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So I was graced with a 20% off of everything Ulta coupon a few weeks ago and knew it was too good to pass up lol. Normally Ulta coupons are only for a single item or just for the “drugstore” makeup, so it’s nice to get these types of coupons! I decided to not go crazy on makeup because I’ve been buying so much lately and picked up some skin care products too. I am not a rich person by any means haha so I try to shop smart. Ulta usually has free gift with your purchase promotions and I was happy to stumble upon a pretty nice one.

So I was going to buy the Clinique 72 Hour Surge moisturizer anyways. It’s my favorite and I’m almost out. A half an ounce is $12. Ug. But I did see if I spent $30 in Clinique products I got 3 Clinique samples that looked promising. So I bought a whole ounce of the moisturizer and a face cleanser to try. I’m not 100% sure if I really read the package haha…it’s for very dry to combo skin, and my skin has decided to be oily again. But I will give it a go. I normally have combo skin so hopefully it’s ok.

Then I got the three samples. The one is my favorite moisturizer I just mentioned, so I’m happy about that. The second is a face cleanser, so that’s cool. Both are decent sizes. The third is a mini/sample Sonic face brush! That I was most excited about. I want to see if it makes any difference on my pores. It’s supposed to last a month if I use it twice a day for 30 seconds each time, which again…is a decent free sample in my opinion

I also decided to try an Anastasia BH eyebrown pencil and I bought a Morphe eyebrush set that came in this bag

Overall, I’m excited. I got free shipping, 20% off everything, and 3 samples. Anyone use one if those face brushes? I will update if I think it made a difference!


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I am still kind of addicted to the Hush app. I’m pretty sure that’s the only place to buy Bad Habit products. I have very little complaints with this brand so far, and I was very excited to see they were coming out with liquid lipsticks. They were cheap but not the cheapest I’ve ever seen. I actually waited until I saw other people buy them and post swatches and reviews before making the splurge to just get the whole set of six.

So I believe they are $6/each or $28 for the whole set, which is why I just did the set. I am super impressed with packaging. The box is sturdy and almost has a velvet feel to it. I know other makeup brands have something similar. The bottles themselves are beautiful. They look like glass but are a thick plastic. A+ for me. They don’t look or feel cheap at all.

More pros: they are good sized and I love the applicator. I have so much trouble trying to apply lipsticks usually but I can get this stuff on pretty quickly and without a lot of wiping off and trying again!

They do dry down matte and there’s very little to no transferring. From top to bottom: Mind Games, Centerpiece, Broken Heart, Trophy Life, Collide, Speed Dial. I thought I would dislike Trophy Life the most because it’s a purplish shade, but I actually love it.

I have only worn two shades so far, Trophy Life and Mind Games. The only con I am going to give them–they are a bit drying. I already have dry lips and my lips have a lot of lines. It strangely was not uncomfortable for me but I could tell after wearing a few hours that my lips would need a good moisturizer afterward. I did amp up my lip care before wearing the next one and it was a better experience.

I would definitely recommend these for anyone looking for a decent priced liquid lipstick! They wore decently through eating. They had some wear after around 5 hours, which is pretty normal I think. This is Trophy Life in the below pics…I was taking pics for the eyeshadow but you can get an idea on the lipstick:

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I got my first BoxyCharm box yesterday! I was so excited to open it even though I knew what was in it. I am going to keep my ipsy subscription at least one more month… There’s a good possibility I might cancel after that. I find myself not reaching for anything after I swatch and then giving the products away to friends and family. However, I do know some people who appreciate trying stuff out from it…so I might keep it for giving away. We will see 🤷

At any rate, here’s June’s BoxyCharm. I have not actually used anything yet except the body cream. I do plan on trying the eyeshadow and pencil today. If it comes out well, I will post a pic on my Instagram (avlovesmakeup)

If you aren’t familiar, this is a monthly subscription that is $21/month. I think if you buy a certain amount of months at a time it’s cheaper, like around $19. I just did the monthly for now. It comes in a box and every month has a card with product descriptions and the prices. You get 4-5 full sized products and the box is always over $100 worth of product. I know that sounds too good to be true, but I have been watching unboxing videos for over a year now and it holds up every time.

