people watch this stuff? I’m sure this “band’s” fanbase just thought this was a perfect piece of art that “boring” and “uneducated” people “unfairly” tear to pieces and censor…but let’s be real. I’m quite open-minded; I just admitted to liking disturbingly artful videos; and there are no redeeming qualities to this video.

And on a side-note, I really wasn’t just throwing it out there about how it shouldn’t have been on the same countdown as Cyrus’ video. While most of the other videos were disturbing in some ways, I feel like seeing her video near the beginning doesn’t really prepare you for what you’re going to end up seeing. Not really the countdown video creators’ faults, but just saying. It makes Cyrus’ video look really, really stupid in comparison, since hers just makes you bored and this video makes you think “wtf” and “I think I’m going to go hurl in the toilet now.”

I don’t understand the need for all of this gore and violence. Can we not make something good without all that anymore? Every time someone tells me about this amazing show or movie that I need to see, it has way more blood and/or gore than I can tolerate. I don’t understand. Are blood and gore the only “good” creative qualities writers have left? Can we not make anything good with minimal violence portrayed?


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I heard Lorde’s song “Royals” from my random tours around youtube, and I was not super impressed. I remember clicking on the video because the thumbnail picture looked interesting, and I had never heard of whatever Lorde was. I watched about a minute and turned it off. Too mellow for me.

Then I kept hearing her name and saw her popping up in the news either because she was so young and yet so talented, or because she was so young and new to the industry and yet decided she needed to publicly bash other singers/performers. Still didn’t really try listening to anything.

Then a friend at work asked me if I had ever listened to her and said I would like two of her songs. I said I would try it. So a few days later I youtubed her again and found another video she released, “Tennis Court.” After watching it the first time, I was like…that was weird. Then I thought about it some more and ended up going back and watching it again, and I was hooked. I loved the song.

So I listened to the 30 second clips on amazon and had a gift card and decided to just download it. I actually surprised myself and do not regret buying it. As a quick sidenote, if I based what music I liked on whether I liked the singer as a person, I wouldn’t listen to a lot of my music I’m sure. I try to separate the person from what they produce unless they’re, like, a really terrible person. So this is minus whether she really thinks she’s better than seasoned singers or whatever entertainment reporters are saying.

The CD is mellow over all. She reminds just slightly of Adele as far as the type of music (she doesn’t sound anything like her). But it’s a relaxing, different kind of CD. As stated before, I’m a little tired of the current pop music mostly because it all sounds the same (and it all sounds bad), but her sound is nothing like what I’ve heard on the radio lately. It’s not super mainstream I don’t think, and while I’m sure that will eventually change as it always does, I’m enjoying the fact that she got so popular without being anything like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus. Her songs to me are mostly about the sameness and seemingly meaninglessness of being a teenager who thinks the moment they’re living in *is* everything.

Anyways, if you’re looking for something clean, mellow, and not bubble-gum pop, check it out. I suggest listening to “Tennis Court,” “Royals,” and “400 Lux” before buying it. I think you like at least two out of those three, you will probably like the CD for the most part.


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Since my drive to work changed from 20 minutes one way to 40 minutes one way, I figured I would get a lot of music listening done. I was like, “Oh, this is perfect. There are so many CDs I haven’t listened to in forever, and tons of new music out there! I can listen to it as much as I basically want now!” But the thing is, I have an iPod…and that is what I listen to every day, both ways. Thus I’m just listening to the same music over and over again until I’m actually finally bored to tears by it. It takes a while for me to get bored of music, but it’s happened with more than a few artists by now. So on the weekends, when I’m just going to the local store and whatnot, I have been trying to turn on some radio stations. You know, to find some new music! *insert comment about variety being the spice of life or something*

I have set radio stations in my car (for some reason, they don’t come in on my house radio), but I think there’s a decent variety for them: I have Hot 101 and Kiss 959, which are both pop stations; I have two alternative/rock stations; I have a mostly early 90’s and 80’s music station; and I have a local college station that plays both new and old music, again mostly pop (it’s all “clean” stuff), and they don’t play commericals except 5 minutes on the hour, so I mostly listen to that one. Because, let’s face it, commercials annoy me to no end when I just want to sing! πŸ™‚

Other than the two that play mostly “older” stuff (and by “older,” it’s like as old as me or younger…so that’s a sad moment to reflect upon…), I almost can’t stand to listen to the radio for more than five minutes. Two reasons: the radio stations themselves and the music itself.

