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So am I late to the game, or did no one else know about Wish.com until recently? I feel like I’m usually the last to know about most stuff, so it’s maybe just me. All of a sudden I just started seeing ads on my facebook feed page, and it was so enticing, right?? Like, get this beautiful ball gown for only $10!! Get these stunning knee high boots for only $5! Get this whole makeup organizer for $1!

So my first thoughts were, this is obviously fake. Obviously a scam. There’s obviously a catch. But it was one of those slide ads, where you could keep scrolling to the side to see more. And I would sometimes click on one because I just really wanted to see the actual page, but I didn’t have the app, so I couldn’t see more. But since I clicked on it, facebook really started overdoing the ad. So then I was seeing it every single time I got onto facebook. Makeup, dresses, shoes…always super pretty girl stuff.

Did you know there was an adult side to Wish?? That was when my interest was finally peaked. I know that sounds terrible, but it wasn’t because I actually wanted to purchase adult things from a cheap site, but a friend of mine was posting screen shots of Wish ads she had on her facebook and I couldn’t stop laughing. Second thought: Seriously, is this for real?? Is this a real site selling this stuff for $1??

So…apps are free, so third thought: Why not? I downloaded the app and even told my husband that I had to do it after seeing those pictures. And boy oh boy…I was immediately sucked in.

So much trashy stuff but sooooo much cute stuff, and for cheap!! Do I think it’s a scam? I think it can be. Here is what I have learned about Wish if you would like to start perusing:

1. It’s not one big store. It’s more like an internet flea market for China sold products. So there are a million of different sellers. Therefore one bad experience does not mean they are all bad, and one good experience does not mean they are all good.

2. Most of the times, what you see is not what you get. It will probably be close, but it will probably be at least a bit “lesser” than what you see. The dresses won’t be as full, the shirts won’t be as opaque, and the makeup won’t be as vibrant.

3. READ THE COMMENTS. And actual buyers can upload pictures! Always click on the product picture and swipe through all of them. At the end there might be sellers uploading actual products they received. You can best decide how it will be in real life via comments and pictures. Just always assume the clothes will be thinner than what you think.

4. They sell knock off stuff. If you find a name brand, it is a knock off. I promise. I tried. šŸ™‚

5. Clothes are not in US size! These things really are coming from China. I wear a US size large in most stores, sometimes XL if stuff runsĀ a little small. I bought a shirt in a 3XL and it comfortably fit. I probably could have done a 2XL and it would have just been a tad snug, but I don’t like snug. I bought an A-line skirt where the waist went around the smallest part of my waist. Normally I would buy a 12-14 for something like that, and I got a 2XL and it fit.

6. Speaking of China, it’s really coming from China. It will take anywhere from a week and a half to a month to get to your house. I’m not sure how one thing got here super quick, but everything else is taking forever.

7. Most stuff is not as cheap as it’s advertised on the browsing page. Like if you see a stack of pretty colored, cool looking journals and it says $1…it’s probably because the smallest size you can get in the ugliest color is $1. The rest will be more like $3-$7. Still cheap, but just be aware.

8. From what I can tell, you can’t combine shipping. I bought a few things from one seller at the same time, and I had to pay individual shipping for each item. Shipping is usually $1-$4 from what I’ve seen.

So far I have bought: a black A-line skirt, a blue tank top with black lace on the back, eye makeup, miniature cats, and a journal. Only the skirt, top, and one type of eyeshadow has come. I’m okay with the skirt (the material wasn’t what I was expecting…definitely not cotton), I really like the tank top, and the eyeshadow I don’t mind except I suddenly became paranoid that they might have bad ingredients in it, so I can’t decide if I will use it or not. It looks decent though as far as pigment and color. They have a ton of “fairy garden” stuff, and I decided with my next paycheck I’m going to buy a bunch of it. It’s usually $1 and I think it will be really cute to have a whole setup. I’m honestly thinking since I bought several eyeshadows at once from the same seller, the other ones probably aren’t coming. I feel like stuff gets lost or forgotten or just not sent more than you would like. I’m out $9…but not much I can do. That’s my last point. I have heard that you shouldn’t even bother with customer service. It’s basically just trash. So don’t buy anything insanely expensive just in case!

If anyone has any good or bad experiences, let me know! I will probably end up buying more cheap shirts too. There are a lot of cute ones and I like cheap clothes haha.

Signing out,



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Getting Back Into It

Hey, internet…it’s been awhile. I just checked, and it’s been since July 16, 2016. And I thought to myself, why did I stop? Oh, yeah…my whole life basically changed! July 16 was approximately one week before I went on an interview for the job I’m at now…the job that allowed me to leave the actual mine where I was working (desk job, I’m not that adventurous) and to work from home. It was also approximately two weeks before I found out I was pregnant for the third time and most likely final time.

Before anyone wonders why having a third kid would completely change my life–she is my first child, third pregnancy. I was so, so scared. Anyone who has had a miscarriage would sympathize why someone with two miscarriages would be scared to find out she’s pregnant again. But for whatever reason that I’m not questioning, this one worked out. And now I have a daughter–Genevieve. Believe it or not, my husband picked the name. I was going for Katrina or Arianna or Guinevere šŸ™‚ She’s the first baby in my family since my sister was a baby, and she’s 23 or 24 now, so I was figuring out all kinds of things as I went. Now Genevieve is almost 10 months, and I feel like I can start going back to some of the stuff I enjoyed.

As for the job….I am very lucky to have a job when I need one, and even luckier to be able to work from home, but it has turned out to be extremely stressful. Like, I thought I cried every week because I was pregnant, then it was because I just had a baby, then it was, well, I’m still sleep deprived…I’ve come to accept it’s because it’s just plain stressful, and I will most likely cry every week for some reason or another. For now, though, it is where I am. I’m also starting to realize there’s no “perfect” job for me out there.

What I’m hoping to do is what I was doing…a mixture of rambles, original writing, maybe some reviews of books, movies, or music…also I’m hoping to get into reviews of makeup, because that’s my latest and most growing hobby. I was really getting into makeup right before I ended the blog, and it has just gotten worse. My collection has gone from foundation, eyeliner, and mascara, to I bought a craft organizer and it’s overflowing, plus I have it all over my kitchen sink and elsewhere. Like, I actually talked myself out of buying more eyeshadows because the money in my checking account had to go to groceries. I buy drug store and high end stuff. So I think I might do some reviews or something like that. I watch youtube tutorials like they are going out of style and peruse different websites every day. Why not? I’m not an expert, but sometimes you want to hear it from people who have to dig into their own grocery money to buy something. Someone who is rich and does it for a living might like something better than the person who passed onĀ those new cookiesĀ that week becauseĀ the paletteĀ looked so pretty but ended up being meh.

What I don’t want to do is a total parenting blog. I’m not going to be someone who has nothing to talk about except her kids. I may through something in here or there, but it will be in the Parenting category that I will create when it happens.

Sighing off but hopefully back soon,


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