So I did the worst swatches of my life. I have no idea what I was thinking. But this palette is why I bought the box. It retails for $28…so why not get it and more for $21? It’s Alamar Cosmetics, Reina Del Caribe Vol 1. The shimmers are beyond beautiful. The mattes came off a little dry, but we will see how they apply.

Then there are a set of 3 Luxe brushes and silk eyelashes.

Ofra lipstick in Verona. The swatch looked pretty brown but I’m hoping I can wear it. It swatched really nicely.

Finally, there’s a travel size body cream that smells amazing and a black eye pencil/liner. I liked the body cream. I will definitely use this but it’s kind of an expensive brand so only for that reason, I’m not sure if I will buy more. The pencil swatched smoothly but I don’t normally use pencils, so I will have to see if I like it or not.

Anyone else love or hate BoxyCharm? Thoughts? I can’t wait for next month and I’m not going to see what’s in it so it can be a surprise 🙂


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So…sigh, where to begin with this can of worms? I say that because after doing just a small amount of research…people either rabidly defend this brand and its products or rip them apart. I plan on doing neither and will be as honest as I can (like normal, but just stressing I do not plan to say I love or hate it).

My sister-in-law does not sell it, but she buys a lot of it and has hosted a few online “parties.” She invited me to one a week ago and I thought well…I am reviewing different brands. Maybe I will do a full face or full eye look for review.

That didn’t happen. This brand is pricey, to say the least. I buy a lot of makeup, but that means I’m not spending a lot in one place at one time. Premade palettes were $42. They were all pretty…but there was nothing I didn’t own. The seller got me excited about building my own palette and this beautiful new emerald shade they had. That eyeshadow was back order, and building your own palette was more expensive. 4 pans was $52. 8 was $99.

I know I preach Urban Decay but their palettes are not that much and I buy them on sale a lot of the time. And I’ve also come to realize there are way more affordable brands with the same quality. So…pass.

The big hype with this brand is the mascara. So I did buy that for $24. Is it nice? Yes. I like it so far. It doesn’t clump and it makes my lashes look better and bigger. $24? A little pricey. I would never try the fiber stuff. I’m too scared of it going in my eyes.

I then thought–I don’t have any liners that I love. And -score- liquid liners were 50% off, making them $10.50 each. I bought the dark green. It swatched great but…it kind of died on me after one eye. Which was very disappointing. I love the color and it went on nicely until it started to fade.

So here is my attempt to show you both. I have zero other makeup on lol and I realize the liner looks bad.


hipping was fast. You do have to spend $100 to get free shipping, so I obviously paid for mine. It was packaged well also.

Anyone have any thoughts on this brand? Again, I only intend to inform. If you love it and it works for you, that’s great. I do like the mascara and will keep trying it. Im just not sure for the price if I will keep buying it. If it lasts for months, maybe. My only other ending thought is I am concerned as to whether it’s cruelty free or not. I guess they say they are, but I saw claims that they are not. So that’s kind of meh :/ I have been trying to read up on that stuff because I would like to only use cruelty free.


Instagram: avlovesmakeup ( I reorganized my makeup and posted some pics!)

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So I have done several looks with this palette–Morphe’s 24G Grand Glam palette. I am kind of mad that I didn’t buy this sooner because I probably wouldn’t have bought some other palettes that I have that I was underwhelmed with. This palette is perfect for me (and I feel like a lot of people). There are a lot of light and dark nude colors while also having pops of color and pops of glimmer. I realized at some point I was buying all of these colorful palettes and didn’t really have a good range of neutral colors anymore. This solved that!