The Radio Stations:
Okay, my favorite out of the two rock stations used to be awesome. It still is on occassion. Every once and a while I will click it up, and I love what they are playing. But most of the time anymore, they literally play the same things over and over again. If I listen to it at random hours for months at a time, I bet I can make a list of the most common songs I will hear. The sad part is, three of the most common ones they have been playing I don’t really even consider rock. Even sadder…one of those songs is old. Like, early 90’s. I love 90’s music…seriously. Love it. But…these radio stations sell themselves as “playing the best of the new” and “hear it here first” and on and on…and some of them won’t let go of these older songs that aren’t even that good to begin with. It’s mildly to extremely irritating. And the commericals! Other than the station that is the college one and specifically doesn’t play them, oh my goodness–that’s over half of the hour sometimes. Just commercials. I know they need to make their money, but it’s like the music channels and reality shows. There is hardly enough music being played to call them “music channels” or “song stations” anymore. Does anyone actually call them “song stations”? Hmm…

The Music Itself:
But my biggest complaint is the music itself. What the hell is with new music?? As a whole, I HATE it. If I just had to give one overall score, it would be a 3 out of 10. Maybe a 4 if I was in a good mood, but it’s early, so I’m not. If asked, I always say alternative is my favorite genre of music. I tend to listen to “harder” stuff than “lighter” stuff, if that makes sense. Like, if given the choice: Disturbed over Katy Perry and Korn over Carrie Underwood. But I do like some country, and I do like my pop music. Don’t get me wrong…I was a huge pop fan when I was younger and I still really like pop music. I used to say the more terrible the better–but then it got *really* terrible, and I stopped being able to listen to it, so maybe not. For example: I love listening to Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, and I used to be a huge fan of Britney Spears. Again, they aren’t usually my first choice, but sometimes I’m in the mood to listen to something dance-y and upbeat and not deep at all. But what…the…f…is with their new songs?? I listened to “Roar,” “Applause,” and “Work Bitch” (respectively)…and hate all of them. I liked most of their stuff before this. Even the really ridiculous stuff. But this? Horrible, in my opinion. It’s either way repetitive, really boring, or literally does sound like everything they and everyone else has already done. I was super disappointed when I heard all three of them. And, I mean, I didn’t consider their “older” stuff award winning. I just think a lot of it is catchy and happy. These songs…ug. And so many people are saying how amazing they are, and these songs are hitting tops of countdowns and stuff. Really? I swear, though, it seems like especially now, people are like, “I am the biggest Katy Perry fan EVER. Every song she comes out with has to be amazing! I think this sounds horrible, but I will love it just because she sang it!”

No. Give yourself and the singer more credit. It’s bad. They have done better.

But I’ve had this reaction to new alternative music, too! It’s either not super alternative-sounding, though that’s what it’s being grouped into, or else it’s just not good (again, all in my opinion). For two examples: Skillet’s new song. Now, some people immediately go, “They’re a Christian band! Ewww” but seriously, shut up and get over it. So many bands are “Christian” and no one realizes it until they look it up or hear it from their obnoxious friend. Just because they bill themselves are Christian doesn’t mean they suck. It just means they don’t talk about beating their wives or screaming the F word over and over again for no reason. Anyways, I like Skillet. They aren’t even in my top 20 bands, but I enjoy listening to their stuff when it comes on. I have one of their CDs. They’re fine. Their newest song (I’m assuming…unless another one has come out. It would be helpful if I had the name, huh…) is horrible. Oh, right, it’s called “Sick of It”…How could I forget when they literally yell that over and over and over and over and over again, with almost no emotion behind it?? I had to turn it off. Second example: Halestorm’s “Here’s To Us.” Now, again, this is not someone I listen to specifically. I don’t even own any of their CDs, so you can bitch at me for complaining about their song. I don’t care. But…when I first heard it, I was in the car with my husband and his guy friend. At first I got confused and looked down at the screen, because I was really certain my husband managed to change the station on me. And when I realized it was still on the rock station, I said, “Is this a country song?” Now, after listening to it the whole way through, I realized why it couldn’t be a country song–she swears throughout it, including the F word. But…maybe it’s just me, but it had a distinct almost twangy country-like sound to it. And the two in the car with me agreed. Maybe you don’t, but it kind of alarmed me. And one of them even said, “As long as a band who is rock puts it out, rock stations will play it.” But I don’t think it was a good representation of a rock song. Why not release a different song? It seriously sounded a bit country, and even after listening to it a few times, I do not like it and don’t think it should be on that station. It’s very strange.

