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Easter Wear

I like to look nice for the holidays. I don’t go a lot of places anyways, so may as well look like for the holidays, right?

So I dyed my hair today. I just get boxed stuff because I can’t afford to get it professionally done all of the time lol. I tried out the new line from Loreal Feria, the grunge line. I went for the denim color because I have naturally medium brown hair, so I didn’t think the other colors would show much. I have had red dyed hair (or my natural color) from grade 8 till last year with maybe one darker color thrown in. Then I decided to do blue. Then I did black with blue. So this wasn’t too much different from that. It colored nicely. It definitely has a grey tint to it, which I think is cool. I will probably do a black next though. I was digging the richness of the black color from last time. But the dye was easy to work with and it looks nice.

I got a dress on sale from Peebles. I never shop there…they are usually very expensive, and I think of it as an old person store haha. But they do have a junior section, which is where I got this, because the women’s section did look old to me lol. I may be 30 but I must confess…I love shopping in the junior section. Which…is sometimes challenging haha. I’m a curvy, little bit bigger girl…so I have to go for XL sizes in clothes that don’t look too narrow. But I digress. The dress was $15 on sale and it fits nicely. It has an A-line shape to it, which looks the best on me (small upper waist and huge hips).

Makeup: I’m going for a deep red matte lipstick (Blood Red from Urbad Decay) and from eyeshadows from the Bad Habit After Dark palette. I’m going to use my Wet n Wild felt tip pen and I’m going to try doing a wing. Then my Ulta mascara (which I’ve been using and love, btw). In case you care haha, I have to use my UD primer for the eyes. And I’m liking the Ulta pore blur primer also! I think it does help blur my pores. Then I think I’m just going to use my Maybelline Dewey Fit Me foundation.

I hope everyone has a nice Easter! If you don’t celebrate, have a nice Sunday! 🙂



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When I’m feeling depressed or anxious, I tend to go one of two ways: I either binge eat or binge buy. Over the years, however, I have started to learn how to recognize that’s what I’m doing and pull back a little. So I only semi-ruined my diet and semi-made myself broke haha.

So I bought two more Too Faced lipsticks. I tried on I’m Bossy, the bright red one. I love this shade of red. That’s what I was hoping the other one would be that I bought online. I’m keeping that one, too, but I think I will wear this bright red more. Then I wanted to try one of the matte shades so I went for a more neutral, safe look for my third one. I didn’t try that one on yet, but I’m hoping I like it as much as the melted latex ones.

My big problem with those is that they like instantly come off. I’m not good with lipsticks that have crazy transfer. But they have been on sale for $10 or $10.50 at Ulta so I thought, why not?

I mentioned this before, but I normally don’t wear a lot of lip products because my lips suck. They are always dry, chapped, and peeling. I put Vaseline on them every night and usually use a gloss or something during the day because I tend to chew on them and pull the skin off, which doesn’t help, I know. However, I was on Hush (I seriously need to delete that app!) and I bought a few lip products that might help. I got two lip scrubs and a lip moisturizer. It was only like $9 altogether so hopefully they work but if not….I will have to stop being cheap and buy high end stuff haha.

Let me know if you have any great lip care products! When I get that order, I will let you know how they work.


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You guys!! I’ve been waiting a whole week 😁 So I was so excited to find a palette I thought was sold out…I was on Sephora’s website last Wednesday, and lo and behold, they had the UD x Kristen Leanne eyeshadow palette and it was on sale for $20!! I wanted this so badly but I just didn’t have the extra money when it came out. I am just thrilled. So far I only swatched but I am IN LOVE. I’m sure I will do a better review later.

I also decided to try something new. I don’t do a lot of lip products because my lips suck. They are always super dry and peeling. But Too Faced Melted Latex lipstick was on sale so I decided to try one. I thought this looked like a deep red on the website but it looks more brown in person…I actually like the color but I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to wear it. I never do vampy looks, and this looks vampy on me! It feels nice though! The formula is nice, and it’s definitely super glossy and thick. It does transfer a lot, though, so beware.