Also, the colors apply smoothly and blend beautifully. What more could you ask for? 😁

So I naturally did not keep pictures of all of my looks. I have a really bad habit of deleting my pictures before realizing I still need them. 🙄 I did an orange look which is up on my Instagram if anyone is interested (avlovesmakeup). I did a soft brown with a glimmer that looks almost olive green over the weekend. I did a look with the red shimmer. And I did a pink look which I do have:

I am thoroughly pleased overall. The palette is $29. It is very big length wise (it is thin though). It’s on Morphe’s site and Ulta online right now. Again, my only two complaints are no mirror and the shade names are on the plastic that I know a lot of people don’t keep. I do because I’m particular 😂

For the above look, I used Creamer, Glitz, Spiffy, and Glossy. I actually used the second from the top for a highlight too!

Anyone else have this palette? Or another Morphe palette you can’t live without?


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I can’t believe it’s the middle if June already!! I was excited to see my pink package in the mail on Thursday. I was a little less excited about the bag when I pulled it out lol. Yellow is one of my least favorite colors, so I was hoping for a different color (they are doing a rainbow theme for–I think–pride month). However, that’s a very, very minor complaint 🙂 I can use it or gift it to my niece or a friend.

So what’s inside?

So I was most excited for the MAC primer. It’s a face primer, and while the tube is super small, a little product goes a long way. I usually only put primer on my cheeks where my pores are bad, so I don’t need a ton. I was surprised it was a little almost sparkly when I swatched it, but it maybe just added some sheen to my face (in a good way) once I smoothed it on. I have never used a MAC product, which is why I was excited. It felt nice when I put it on. I only used it for a few hours so far.

My second most excited for product was the eyeshadow palette! I have not heard of this company, but the colors are very pretty.

Again, I only wore these once so far. They were nice but nothing out of this world. They blended nicely and the green and copper shimmer and orangeish matte had good pigment. The other ones were just ok. It would be a nice, throw in my purse on the go kind of thing.

I used the exfoliator once also. First, always read instructions 😁 My usual one, I wet my face first. This one, you wet after you put it on. So it smelled really nice. Scents *really* bother me if they are not light and fruity. This almost reminded me of pineapple, one if my favorite fruits. I wasn’t thrilled with the application, but my skin felt smooth afterward. And it didn’t aggravate my skin at all.

After that, I have not tried the brush (I have so many face brushes…I might give this away) and I didn’t try the lip moisturizer, but it smells light and fruity also, so I’m sure I will enjoy it.

I meant to upload this last night and got distracted! Anyone else who gets Ipsy…any different products? I’m honestly not sure I want to keep going on with ipsy. I actually signed up for BoxyCharm because I saw they dropped the wait list for now. I’m not sure if I will like it better or not. I liked my ipsy bag, but at the same time, I’m not finding myself reaching for the products after I test them out. 🤷 I don’t know anyone who does BoxyCharm, so let me know if you do and your thoughts!


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So I’ve been wanting try a Morphe palette for a long time. I’m not sure why I was putting it off. At any rate, I had some money left on an Ulta gift card and they had a Morphe palette I had been eyeing for a long time (I think it was only available at Ulta online, just fyi). For $29 I got the 24G Grand Glam palette.

First off, this palette is huuuggee! I was not expecting that even though I saw pictures. I always assume they make it look bigger in the pics. It came in a matching box with bubble wrap and arrived safely! The palette is big because the pan sizes are big! I don’t have any palettes with such large pans. I think they went wider rather than deeper. So this isn’t super travel friendly. It is thin though! I also don’t like that it’s not held close by a magnet or anything.

Another small con: unless you’re weird like me and keep all packaging (I really do and need to stop.. I keep the plastic covers and outside boxes for everything), you won’t know the names. The shade names are printed on the separate plastic cover. There is also no mirror.

So what do I like about this?? Um, the shades are GORGEOUS and very creamy! I only swatched and wore one look so far, but I know I’m going to love it. There wasn’t a lot of kick up, and I had no fallout on what I used so far. The shades I used blended very easily.

I went with an orange look because that’s why I bought this palette. I love oranges and thought that this palette had so many pretty ones.

Anyone else a fan of Morphe? I will definitely keep using this palette. I’m hoping my initial love doesn’t fade!


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