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So about a week ago I got my order of 10 Colourpop Super Shock Shadows. If you want to see the packaging and initial swatches, go to my page and check out my previous post 🙂 But I have been wearing them and I believe I wore each shadow at least once.

Like: They are super pigmented if applied correctly.

Dislike: I am working on how to best apply them haha. My brushes do not do a good job applying them, so I’ve been using my finger, which is not super accurate. If anyone has any brush suggestions, let me know. A friend said they had a specific foil brush I might look into.

Like: Long wearing with a primer

Like: Creamy and soft

Dislike: since I’m struggling in the how to use with a brush department, I’m not really able to blend them much either.

Like: There’s a huge range of colors to pick from

Like: Only $5 a piece!!

Not a dislike, but just a note: the pans are pretty big. I feel like for the amount of product in them, they could have used smaller packaging. I don’t really mind, but just throwing that out there.

So I have more likes than dislikes. I am definitely enjoying these. I did purchased some pressed powders that should arrive early next week hopefully. I am excited to see how they perform as I know I will wear powder shadows way more than cream ones. I’m just more comfortable with them.

So I forgot to save pictures of the looks I did with them, so I screenshotted a few from my Instagram haha.

Top pic is with Tassel and Shop, second is with Monkey Business and Three’s a Cloud, and last one is Lit Year, Central Perk, and Special Delivery.

By far Three’s A Cloud is my favorite. Special Delivery is probably my second favorite.

Anyone else take advantage of the Colourpop sales? 🙋



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So I was using the same Covergirl mascara for a few years now, and I decided I really need to branch out and try some new ones. I feel like mascara might be the product I am pickiest about. I HATE when it makes my eyelashes look clumpy…like, even the tiniest clumpy. But I don’t like barely noticeable mascara either. I don’t hate my eyelashes but they are not anything out of the ordinary. I also refuse to put curlers or glue (falsies) anywhere near my eyes because girl…these hands are not steady at all and I am super clumsy 😂🤷 So I want a mascara that makes my lashes look as full and long as possible without a curler or falsies on. I also stick to the darkest color I can find (I have seen “blackest black”…not sure if it’s that different from just “black” but I get that if it’s an option lol).

Here are the ones I currently have in rotation or that I have used a few times. From left to right we have: Too Face Better than Sex, Ulta Plush Drama, L’Oreal Lash Paradise, Urban Decay Perversion, and Covergirl Peacock. I have put these in order of my preference.

I feel like it’s not a popular opinion from stuff I’ve seen, but I honestly like Better than Sex (BTS) over the Lash Paradise (LP). Every time I used LP my lashes looked so clumpy to me. I always wonder if I got a weird batch or something, but while I will use it off and on since I bought it, if I am going somewhere I want to look really nice, I would grab BTS first. And yes, Ulta’s brand would be next! I actually really like this mascara. It makes my lashes look really full (moreso than providing length).

I don’t have all of the prices because I was lazy and didn’t look them up. BTS and Perversion full sized are around $28-$32 I believe. Ulta’s was around $10. And I think LP and Peacock were $8-$9.

I also took pictures of the brushes.

The BTS and LP brushes look very similar to me, while the Plush Drama and Perversion brushes look similar to each other. Honestly as much as I am about Urban Decay, their mascara does not thrill me. I’m glad I only got it in a sample size because I would not buy a full size. The Covergirl Peacock Flare is my least favorite mascara. I kept it because I did spend $8 or $9 on it, but I should just pass it along to a friend. The bristles are super small and it clumped anyways somehow, and I just wasn’t feeling it.

What are your favorite mascaras?


Check out my Instagram for more makeup stuff! I post swatches and different makeup looks almost daily. AVLovesMakeup

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I think it’s safe to say that I have a makeup addiction haha. So Colourpop recently ran a BOGOF sale on their super shock shadows, which finally proved too good for me to pass up. I have been dying to try their eyeshadows for forever but kept talking myself out of it because I have so many eyeshadows. These are very different from ones I own though because they are more of a cream consistency…which I normally do not like. I like my powders. However, after seeing swatch after swatch, I had to try.

So first off, this was the best packaged box ever. The box was super sturdy and on top of that they had a ton of bubble wrap tightly around the products, which were all in individual boxes.

I bought 10 shadows and 1 blush. The blush was not on sale but it looked so pretty. Blush is $8.00. Shadows not on sale are $5/each which is still super affordable. I got free shipping too!

So I forgot to write down what order I swatched them in, so I may mix two up. But starting with the white and going down: Tassel, Special Delivery, Cusp, Snap Dragon, Lit Year, (second row) Shop, Monkey Business, Three’s a Cloud, Dynasty, and Central Perk. The blush is at the end and is Drop of a Hat.

They are super creamy and very pigmented. They do go on with a brush but if you want the full brightness, I would dab on with a fingertip.

Anyone else love Colourpop? I will have to play with these more and eventually check out their pressed shadows!

(So beautiful 😍)


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Hey, everyone…E.L.F. is running 50% off of most of their site if anyone is interested. Brand new items are not included, and you have to spend at least $30 to get the 50 off. There’s no promo code…they automatically take it off if you spend enough. And you get free shipping in the US over $25 🙂 I couldn’t resist a few new items to try 🙂 I love their fluffy brushes!


