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Hello, blog world! Sorry, I’ve been a slacker this week. I had to work some OT at work and then my husband and I got hooked on a show that we have to watch after the baby goes to bed lol. Anyway, with all of the millions of new products Colourpop is dropping, I thought it would be fun to look at the different formulas of eyeshadow (and I threw blush in there too) they offer in case you aren’t that familiar with Colourpop!

First, of course, they have pressed powders. I have eyeshadows in matte and shimmer shades, as well as a blush in a powder. This brand is one of the best affordable brands I can recommend to people. Their shades are all buttery, pigmented, and blend well. I’m sure you can find better ones in the more expensive brands, but with an exception of two shades in a particular palette, I’ve had no complaints. This palette I built myself. The blush is Soul Mate from the Zoella collab.

Then they have two different formulas. They have their Super Shock Shadows (also available for blush and highlighter) as well as their Jelly Much eyeshadows. From left to right above: Super Shock Cheek in Drop of a Hat, Super Shock Shadow in Coconut, and Jelly Much in Into Focus. The Super Shocks apply best with a finger in my opinion. They are very smooth, very buttery, and very pigmented. They will dry up and dry up much faster if you don’t keep the lid on as much as possible. The Jelly Much I also apply with a finger, but I’ve had success using a flat shader brush as well. They are literally a jelly like consistency. I let mine dry at least 20 seconds before blinking, and they don’t budge on my eyes (I always wear primer btw).

The two blushes:

The eyeshadows:

Swatch bottom to top: pressed powder matte in Team Captain, pressed powder shimmer in Fault Line, Super Shock Shadow in Coconut, and Jelly Much in Into Focus.

If you get individual eyeshadows they are $5 to have the little compact come with it, the SSS and Jelly Much are $8 I believe. I recommend grabbing a SSS and Jelly Much if you haven’t tried them!

Do you guys love Colourpop? What’s your favorite formula?



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Good evening/morning/afternoon! Maybe a month and a half ago now, I saw an ad on Facebook for a company called Common Panda. They sell all kinds of little things, but this ad was for their temporary hair wax dye. I read a ton of comments and people claimed it worked. I clicked on the link and thought…why not??

Background: I’ve dyed my hair for probably a decade and a half now. I’ve done so many shades of anything not blonde and that’s only because I refuse to bleach my hair. I have naturally medium brown hair. It’s pretty nondescript in my opinion, so I dye it off and on. I’ve always wanted to do fun colors, but most require bleaching my hair or were too adventurous for me to have for weeks lol.

This product is hair WAX. I say this because I guess I wasn’t thinking that when I bought it. It dries like wax. So read the instructions and don’t glob on a ton like I did originally or your hair will not move when it dries 😂

It says the products are all natural. I didn’t research them, so you can if you want lol. It’s supposed to wash out in one wash (don’t get caught in a heavy rain!). And best of all–cruelty free 🙂 And the address was in the US. It took about 3 days for processing, then maybe 4 days to arrive.

I bought two at one time, this blue and a bright green color. One was $14.95, one was $19.99. Then because I bought two, I believe I got 10% off the total. They have 7 colors: grey, purple, pink, red, green, blue, golden orange. You can buy all 7 for a bundle deal.

They emailed me instructions and they are also printed on the tub. You are supposed to take a small amount on a finger, wipe it evenly on your hands, than smear down your hair. Again, I used too much because I thought it wouldn’t show well and mine got very stiff. I wet my hair beforehand (dampened with a spray bottle, not soaked), and it went on easily.

Cons: There is a scent. I was thinking floral-y, but it suddenly hit me what it reminds me of–my dad’s shaving cream. 😂 It’s not unpleasant, but I have a strong sensitivity to scents. It fades once it’s on and dries, but unless you’re out in the open air, you’re going to notice it. Also, it’s not going to be super vibrant if you have darker hair, which I was prepared for and was not disappointed by at all. Finally, it is a wax…so it’s going to be stiff if you do a large portion of your hair!

Pros: it’s easy. It’s relatively cheap. It’s a fun way to try colors if you can’t permanently dye due to jobs or school. It’s kid friendly if your kid wants a few strips 🙂 And it is very easy to wash out! So seriously, avoid the rain lol! It didn’t stain my skin at all and soap and water took it right off my skin. My nails had a little tint but it wore off pretty quickly/easily.

Overall, I was happy with it. I’m excited to try green next!

And the company is so nice!! I posted an Instagram pic and tagged them…they reposted me on their Instagram and their Facebook! (And had my Instagram tag in the pic). And when I thanked them and shared their post, they offered to send me another color 😊 I asked for purple, so I’m excited to get that one too! (This post is my honest opinion, though…just wanted to make that clear 😉 I paid for my first order).

If you have lighter hair than me, you definitely won’t have any issues with color using a small amount! I saw people commenting their had dark brown or black hair and it showed up, but it just wasn’t super vibrant, but I can’t verify that obviously.

What do you guys think? Are there other brands with temporary dye like this?


