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So one, I needed to take a blogging break. I have been trying to post twice a week, but I hit some mental health roadblocks. Anyways, I recently purchased some things from Colourpop. They are an affordable makeup brand based in Los Angeles and they sell through their own webpage or Ulta’s website has recently started carrying a few things of theirs.

I have done reviews of them before…check out my earlier blogs if you are interested. I made this purchase mainly because they did another collaboration with YouTuber Kathleen Lights (KL) who I have followed for awhile now and love. Also I used to be into astrology and tarot cards, so I was pretty excited about this collection.

I almost purchased the PR package but at the last minute changed my mind, and I’m glad. It came with the PR box which looked beautiful, the palette, two lipsticks, two highlighters, and two liquid eyeshadows. I told myself I do not use liquid eyeshadows and I knew I wouldn’t use two new cream highlighters, so I purchased the palette and the two lipsticks. I also decided to try her set of three liquid lipsticks from her Dream Street collection, and Colourpop’s new loose setting powder and primer.

Shipping: I ordered Thursday afternoon and it was here Monday! Also they always pack everything amazingly well. No complaints.

The All Star primer is matte and blurring, however I found it didn’t do much for my pores. I do have large pores though! I will keep trying it to see if it helps my makeup last longer. The loose powder is nice! Definitely mattifying.

The lip products: no complaints yet! In the swatches, the three at the bottom are the liquid set and the top two are What’s Your Sign (nude) and Scorpio Moon (purple-ish shade). The lipsticks go on very buttery. The liquids are two satin finishes and a gloss. I found the orange drying even though it wasn’t matte, but I do have very dry lips anyways.

Finally, what I was most excited for…the Zodiac palette. My expectations were high and I am ultimately a bit disappointed. Maybe it’s because I’m still a beginner, but these shades did not perform how I was hoping. I will keep working with them, but the mattes were a bit dry/blotchy and the shimmers weren’t as bright as I hoped. I did not try The Gemini yet though, and it did swatch well. The swatches were even kind of meh. I am very sad that the teal color The Pisces is a chunky glitter and not a shimmer. I had trouble applying it.

Overall, I’m not thrilled but not angry, either. I think, again, I had very high expectations. Also I think there’s so much out there now that it’s easy to pick apart where stuff is lacking.

I will keep using everything! Maybe my mind will change. Let me know if you purchased any of these and what you thought! Check out my Instagram (same name) for the looks I created so far with this palette.


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So I thought that pretty much all BoxyCharm boxes were the same. I was trying to be surprised about the contents, but I accidentally saw the Tarte setting spray and was a bit disappointed. I basically never use setting sprays. They make my face itchy or they make me look oily. I was very pleasantly surprised to find out not only did some people receive an eyeshadow palette instead, but that I was one of those people!

This is a first glance/thoughts…I did not try anything. I got another wisdom tooth pulled yesterday so my face is puffy…no face shots for at least another day lol.

The box is $21/month (or cheaper if you do 6 months or 12 months at a time) and you get 5 full sized products. My box’s total was $133 unless I can’t do math (a real possibility).

Here we have: Chella Beauty eyebrow cream in taupe (white tube), Wander Beauty Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascara in black (red tube), and Dr. Brandt No More Baggage eye de-puffing gel (black tube). I will most likely put the eye gel and the eyebrow gel into my upcoming giveaway because I know I won’t use them lol

Note Cosmetics Luminous Silk Compact Blusher in Desert Rose

And finally, Crown Brushes Fuego Eyeshadow Collection! The compact is sturdy and not too big. There’s a mirror inside. And the eyeshadows felt very creamy!! The shimmers were very pigmented. I have a lot of colors like these now, but at least I know I will use it. I’ve been obsessed with burnt orange colors lately!

I will do updates on anything I end up using (hopefully…I know I forget to post the updates sometimes!) If there’s anything in particular you want to know about, leave a comment and I will definitely update!


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So I bought a few random items from Ulta and Hush over the last few weeks.

I got two Wet n Wild items from Hush from their last line…I think it was called Birds of Paradise? I haven’t tried the green eyeliner yet but there seems to be a lot of pigment! And I love the Hummingbird Hype blush! It’s almost more of a highlighter or blush topper but I think it’s gorgeous.

And then I got the radiance palette from Makeup Revolution London. The swatches barely show up but it’s not really for highlighting…it’s supposed to be more of an overall glowy effect.

