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Hey, guys! I’m excited to share my first blog collab today 😊 If you don’t follow Tayler’s Edit already, you need to go to her page, check out her post for this collab (and her other posts!!), and subscribe to her! We’ve been blogging buddies for awhile now and she runs a beauty blog also. She updates great quality posts very regularly 👍 ❤ī¸ She’s very sweet and has top-notch content 💁

(So sorry, I didn’t notice until uploading I made a shadow on the bottom of the palette đŸ¤Ļ)

I did a first impressions kind of blog on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Alien palette in January, and I’ve used it quite a bit since then! It’s one of the best palettes I own! And wouldn’t you know, I talked Tayler right into buying it 😂 So we decided on one color to both use: Alien, the beautiful, almost lime-green shimmer. Then we used a random numbers generator to pick 4 other shades to create a look (separately)! This is the first time I’ve done this and I will say, it was fun! It made me think more creatively. The numbers Google pulled for me were:

12 (X-Files), 8 (Martian Soil), 18 (Black Hole), 10 (Phone Home)

At first I struggled. These are not shades I would have picked for one look. However, I think I actually made it work! Afterward, I realized I was actually very lucky. There are a few shades that really would have been hard to incorporate lol.

First, I used Phone Home all over, kind of to set the primer but also for my main crease shade:

Then I used X-Files in the outer corner and blended up just a little into the crease. I struggled a little with keeping this as a noticeable color once I put the black on, so I kept going back and packing it on.

Then I went for it lol. I don’t use black eyeshadow that often and for a long time it scared me, especially before I knew how to blend 😂 I blended Black Hole onto the lid but not clear into the inner corner.

Then I added Alien! I like that the black made it grungy!

Finally, I added Martian Soil to underneath my eye because I had no idea what to do with it!! Here’s the finished look:

I also threw on the JSC Velour lipstick in Posh Spice with a gloss over top. What do you guys think? Where/how would you have used all of these shades? What’s your favorite shade in the palette?

Tayler’s look ended up so pretty! Definitely check it out 😊



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So while I did buy another eyeshadow palette, it was 50% off and was under $20, so for once I did follow my no buy/low buy rules 😂 And I’m so glad I did! I believe the Hush app is going to be no more soon. They are selling everything at discount and not long after I bought this, it was sold out. I put off buying this palette for a long time because I had something else of theirs that didn’t impress me. Spoiler alert–not having that problem with this one!

So I’m actually pretty sure this came because of the Tarte April Fool’s Day post. You know, where they created an image of a green and blue palette and pretended it was their next release– and it completely backfired because people were genuinely excited for it 😂

First off, this retailed at $14 and I got it for $7 plus some shipping. Packaging– amazing. The box is that soft feeling material, like it’s partially suede or something. The actual palette is sturdy with a mirror! The names of the shades are printed. I was nervous because Tidal (bottom left) seems very soft/crumbly and it seemed a little upset from shipping, but it held together.

Okay, let’s just call it as it is– It swatches horribly. It does. I don’t know why, because they all feel buttery and smooth. They do not perform horribly, though! I am amazed by how much I fell in love with this palette. I’m sorry it’s sold out because I would have bought a back up lol.

Here are a few looks I created with it. The first one is the greens, the second one is the blues, and the third one I used an orange from UD Born to Run with some of the blues:

Please note I am attempting to learn to put on falsies lol so if they aren’t the best… I’m trying!

What do you guys think? Love it or too much?


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Well, BoxyCharm keeps sucking me back in! I saw we were getting the Too Faced Better Than Sex in this month’s box, so I kept the subscription literally for that. I was planning on buying it in a few months anyway, and that makes the cost of the box. 🤷

The theme this month was After Glow. This is a $21 plus tax subscription box for makeup and beauty products. If you choose to bundle several months, it’s cheaper. I do monthly because I keep thinking I’m going to cancel lol! I’m so glad there wasn’t a palette this month because I haven’t liked the last few months’ palettes.

First we have the Trestique lipstick in shade English Rose. It’s actually more of an opaque gloss. I don’t mind it at all and it’s a very pretty color. It’s comfortable on the lips but definitely transfers. It seems to wear very evenly though which I love 👌 The bottom pops out and is a little primer, and the cap is actually magnetic which I thought was pretty cool!

Then there’s the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. Either you love it or it’s over hyped lol. I honestly can’t justify spending that much on a mascara but I’ve been buying the little travel sizes off and on because I really do love this mascara! I’m so glad to get a full sized one.