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Good evening! (Morning/afternoon/night!) 🙂 I made a small purchase on Ulta a few weeks ago and thought I would finally post my new items for a first impressions/mini review.

This is the main reason for the purchase! This little Urban Decay set was on sale for $19.50! I have been wanting to try new eyeliners, especially glitter liner, so I jumped on this. I think they are still available if you’re interested! The shades are Midnight Cowboy, Starfire, and Volume. I will put swatches at the end. Considering one full size glitter liner is $21…I was all for this set! So far I’m happy with it. If I had paid $21 a piece, maybe not so much. Sometimes each stroke of the brush isn’t super precise with how much glitter comes out. I read reviews that some people had a burning sensation afterward…not sure what that’s about but I definitely didn’t!

And then let’s be honest… I love that free shipping 😂 I saw Nyx was having a little sale as well and I don’t use a ton of their products, so I thought–why not?

I don’t have a white liner currently, and I’ve been wanting more green products. So I grabbed these automatic pencils from Nyx. I think they were $5/each due to the sale? Maybe even less. They are creamy and very pretty 🙂

Im super excited about this liquid liner from Nyx! I didn’t realize it was water proof, but it’s ok. I love it. I’ve finally managed a half decent wing with this! I will definitely repurchase. I hope they have a none water proof, but even if not, I would repurchase. I went over it a couple of times to make sure it was super opaque, but it really applied beautifully!

Then, for the sale prices, I couldn’t pass up finally trying a glitter glue and the mixing medium! I haven’t tried the glue yet. I don’t use glitters too often but I get annoyed when I do because of the fallout. So far I used the medium once and did not like it ☚ī¸ I used it with the zodiac loose pigments I have and it literally cracked off of my lid very quickly. I’m going to read up on it in case I did it wrong lol…but I plan to give it a shot at maybe using for a liner next.

Finally, I had to grab this from Ulta beauty! I have used this before and my only complaint is I wish it came in a squeeze tube! I literally love this. It’s $3, smells great, peels off easily, and makes my skin so smooth. I get 3 uses easily out of it. I just roll the packet down to avoid drying out. Make sure to use a thin layer so it dries evenly. It was not painful at all to peel for me!

Here are the liner swatches 🙂

What is your favorite type of liner? I do like the mechanical ones but I might turn into a felt tip quickly with that Nyx one!

-AV (Instagram Avlovesmakeup) ❤ī¸

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Well, I decided to try out BoxyLuxe finally! I wasn’t super drawn to the last one (which I think was the first one they released), but I accidentally saw a sneak peak that led me to take the plunge.

If you don’t know, BoxyLuxe is an extension of BoxyCharm. BoxyCharm is a makeup subscription box that is monthly. If you buy it monthly (rather than by bundle), it’s $21 plus tax. BoxyLuxe is every three months, and it comes in lieu of the regular BoxyCharm. It is an additional $38 (approximately) for a total of $50 that month. It’s supposed to be at least $300 in value.

It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream. This is what I signed up for. I am currently using this and was going to repurchase it. It is retail $48 so I thought…may as well try the whole box! 🤷😂

Let’s next do the products that were just okay:

I literally just bought a whole collection of nail polishes, so I was kind of meh on that. I wouldn’t turn down a brush lol but I just don’t really need a powder brush right now. The bag was really nice…it’s huge. I just have a million bags right now! The eyebrow product I haven’t tried, so I guess I shouldn’t judge lol. But I am not good with my brows so I don’t have high hopes lol.

The product I loved but can’t use lol:

I was sooooooo sad to get an email from BoxyCharm telling me they knew they sent me the wrong Cover FX face palette. I got the one for medium to deep skin tones and if you didn’t know, I’m so pale im basically see through in the winter đŸ¤Ļ It’s gorgeous though. I found a friend who wanted it, so I was happy to pass it along so it will be appreciated.

Products I was most excited for:

I’m getting into fake eyelashes so I’m excited to try a new brand!

I got the Morphe 15H Happy Hour palette. There was four variations, and I was happy to get this one. I love, love, love oranges. I like the palette so far. The packaging is very sturdy and it has a mirror!

I have had some Wander beauty products so far and liked all of them. I also like face peels, so I was excited to try this. I used it once and I definitely used too little. I had some trouble getting it off and panicked a little 😂 But my skin felt nice afterward!

Finally, I haven’t tried a Becca lipstick before! It’s in the shade Poppy. I definitely wouldn’t have picked this color if I had seen it at the store, but I think it’s actually very beautiful.

Here’s my card!

What do you guys think? My original plan was to have BoxyCharm for a year and evaluate if I thought it was worth it. The would be June I believe, which would be the next BoxyLuxe. So I think I’m going to stick with that plan for now and see how I feel about the next few boxes!


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I don’t think it’s a secret anymore that Colourpop Cosmetics has quickly risen to the top of the list for me. If I was actually rich, I would buy one of everything they have 😍😅

So when they announced their new 9 pan palette…who could resist? 🤷 And naturally I had to get free shipping….

