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So I was lucky enough to be in a Marshall’s store this past weekend, and since my bday was coming up (it was actually yesterday), I let myself splurge a little 😁 I was thrilled to find the palette I found!

So I grabbed the brush…I don’t even remember the brand because I wasn’t familiar with it, but it was only $3. It feels very soft so I’m happy with it 🙂

Then there were a ton of Philosophy shower gels. I’m not really one for shower gels but I had to try one. I love the Philosophy brand stuff I’ve tried so far. I ended up with Orange Pineapple Smoothie…which smells amazing! And they even put an actual drink recipe on it, which is cute 🙂 There was one called Animal Crackers that I almost bought.

I love the Too Faced liquid lipsticks in matte and latex, so for $5.99, I grabbed the shade Hopeless Romantic. It’s a very pretty pink-nude on me.

I have also never heard of Absolute by New York before, but this palette was so pretty that I had to try it. So far I’ve only swatched it, but it swatched very well. The colors were pigmented and felt smooth.

Finally…I was so excited. Two in the box and not destroyed (definitely an issue at Marshall’s) Too Faced Life’s a Festival palette!

I wanted this when it came out but couldn’t swing it at the time. It was only half off but I had to get it. I have used it twice abd love it. It’s the first Too Faced eyeshadows I have used. Little to no fall out, pigmented, creamy, blend well…and it has a pleasant scent to it. It almost reminds me of the flouride I had to take as a kid lol but a little sweeter.

Here’s my first attempt at a rainbow eye with just this palette 🙂

I can’t wait to go back 😁 Anyone find great stuff at a discount store??



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Well I had a different blog planned for tonight, but lo and behold…somehow my order to Colourpop…made on Friday at 1 PM…made it from Cali to my PA doorstep over the weekend! 😱 I don’t know how they did it lol. I did not buy the whole collection, so here’s what I did get:

So here’s the back story. Colourpop announced they did a collab with Disney and came out with the Disney Designer Collection. There were 6 princesses featured (Tiana, Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Jasmin, and Belle). There was a palette, 6 lipsticks (one named for each princess), 3 lipglosses, 6 super shock shadows, and 2 highlighters.

There was a PR box you could get for $120 that included this beautiful box with pop up cut outs of the princesses with the palette, the glosses, the lipsticks, and 4 super shocks. Then there was the bundle for $110, sans PR box but plus the other two super shocks. Then you could buy every piece separate.

I was so tempted to get the box, I won’t lie! However, I watched a few YouTubers who got PR and ultimately decided against it. While the whole set is beautiful…there really wasn’t anything I didn’t have in my collection. I definitely didn’t need a palette with a lot of pinks and lighter shades. I didn’t need 9 lip products.

So I calmed down and got the following:

Super Shock shadows in A Whole New World and Under the Sea

I love their super shocks, so these didn’t disappoint. I thought the purple would be darker, but I still like it.

A lip gloss in Bobbidi and lipsticks in Ariel and Snow White

My only regret is I should have gotten Belle instead of Ariel. I think Belle’s was a little darker and I personally am more of a fan of Belle. Ariel is very nice (the color lol) but I have a few nudes this color already. I thought it would have more pink in it.

My overall thought is what I heard the YouTubers say (and I was grateful for their honesty): the collection is beautiful… Colourpop does great stuff…but you really don’t need the whole collection. If they restock, I would say to grab one or two things. The packaging is gorgeous and I will be keeping them 🙂

My only complaint is they didn’t have my favorite Disney princess…Rapunzel 😭 But all of the reimagined outfits etc are gorgeous 😍

Anyone else pick anything up? I know some stuff sold out pretty instantly, but I heard they would restock!


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