Then there’s the Touch in Sol No Pore-blem face primer. I was excited to try this but it didn’t do much for me ☚ī¸ My pores are just very deep and I need something with a whipped consistency like the Urban Decay Optical Illusion to literally fill them in. I think I will pass it along to a family member. It’s not necessarily bad but I just need something to really fill in!

The fourth item is the Farmacy face cleanser. I have heard good things about this brand but I honestly don’t think I’m really going to test this out. We will see. I have a few products I absolutely love for face cleansers so I might just pass this onto my sister…who desperately needs a good cleanser 😏 I’m having a bad time with very dry skin and I’m not sure I want to switch products right now

Finally, we got the Pretty Vulgar highlighter in Shimmering Swan. This gets a 3/5 stars. It’s just okay. I think I would have liked it more if I had gotten it last year before I started using really flashy, blindingly bright highlighters lol. It’s a very pretty champagne-y color but there’s not a ton of pay off. It’s more for a glow than a beacon which I know some people prefer 😁

What do you guys think? I would put up my usual spiel about not sure if I want to continue, but…. I kind of signed up to try Boxy Luxe next month đŸ˜ļ Umm…. No buy is not going well, guys 😂 I think I need to officially change it to low buy because I’m not going crazy but I’m not sticking to my original plan either since January 28th haha. But I saw they were including the It Cosmetics eye cream that I was going to repurchase as soon as mine ran out sooo… 🤷 We will see if I keep either after next month!


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I posted a blog on the premium sized box on Tuesday if you missed it and are interested! This is the deluxe size mystery box that I bought from Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

I love that it was lipstick heavy because I honestly didn’t need more highlighters. This was $40 plus shipping.

Again, packaging is beautiful! I love the white and pink boxes. This box came with two bullet lipsticks and three Velour liquid lipsticks.

Honestly, I preferred the liquid lipsticks. The bullets seemed a little thick to me when I put them on. Maybe it was just me… I will definitely keep trying them. I really like the Posh Spice color and Clout!

The box also came with one Skin Frost in shade King Tut.

Honestly this is too dark for a highlighter for my skin tone, but it’s a beautiful color and I think I can incorporate it into eye looks 🙂

The Skin Frost is $29, and the liquid lipsticks are $18. I believe the bullets are the same or like $17. So overall, again, I really liked this box! There was a good mix of colors. I have always wanted to try a grey lipstick so I was excited to get Gargoyle.

What do you guys think? Will you buy one if/when he does it again? I think more brands should do this! If Colourpop does another one, I will definitely jump on that!


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Hi, guys! So I had been really good with not purchasing makeup for a little over a month, and then i ended up buying the Colourpop collection (see last post) as well as the Deluxe Jeffree Star Cosmetics mystery box (will be in my next post). I was very happy to find out my husband jumped on the site and purchased the Premium box for me for Valentine’s Day 😊 He didn’t make me wait to open it, so I’m excited to show you what I got! This box was $75.

First off, the non makeup. I did receive a t-shirt which I didn’t take a picture of, but it was red and said, Can’t Relate. I actually already had it in black, but I was excited for the red one! All boxes came with a pop socket. I had never used one before and I have been playing with it non stop. I hold my phone really strangely, so it doesn’t help while I’m texting or typing, but I like it anyways. The shirt retails at $25.

I got the Skin Frost in shade Regina George (retails at $29) and the Supreme Frost in Frozen Peach (retails at $32). Honestly, the pink one doesn’t scare me lol. I love colored highlighters and if applied with a light touch, it won’t be too in your face. I’m excited for the peach one because it is obviously more wearable every day.

Then I got three Velour Liquid lipsticks (each $18) and a lip liner (retails $17). I love all of the packaging on his products, by the way, but I think his liquid lipsticks are so pretty! The lip liner I was excited to try and might even use as an eyeliner. I was most excited for Doll Parts as it’s a very pretty deep pink. Since his lip products are safe for eye use, I’m probably going to get most use out of the purple and green through that. I do like to do weird looks on my Instagram lol but for everyday use, I’m not a wild lip girl 🤷

What do you guys think? Worth it to you or no? I was expecting weird colors, so that doesn’t bother me. I genuinely liked everything except the purple lipstick. I just don’t think I will get much use out of it. I definitely got my money’s worth at least!