So, anyways, in conclusion…where has all the good music gone? I hope music starts going a different direction soon, because I’m not into this super repetitive, mostly loud basses and dance/electronica music, always has a rap section in the middle, it’s all about sex appeal and looks music scene. Just to throw out two more names: Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. To be fair, I never liked Miley Cyrus. But I did like Selena Gomez. I thought she was cute and her music was cute. But “Come and Get It?” What? Ew. And it’s bad. She released one after it that was semi-decent (again, as far as a dance pop song goes), but “Come and Get It” made me change the station faster than a Cyrus song does.


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I was talking to people at work the other day, and I convinced one friend to finally listen to this band that I love (Kamelot). The problem? Which CD do I make him listen to so he can best understand how amazing they are as a band?? I have several of their whole CDs on my iPod, which I was going to loan him (one of the best perks of work is that we can wear earphones/headphones and listen to music all night long if we want to), and I think they all sound different. So that got me thinking…what do I consider the best CDs of the bands that I love the most? If you don’t know the people I’m mentioning, go check them out! Most of them are along the alternative kind of music, so if you hate that genre, I guess don’t check them out…whatever. Feel free to comment with your favorite musicians and their best CDs πŸ™‚

(BTW, in no particular order…just people I am currently listening to the most)

Kamelot (btw, the friend really liked them and best described them as rock opera)–“Epica,” with “Poetry for the Poisoned” and “Ghost Opera” getting close second and third ratings. I can’t help but mention all three of them. I’ve been super hooked on this band since I saw them opening for Nightwish last year.

30 Seconds to Mars–“A Beautiful Lie”

Evanescence–I have all three CDs by this band, and as with Kamelot, I feel that they all sound different and are completely amazing in their own ways. If I *had* to pick one, I would say their newest “Evanescence.”


Disturbed–“Ten Thousand Fists”

Goo Goo Dolls–“Dizzy Up the Girl” or “Gutterflower”

Three Days Grace–“One X”

3 Doors Down–“Away from the Sun”

Nightwish–“Dark Passion Play”

Breaking Benjamin–“Phobia”

Loreena McKennitt (Celtic/world music)–“Book of Secrets”

Apocalyptica–“Worlds Collide”

Seether–“Disclaimer II” with “Karma and Effect” in a very close second

And as two honorable mentions, I want to throw in Vertical Horizon–“Everything You Want” and Shiny Toy Guns–“We are Pilots”. I only have on STG CD, but I feel like it is different from a lot of stuff I listen to, and it’s really good. It’s more of an electronic sounding music, but it’s not techno (I don’t think…I hate techno). And Vertical Horizon…I don’t actually know if they have a lot of CDs or not. I have two. But “Everything You Want” is seriously one of the best CDs I own, and I love every song on there. Again, it’s not normally what I listen to…I consider it more “light” or “easy listening” (but I don’t know if it actually is because when my husband says, “Put on something happy,” I panick and click on Three Days Grace or Breaking Benjamin, which he proceeds to point out is not normally happy). But it’s definitely worth listening to, I think.


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I feel like I always forget about 30 Seconds to Mars when someone asks me to list my favorite bands, but when I’m thinking straight, I would most definitely stick them in the top 10. Maybe even the top 6, depending on what mood I’m in. But inspired by my recent post on their new CD, I thought I would do a quick list about 30 Seconds.