I don’t have any other makeup on, sorry! Haha.


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So I had to go to a funeral last week and I’ve just kind of been bleh ever since. I had been wanting to do the Ulta bag review for awhile so I did that one but after that I was struggling for inspiration. I tend to get writer’s block easily and that’s why I go long stretches of not writing at all. I let my frustration win.

But I really want to keep up with my blog and writing in general. It’s one of very few things I truly enjoy. I found some contests for publications I submitted writings to this weekend that I thankfully already had mostly done. I will be anxious waiting to hear about them.

For tonight, I’m just doing a brief revisit of a palette I already reviewed. When I reviewed it last I had swatched it, did a couple quick looks, and wore a few colors all day. I am happy to say I have been consistently using it since then and I love it so much.

I purchased it from the Hush app for $10. It’s Bad Habit’s After Dark palette. One, it’s small but not too small. Like it’s easy to throw in your purse. The packaging is sturdy and really nice in my opinion. But most of all, I LOVE the colors! While there’s kick up in the pans, there’s little to no fall out when applying. I have done looks with just this palette or I’ve mixed it with other brands. It blends well and the pigmentation is good. You can build up the color if you want.

I am so excited for my next purchase to arrive, hopefully tomorrow. I had jumped on Sephora to look at Natasha Denona’s mini sunset (I think it’s called) palette because it’s only $25 and I was curious to try something from her. Well they had a huge list of 50% off items at the time so at 10:00 at night I’m buying stuff haha. But I snagged the UD x Kristen LeeAnn palette for $20! I wanted it so badly when it came out and then it was just gone from the UD site. So I figured that was that. I didn’t need to spend $50 on it anyways. So I couldn’t believe it was on sale on Sephora. I’m thrilled 😁 I hope someone wants a review of it, because I’m sure I will do one!

Anyone out there suffering from writer’s block? 🙋 Just keep writing, even if it’s rambles 🤷


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So a couple of weeks ago I was on Ulta.com and saw they were giving away a free bag of Ulta brand makeup ($20 value) with a $20 purchase of Ulta makeup. As much as I’ve shopped at Ulta, I honestly haven’t tried anything other than a single eyeshadow of theirs. So I bought an eyebrow pencil, a metallic eyeliner, and a brush cleaner ($23 altogether) and got the lilac bag. I have tried almost all of the products, and here are some initial thoughts.

Sidenote: I don’t know what the individual prices would be on the sample stuff if bought on its own, but Ulta brand is pretty middle road from what I’ve seen.

To start, I didn’t try:

Clear brow shaping gel (I honestly don’t mess with my eyebrows much, so I wasn’t even sure what to do with this), eye liner pencils in Blackout and Bittersweet (they swatched nicy but I don’t care for actual pencils), and the pencil sharpener.

What I tried and didn’t like or would not purchase on its own:

*You Caught My Eye eyeshadow palette–the colors are nice, but there is nothing wowing or stand-out-ish

*Liquid Illuminator Northern Lights–it has a nice sheen to it, so this is more probably me. I’m just super picky on anything that highlights and I tend to wear matte looks when I can

*Blush brush–it was not great. I ended up finishing with another brush I had

*Juice infused lip oil in Coconut–i don’t hate this but I didn’t see a reason to buy it. I’m sure I will use the one I have, but I doubt I will replace. I like coconuts but I would rather put Vaseline on my lips

The Hits!

*Lilac bag and $5 off $15 Ulta brand coupon–the bag is cute and good sized, and who doesn’t like a coupon?

*You Make Me Blush blush and bronzer– I wasn’t bowled over by these but I liked them enough I will keep using them and if reasonably priced, I would check out other colors and purchase more. They had a decent pigmentation to them but I like those on the lighter side anyways

*Tinted eye primer in peach glow–there is a lot of color to this, as a warning. However, that can be a nice base color. And it kept my eyeshadow from creasing for at least 5 hours

*Lipstick in Pink Chocolate Nude–this was a nice nude lipstick. It wasn’t long wearing but if I just want to throw on a light nude lipstick, it’s a nice color and not drying or sticky

*Plush Drama Volumizing mascara–i am so picky about mascaras, so I was surprised I liked this. The wand is big but it didn’t clump much and it did make my eyelashes look plumper!