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I was trying to think of something makeup related but music has been on my mind all day and I had a screaming, possibly sick toddler all night. So my brainstorming sent out the window.

I was thinking about my “musical journey” so to speak haha. That sounds corny. So since Genevieve was born a year and almost 2 months ago, I have listened to literally nothing but pop. Stupid, catchy, on the radio bubble gum pop music. While I have always liked pop (and have always admitted I don’t think it’s all “good”…I just like it because it’s light and catchy), it’s unusual for me to only listen to that for so long. That’s the music Genevieve recognizes and loves because that’s all she’s heard. For probably the last 5 years before that, I would listen to mostly pop in the warm months and alternative/rock/heavier stuff in the cold months.

So back in the day when I was younger (the 90s), my parents listened to the radio and had CDs and (gasp) cassette tapes of mostly 80s music. But as I developed my own tastes, I liked the stuff they played on pop radio but also found my brother’s collection of Blink 182, Offspring, Foo Fighters, and Metallica. I loved it so much that I started going in a more alternative path. But don’t get me wrong…I totally still rocked out to The Spice Girls 😂

Fast forward to when I started college (circa 2006). I started really getting into Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, Three Days Grace, and heavier bands like Disturbed and Korn and Slip Knot. My dad did not like blaring Disturbed on the drive back to college haha.

During college I found a collection of music that I fell in love with and still enjoy so much: European music. I was mostly a loner and spent hours in my apartment watching YouTube. Back then they made killer suggestions for if you liked this video, try this. So I already knew and loved Apocalyptica. They did a song with Lacuna Coil and another song with Oomph!. Man, do I love some Oomph! Just don’t look up the song translations…some of the songs are…uh, dark.

From Oomph! I found Epica, The Green Children (I’m not sure how, as they are vastly different from all of the others), and Nightwish. Out of all of them, Nightwish is still my favorite. I had the fortune to see them in concert and they introduced me to another great love, Kamelot. Kamelot is not European, but their sound reminds me of Nightwish more than an American band. They are rock with a heavy symphonic influence.

So that was my last big change in taste. I would just go back and forth between pop, alternative, rock, and my symphonic/melodious rock until for some reason I got stuck on pop.

I will end with, top 10 singers/bands I could listen to over and over in no particular order:

Breaking Benjamin

Goo Goo Dolls



30 Seconds to Mars



Panic! At the Disco


I have to add Taylor Swift…haha sorry everyone. She’s my daughter’s favorite and I actually like her music too 😂❤️🤷

Who is your favorite band/singer??


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For once, the answer will *not* be Urban Decay haha. I actually have a UD highlighter and was not *super* impressed by it, but I have a suspicion it was slightly dried out when I got it.

Anyways! The answer is nothing surprising or new, sorry 🤷 Becca’s highlighter in Opal

So funny story on how I even got this. For starters, this thing is like 2 1/2 years old and the pigmentation is still crazy good. But I had gone to Ulta with a friend of mine who, at the time, knew waaayyy more about makeup than me. I was just a beginner-beginner. I was perusing the UD section because they were the only high end brand I really had an interest in then, and I saw this little trio display on the top corner of the shelving. I swatched them and decided I liked this color the best. It was just blinding to me. I had not used a highlighter at that point. I thought it was UD and never even noticed the “Becca.” After we left my friend was like, Oh you got a Becca highlighter! I was so disappointed it was not UD but she assured me that was the name for highlighters, so I kept it.

I’m so glad I did. If you want something very affordable, I would direct you to Wet n Wild; however, if you can splurge…try Becca. The formula is creamy. It’s all shimmer and no chunky glitter, which I really don’t like. And it wears beautifully and all day.

Im sure it’s not super impressive swatched on my arm, but I’m giving my face a makeup break today. Go to an Ulta or Sephora and swatch for yourself!


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So from as young as an age as I can remember, I have hated my eyebrows. Not only that, but I used to literally be embarrassed by them. Does everyone remember the 90s? That was ages 3-13 for me, and thin, barely there eyebrows were the thing. From a baby and on, I basically had a unibrow. I was too young to know how to pluck or even that that was an option. I was thankfully born with bangs and *they have never moved from my forehead*. I remember in the spring, people would put the windows down on the school bus because we didn’t have air conditioning, and I would take a hat with me to wear so my bangs wouldn’t move in the wind. My brows were bushy, full, and dark brown. I refused to let them see the light of day.

As I got older I realized how you pluck them, but the paranoia and embarrassment of them had settled into my soul. To this day (I’m 30), I am scared to move my bangs. My husband of almost 6 years said he thinks he has seen my forehead about 5 times ever. I don’t have the patience to pluck every day, and it’s hard for me to get them in a perfect shape.

Do you know how insane it drives me that people now FILL THEM IN? Like people buy products to make their eyebrows FULLER! Ahh! I get anxiety seeing people with super full brows because of my own haha. I don’t hate the look on other people but I still can’t show mine. I actually bought an eyebrow pencil thinking I would really learn how to shape them so I could try a new hair style, but I haven’t. And honestly after years of plucking they aren’t as full as they used to be…but I still see them as bushy little caterpillars!

Anyways, that’s my random freak out on eyebrows. I keep waiting for the trend of big brows to go away again and we will go back to skinny ones. Either way, mine are hiding! 🙈

(As close of a look at them as you will get)

Any makeup trends freak you out? No, just me? 🤷


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