Favorite CD: “A Beautiful Lie”

Least Favorite CD: I honestly can’t list one. They only have four, and I think they all have their merits. Also, I think they all have such different sounds that it’s hard to list one as a least favorite. That being said, the one I listen to the least is probably their first one (self-entitled).

Favorite Song: I am going to have to go with “Hurricane” from “This is War.” I think that song is absolutely *brilliant*, in so many ways. Honorable mentions: “The Kill,” “Night of the Hunter,” “Up in the Air,” “Conquistador,” and “Echelon.” And “Revolution”…I could probably just list 90% of their songs here.

Least Favorite Song: I mean…again, depending on my mood, there are a few that I tend to skip more than others on my iPod. If I had to pick one all around…L490 from “This is War” and “Pyres Of Varanasi” from “Love Lust Dreams + Faith.” You could probably say I’m cheating with “L490” because there aren’t any lyrics to it, but…I don’t even like the music or whatever it is they’re doing with that track. Same with “Pyres.” I know I haven’t had that CD that long, but the vocals in it kind of grate on me after a little bit. I think that might change with my mood, though. Another one that I just never developed a huge fondness for, but I wouldn’t say that I disliked it per se, is “Kings and Queens.”

Favorite video: “The Kill.” I think it was amazing and awesome. I love that their videos have some kind of a story to them, even if the story is a little “out there.” They are always artistic and creative. If you’ve seen the video, you know what I mean when I say, that “one part” that is a little beyond awkward and weird…with the dog suit…yeah, not my favorite, but I overlook it in favor of the overall video.

Least Favorite Video: This kills me to say, but “Hurricane.” It kills me to say that because, as stated above, “Hurricane” is my favorite song. And honestly, I appreciate the video from an artistic viewpoint, but…I wish they had done something that I could show my friends and/or family without them passing out or thinking I’m a freak. If you haven’t seen it, it is *very adult* and only for mature audiences. Nooooo kids. It made me a little uncomfortable at parts. Also, there is nudity and sexual fetishes. I wish they had made two videos for it, so they could do their artistic one or whatever, and then have a little different one that I could watch without fear of someone seeing me watching it…

Okay, and I will end with this. I loved all of the members of the band, and I love all three current members. However…and I know this is cliched, because everyone always loves the lead singer…but Jared Leto is freaking hot. There were times when I was not the fondest of his looks, but in the “Up in the Air” video (the most current one)…damn he looks good. Actually, everyone looks hot. I was not a fan of his half blonde hair, back in the day. But I did like his somewhat shorter hair in “The Kill” video. But I am a woman who appreciates when a guy can carry off a little longer hair and does so. πŸ™‚ Fangirl moment out.


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So I finally got the new 30 Seconds CD, and I’m super happy about it. I haven’t listened to it *tons* yet, but I plan to do so in the future. If you have listened to them from the beginning, which I have, their sound has most definitely changed. So I would say this one is a lot closer to the one before this (“This is War”) than it is to their first CD (which I believe was self-titled). Some people thought that was a bad thing…I really didn’t. I liked “This is War,” and I liked the CDs before it. I’m one of those people who usually can deal with bands changing their sounds…usually. There are exceptions. But so far I am okay with the changes 30 Seconds have made.

Edited: So I decided to come back to this blog and edit it and add information. I completely change what I originally said was my one “negative” about this CD. After listening to it a few different times, and really paying attention to it…I am even more in love with it. There are no songs on there that I don’t like or skip. I know a lot of people that don’t like 30 Seconds, but honestly…I really think this band is genius. The music, the lyrics, the emotion behind it…just pure genius and awesomeness. Also, I watched the official video for “Up in the Air.” When I first heard this song and watched the lyric video for it, I was not super impressed. The more I listened to it…*absolutely* love this song. And, as usual 30 Seconds style, the video is interesting, different, and needed credits at the end of it. I think that says it all. It does contain a warning at the beginning for anyone who might suffer from seizures (there are at least two instances with a lot of flashing through pictures).

So go buy the CD or download from amazon or iTunes…it’s worth it, in my opinion.


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