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Hello, again! Per my last update and the fact it’s 11:20 pm here, I’m just going to do a quick post to show what was in my BoxyLuxe. This marks one year of BoxyCharm and my second BoxyLuxe box.

I am hoping to do a year review, bit I will say I think I enjoy the BoxyLuxe way better than BoxyCharm. I wish they would have it so you could opt out of BoxyCharm and just get the luxe box every 3 months.

The theme is Getaway! Spoiler alert: it’s skincare heavy, which I was happy about. I’m trying to get into skincare more, and I have soooo much makeup I need to use for the first time right now lol.

The Living Proof sprays seems to actually add volume! I need to use it more to get my final thoughts but I like it so far. I love that they are going outside makeup and skincare and adding things like the straightener (I think in December?) And now this hair dryer. It’s little and I love the color! Great for traveling or if you go to the gym.

I have dry skin ever since my pregnancy…like, went from very, very oily skin up until age 29, then with my pregnancy that went full term, my skin completely cleared up and turned very dry. Curious haha. I was excited for these. I can’t tell if the Skin&Co spray does much yet. The serum is out for me. It says slight tingling may occur…my face full on BURNED for 10 minutes until I finally put water on it. My face was hydrated…but it wasn’t worth it.

I like the cleanser ok so far! I have not tried the Touch in Sol product properly. I didn’t quite realize what if was when I initially tried it lol.

The lipgloss is great! No complaints. I have not tried the mascara. It’s so big because it has a built in curler! Such a neat concept.

I also got the Tarte Glow face palette. I wished it had been the all blush palette instead, but I’m excited to try it. I haven’t really used Tarte stuff yet!

I also got these with my BoxyCharm points in case I decided to cancel. The eyeliner is Ofra and while pretty, I just like felt tips over actual pencils. The mascara is ok so far. It gives a natural look… definitely nothing stand-out-ish.

What did you get in your box?? I promise I will slowly but surely check out everyone’s posts, BoxyCharm or not! 😁💖


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Apology on my absenses

Hello, blogging world! I’m going to post this short update/apology and hopefully at least post a quick BoxyLuxe update. I realize I am terribly behind on reading everyone’s blog, and also lost all semblance of a regular posting schedule ☚ī¸ I’m very sorry. I am trying to hop on when I can and catch up on blogs even if I can’t comment on every one.

My life just suddenly has zero extra time in it. It has come down to I have time for either Instagram or my blog maybe half of the days in a week, and I decided to focus on my Instagram where I can because I can do both reviews and just looks in general. I hope to pick my blog back up regularly asap. Work suddenly went down hill and I went from getting my work done in a breeze to struggling to get it done with overtime included. On top of that, my 2 year old’s clinginess turned into an overwhelming clinginess. I can’t be out of her sight for a minute if she’s home with me. And she’s not passive lol…if I have my computer/phone/makeup out, she’s grabbing it and running like a wild child. And it went from my husband putting her to bed to I have to do that too. So 🤷 it’s been a little rough tbh. I feel like my anxiety and depression are coming back full force.

I was wanting to do a big BoxyCharm review as this marks one year of having it. I’m hoping I can piece it together and get it up next.

Love you guys!!! If you miss me terribly, my Instagram is also Avlovesmakeup. If you want to make sure I know it’s you to follow back, just DM me and say, hi I’m from WordPress 😊 ❤ī¸


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