I HAD to get the Just My Luck palette the literal minute it dropped. Green is my favorite color for everything to include makeup. I don’t care that I have green eyes and am supposed to wear other colors to make them pop… I’m all for the green!

Its the same size and cost ($12) as their other 9 pan palettes. Colourpop pressed powder eyeshadows have pretty much always performed the same for me. I really like them. They sometimes seem patchy in swatches but I had no issues blending anything out.

Then I went ahead and grabbed a few more items I had been eyeing up. My best friend is obsessed with Zoella and I talked her into trying Colourpop to get the eyeshadow, so I went ahead and grabbed the blush. It’s really cute and looks very pretty on. The shade is Soul Mate.

I also grabbed a No Filter foundation Stix. I only tried it once and it made my skin look horribly dry. I’m going to use it more with a hydrating primer underneath, and if that doesn’t work, I will wait for spring when maybe my skin won’t be so dry 😕

Finally, I’ve been wanting to try their new lip balms. I got the flavor Peach Bellini. To be honest, it doesn’t have much scent to me, but I’ve been having allergy issues. It is nice and thick without being sticky though!

What do you guys think? Anyone else grabbing the Just My Luck palette?

-AV (check out my Instagram for more pictures! Avlovesmakeup)

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Hello and good evening/morning/afternoon! I always type my blog at about 10:00 PM lol. I had a few items sitting here that I have been meaning to review but really didn’t have a ton to say about, so I thought I would do a small hit or miss post 😃

First up: Becca Cosmetics Volcano Goddess palette

This is a mostly hit with a catch: I bought this at Marshall’s for $16.99. Had I gotten it at full price, I would not have been super happy. I absolutely love the mattes and shimmers. They are buttery and very blendable. The glitters do not show up much at all. I am buying a glitter glue, but so far using a finger or wet brush did nothing for them. I also wish there were two more matte shades in this.

Item #2: Too Faced Melting Powder Blush in shade Ginger Peach

Overall, this is a miss. I bought this at Marshall’s also for $10. I love the color of it, but it doesn’t apply really at all with a brush (I even used a Kabuki brush as they suggested). It was suggested to use a finger to apply and then blend out, but with my very textured skin, it looked patchy and showed my pores badly. I am going to keep playing with it but I’m not thrilled with it overall. đŸ˜Ļ I wish it had just been a regular powder instead of a cream to powder.

Item #3: Milani blush palette in Coral Beams

Currently this is a miss but I’m determined to make it a hit lol. I bought this on a whim because it looked so beautiful and I wanted to try more from Milani. As you can see, it’s just not super pigmented. I’m not sure if I need to dig down a little more (I’m hoping). I tried to swatch each color and then the swipe that shows up the most is me swirling my finger around the pan probably five times. I bought this full price at Ulta… I believe it was $11.99. I will keep playing with this, too!

Item #4 and finally, this lash kit I found at Marshall’s:

This was my first venture into false lashes. I was very upset at how bad I was at applying until I bought better lashes and realized, this kit just has poor quality lashes 🤷 It was thankfully only $10. It was nice to introduce me. At any rate, I’m going to try each style because it came with a lot! And then the box is actually very nice. The lid lifts on top and then there’s a pull out drawer below. I will keep it to store more stuff 😁

That’s it for tonight! What is your favorite blush? I really only have one I like right now from Note Cosmetics and am looking for another good one 🤔

Follow me on Instagram! 😁 Avlovesmakeup. I upload almost every day


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Hello! I’ve put off buying KL Polishes forever because I honestly don’t wear nail polish a ton. Mostly because it chips instantly and drives me crazy! However, I love Kathleen Lights and I already bought her Zodiac palette, Zodiac lipsticks, and the Zodiac pigments… So I’ve been eyeing her Zodiac nail polish set since it launched.

Then I heard that KL Polish would be no more soon! I’m assuming it’s true because everything has been going on sale and nothing is restocking đŸ˜Ļ So I thought… Better get it now!

Can you see how great my low buy is going? 😂🤷đŸ¤Ļ

First off, I couldn’t get a good picture without my ring light, but my ring light was making some of them not look the correct color. If you buy them individually normally (and some of them are sold out), they were $9.50/each. The set was $100. I think pretty much everything is on sale now for between $7-8.50, and last I looked, the set is still available at $80.

I am not disappointed so far. Processing and shipping took maybe a little over a week.

There were a few shades I wasn’t necessarily crazy about but I wanted some that were sold out individually. However, I will say seeing them in person, I really like them all!

I put on Capricorn the day I got them and this picture is two days later. So far, no chips, which is a record for me!

This is my favorite shade. It’s green with a red shift! I thought that was pretty unique!

This is Scorpio. It’s red but I feel the picture looks more brown.

The sparkly orange is Leo.

The dark orange is Aries.

This one is Pisces.

I didn’t do all of them, but those arey favorite! They dry pretty quickly I will say! Also, each picture is two coats, nothing else! One coat was a little too see through for me.

What do you guys think? Are you into nail polishes? If you want to try this brand, grab them now! I was going to get a few more, but then I heard she’s starting a new brand, so I think I’m good with these for now!


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