*Mattifying face primer (oil and paraben free)–i need to try this more, but I like it so far. It wasn’t oily or sticky, and while I didn’t notice a mattifying effect, it did seem to blur my pores a little. My skin is so dry I don’t really need mattifying though

That’s it! But that’s quite a bit of stuff considering the stuff I did purchase I was planning on getting (I didn’t have a brand in mind when I started shopping). The brush cleaner I only used once but I like it so far. It doesn’t have a strong scent to it which is a huge plus to me. The liner is a liquid metallic liner in purple and man–it STAYS on. It’s very pigmented and pretty. My husband doesn’t usually notice new products and he immediately asked to see it without my glasses on and said he liked it. I used makeup remover twice, showered, then had to use my fingernail to get it off completely 😳 the brow pencil was just wrong for me. I’m just now trying to figure out brow products as I have bangs, so I don’t mess with them. But the color was much too light for me.

If you have any Ulta brand favorites, let me know!


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March 21st, 2018


The snow just kept falling down.

The picture through the window was bleak—

Cold, the lake melted into the trees melted into the sky.

We drove on.


The snow just kept falling down,

But it was fitting.

It blanketed the sounds of muffled sobs

And shushed sniffles. The church

Was cold that day. Everything was cold

And grey.


The snow kept falling down,

But the stained glassed windows hid it.

I could feel it though,

Constant, cutting, real.

The words droned on, meaningless.


The snow kept falling down,

And it was covering everyone.

The circle huddled closer together

As the wind slashed through black clothes,

But the snow wouldn’t relent–

Hair was frozen, shirts were now white,

Toes were numb. All eyes were on that

Spot, though, the spot not covered by snow.


The snow kept falling down,

As the prayers continued on,

As the tears kept trailing,

But that spot was still waiting.

As everyone turned away,

It would slowly be covered by dirt.

And then, only after the last shovelful was tossed….

Then you, too, would be covered by snow.


Ground melted into sky melted into the heavens.

How does one say goodbye?



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This was another purchase from the Hush app. I realized I have way too many eyeshadows and decided to go for some eyeliners this time.

These are from the brand Profusion. It’s called Precise Eyes, and it’s a set if 6 gel eyeliners. Now, Hush was selling two sets of six. One was called Gold and one was Royal. I chose Royal because it had blue, green, purple, and silver. The gold set was much lighter colors–rose, gold, shimmer white. However, when my box came, it had the Gold set. I was kind of disappointed. It was only $10 but still. I emailed the Hush customer service. The page states to give them 24 hours to respond. I think it was almost 2 days but someone did respond. She was very nice and apologized and stated she would have the correct set shipped within a day. She also let me keep the other set and my correct order was here in like 3-4 days.

I felt bad about keeping the other set. I even offered to send it back be ause I hadn’t done more than open the box but I knew the colors wouldn’t work for me. And I was right. After she said to keep them, I swatched them. They are very pretty, but my skin tone is so light, they just won’t show up much on my eyes. For someone with a darker complexion I’m sure they would be beautiful. The Royal set worked much better for me.

So they go on very nicely. The point is very fine so you can get a precise line. The pen itself is very thin and a good length, basically like a writing pen but thinner. The black was not crazy dark, which…I like my black eyeliners *black*. Opaque. However, I bought the set for the colors and I am happy with them. I didn’t notice them smearing but they did fad a bit after all day.

I realize my wrist looks very different between the two pictures. Sorry about that! I took them on different days and I believe the one used my flash and the other was natural lighting.

All in all, for $10, I am satisfied. And the Hush app has free shipping so it was just $10!


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