Anyways, so I reached 100 followers a month or so ago, and I was so happy. I know that’s not very many and I did have some people following me from before this became a makeup focused blog, but it meant a lot to hit that milestone 🙂 I was thinking about trying to do a small giveaway but thought I would throw the idea out there first to see how many would be interested. I have some items set back from subscription boxes that I knew I wouldn’t use so I never opened them and I have bought a few items with this in mind. It would be very small to start out with, and I am not doing any crazy rules…just people would have to be subscribed and comment on the post or something.

Idk, if anyone who reads is interested, like or comment so I have an idea! I thought it would be fun. I’ve always wanted to win a giveaway but my luck is awful 😂 It would be a random drawing from the people participating, also, btw!


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I was very excited about July’s Ipsy bag when I naturally did the sneak peak through my email last week 😁 I can’t help it…I hate surprises haha. But I was even happier when I got mine in the mail today!

I love all of the products so far…I have not used the body items but they smell good and they are a good size! In fact, everything was a good size this month for me! The bag is a beautiful iridescent blue. It reminded me of the mermaid craze.

I got a Purlisse Coconut Oil and Coffee Sugar Body scrub. It definitely smells like coffee!

I was impressed with the size of this bottle. This is a Hempz body moisturizer in Sweet Pineapple and Honey Melon. It smells really good!

If this is not full sized, it’s close to it. Smashbox Concealer in light. I think the shade is good for me and I’m excited for a Smashbox item!

A Steve Laurant blush in Rose all Day. The compact is very sturdy and has a mirror…perfect for throwing in a purse!

Last item is a Beauty for Real retractable eyeliner in Whiskey. Thank God it wasn’t a real pencil. They never show up on me. This, however, worked perfectly!

Concealer on top, blush, and eyeliner

What did everyone else get? I saw a friend’s on Facebook and she had completely different items!


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So I have been using the sample size Clinique Sonic brush since I received it. I actually started using it every other night. I noticed it that while it didn’t hurt while I used it, it was seemingly irritating my skin. My skin would be red all over after I was done and I have started breaking out a little … Which is strange because this is supposed to do a deeper cleanse to avoid breakouts. Story of my life 🤷 I do have somewhat sensitive skin though, so it may not have this effect on you! I’m still impressed this was sent as a sample to be honest. It’s cute and little and would be nice for traveling.

It vibrates when you twist it and the green part is supposed to clean your T zone if you press it slightly into your skin. You don’t need to apply a lot of pressure though.

I tried it with three cleansers and it did the best with the sample that came stating it was specifically for the brush. It sudded up really nicely.

Over all, though, I doubt I will be buying an actual Sonic brush. I seem to have at worst the same and at best, slightly better results with my hands. I do get breakouts off and on because I have large pores, but my skin isn’t usually all red afterward.

Between the Clinique face wash and my Philosophy Purity…I will finish them both and buy more of the Philosophy. I love how it smells and it just feels better overall on my skin.

What’s your favorite face wash?


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I couldn’t help myself. I think I need to go to Makeup Buyers Anonymous because I seriously needed an eyeshadow palette like I needed a hole in my head haha. But I was in Ulta…and it was right there…and I had been eyeing it up since it came out…annnddd I had a rare 20% off everything coupon! (A second one! They sent me two right in a row! 🙌)

So this is a $49 palette. I got it for about $39. I’m definitely not mad about that after I swatched it.

I have been a fan of the UD brand since I was introduced. I never thought I would be able to wear uncreased eyeshadow until my friend said, have you heard of UD’s primer? However, I am sadly not sponsored by them (I wish). However, I don’t need to be because I LOVE this palette.

Do you need this? Depends on what you wear. If you only wear neutrals, you probably don’t. There’s nothing super crazy, but there are a lot of beautiful pops of color. My biggest complaint is I wish there was a grey matte shade instead of a grey shimmer. I love using grey in my crease over black because black makes nervous and is too dark on me usually.

The mattes did not swatch great but they are applying perfectly to the eyes with a brush. The shimmers are AMAZING. They are so pigmented. Plus side: you can use a finger, a brush, or a wet brush and get amazing pay off. Bad side: I have had a little fallout, I’m assuming because there are sooo pigmented. I don’t mind because I can do my eyes before my face or just use a powder brush to lightly brush away the fallout.

So I tried four different eyelooks so far. The third picture is a little rough…I tried new brushes and didn’t care for them.

Anyone else buy this or going to? I’m in love 😍


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