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Have you seen the newest Colourpop x Kathleen Lights collab?! They already launched a Zodiac themed palette… Now we get Zodiac loose pigments! Guess who bought the box set literally a minute after it dropped? 🙋 **If you are interested in these, Colourpop is doing a 20% off right now! I’m not sure for how long so hurry to their site!!!

First off, I still love and save every card they send 😂 I hope they never stop doing that! Second– omg packaging!!! If you get the box set, here is the box! There are constellations, moons, suns, and stars in gold all over a mint green box. I love it.

The Zodiac signs are inside matched up with the shades. You get a little book inside that has a few sentences about each sign, and there are some pictures of Kathleen wearing some of the shades and looking gorgeous as usual! Each pigment is in a hard plastic tube. There is a little plastic stopper in each that you remove to get to the pigments.

The water signs: The Crab, The Fish, and The Scorpion

The air signs: The Water Bearer, The Scales, and The Twins

The earth signs: The Bull, The Maiden, and The Goat (*the maiden is for Virgo..KL acknowledged it’s usually called The Virgin but she changed it 🙂)

The fire signs: The Ram, The Lion, and The Archer

I swatched them in order of the Zodiac, starting with The Ram (Aries) and going around (if you look at the box set, go counterclockwise):

Bottom to top: The Ram, The Bull, The Twins, The Crab, The Lion, The Maiden

Bottom to top: The Scales, The Scorpion, The Archer, The Goat, The Water Bearer, The Fish

Both sets in low light with camera flash:

Here are a few on the eyes 😀

My overall thoughts: I have zero regrets buying these and I love every one of them!! I just put down a primer like normal, sprayed a flat shader brush with setting spray, dipped them into the pans, tapped gently on the sides, and swiped it on. Some have a bit more glitter to them and you might want to use a glitter glue. I would not recommend using them dry… You get very little pigmentation that way. Go buy some!! 😁


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I love that the abbreviation for Seasonal Affective Disorder is, literally, SAD. Because that’s how it makes you feel! 🤷

So I had a bunch of different ideas for a beauty blog tonight, but I literally couldn’t muster the energy to take pictures and swatches and pull one together. I’ve been trying to ignore it, but it’s definitely that time of year again. I always say February is my least favorite month of the year, with March close behind. The big holidays that were so anticipated and so close together (Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve) are over… It’s getting colder and colder… Everything outside is dead… There’s snow and ice and it’s normally dreary.

As someone who has suffered from depression and various anxieties my whole life, you would think this would be a normal bout of depression, but since it hits me at the same time and with the same degree every single year, I’m going with SAD. It’s not quite as strong as a normal bout of my “normal” depression, but it bears a commonality.

Do you suffer? Here are some things I think might help:

1. Recognize it for what it is. If you are normally a cheery, happy go lucky person, don’t think something is “wrong” with you. If you Google it, one of the first things that come up is that this is very common, and especially common in the winter months.

2. If you need to, see a counselor or your doctor. Even if it’s only seasonal, I’m definitely an advocate of counseling if you think you need it. At any rate, it doesn’t hurt to try it, and you might end up sticking with it for other areas of your life.

3. Try to go with the flow. I try to post on my beauty Instagram 6 days a week, and I already missed two. It’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up. Tell yourself you will shoot for tomorrow and if you need to, make an outline or list of what you would like to do.

4. Do low-key activities. So you are having trouble getting stuff accomplished. That is ok, but you don’t want to just lie on the couch for two months straight. I have found (for me), that makes me worse. Don’t pressure yourself or plan anything stressful, but find easy things that will engage you a bit. Read a book you’ve been setting aside. Check out that Netflix series you wanted to watch. Swatch a ton of palettes just to swatch and compare, not for Instagram-worthy pics.

5. I haven’t tried these, but I hear a lot of people have success. Go tanning, get a therapy lamp, or get a weighted blanket. So the tanning is to just have some warmth to your skin to make you feel better. The weighted blanket helps you feel snug and secure. The therapy lamp thing is not a normal lamp, but it’s very bright and supposed to mimic the sun on your face/body.

6. Try to exercise and eat well. I am currently failing at both, but I recognize both make you feel tons better, whether you are suffering from SAD or even just anytime. Your body needs the right nutrients go function properly, and your body needs exercise to maintain itself. If you have a gym nearby, try it out a couple of days a week. Check youtube for some yoga videos. Check out the Tasty site for some new recipes with lots of greens and fruits 🙂

On top of all, be kind to yourself! And be kind to others. You might not be the only one around you going through something 🙂

I hope to have a normal beauty blog up later this week! Here’s hoping 🙂


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