This was another purchase from the Hush app. I realized I have way too many eyeshadows and decided to go for some eyeliners this time.

These are from the brand Profusion. It’s called Precise Eyes, and it’s a set if 6 gel eyeliners. Now, Hush was selling two sets of six. One was called Gold and one was Royal. I chose Royal because it had blue, green, purple, and silver. The gold set was much lighter colors–rose, gold, shimmer white. However, when my box came, it had the Gold set. I was kind of disappointed. It was only $10 but still. I emailed the Hush customer service. The page states to give them 24 hours to respond. I think it was almost 2 days but someone did respond. She was very nice and apologized and stated she would have the correct set shipped within a day. She also let me keep the other set and my correct order was here in like 3-4 days.

I felt bad about keeping the other set. I even offered to send it back be ause I hadn’t done more than open the box but I knew the colors wouldn’t work for me. And I was right. After she said to keep them, I swatched them. They are very pretty, but my skin tone is so light, they just won’t show up much on my eyes. For someone with a darker complexion I’m sure they would be beautiful. The Royal set worked much better for me.

So they go on very nicely. The point is very fine so you can get a precise line. The pen itself is very thin and a good length, basically like a writing pen but thinner. The black was not crazy dark, which…I like my black eyeliners *black*. Opaque. However, I bought the set for the colors and I am happy with them. I didn’t notice them smearing but they did fad a bit after all day.

I realize my wrist looks very different between the two pictures. Sorry about that! I took them on different days and I believe the one used my flash and the other was natural lighting.

All in all, for $10, I am satisfied. And the Hush app has free shipping so it was just $10!



So I don’t think I’ve ever used an Almay product. That’s one of those names I remember seeing my mom use and I just don’t think of it as anything new and “cool” that I wanted to try. However, I was in Tuesday Morning (I’m not sure if this is a huge chain or not…it’s a store that sells random discounted stuff. I think they buy stuff from other stores that are going out or getting rid of overstock) and there was a little display of discounted makeup. Why not, I thought. I picked up a bronze eyeliner, a purple gel eyeliner, and this.

It’s a liquid eyeshadow and primer in one. I guess they have one for each eye color. I only saw for green eyes and for brown eyes. Lucky enough I have green eyes, so I grabbed that one. The official name is Almay Intense I-Color number 1 for green eyes. I paid $3.99, and the sticker said it was originally $6.95.

So it’s a liquid eyeshadow. There’s a little wand that pretty much looks like a lipgloss wand with it. It was almost like a green taupe color. It went on easy enough, and it didn’t feel tacky or anything. It isn’t a super bright color but it definitely has a color. It’s supposed to act like your base color too.

I wore it for about 11 hours. I wasn’t sweating or anything, but I only put cheap eyeshadow on top of it and I thought it did really well. Nothing creased though it was looking kind of worn after 7 hours or so. But if you don’t want to shell out $23 for Urban Decay primer, this stuff did pretty good! Especially if you find it on sale, but even for $7, it’s worth it if you’re going to work or just running errands and want to wear eyeshadow and not waste your top dollar stuff.

Maybe I should try more Almay stuff? Idk, even the name kind of bores me ha! Anyone else use them?

So I’m really getting into this Hush app! I love buying and trying so much makeup that I can’t possibly buy just high end or even mostly high end. I have a baby and 5 cats to feed! 🙂 So my second order from Hush came today.

The Hush app is free and it’s all beauty and makeup products. It’s a lot of makeup but there are products for your nails, face, and I may have seen some hair products. And there are brushes and beauty tools (nail clippers and files and black head removers, etc). Shipping is free no matter the order. I’m in the US so I can’t say for sure if this is for international shipping also.

They have knock offs, dupes, and drugstore products. This is all cheap stuff and they do run sales. Stuff does sell out, so if you really like something, buy it. In my order I got a palette from Bad Habit called After Dark and a set of 6 eyeliners from Profusion. The eyeliners I’m not going to talk about because they sent me the wrong set. I ordered the Royal colors and they sent me the Gold set. I emailed them so we will see how easy customer service is. The Gold set is pretty but I’m awfully pale and I’m thinking some of the colors won’t even show up on my skin tone.

Anyways, I did swatch the palette and I did a quick eye look with it. It was $10. You get 9 shades. I was instantly drawn to this because I’ve been looking high and low for a palette with multiple orange and red colors in it. So far I’m enjoying it. There is kick up in the pans but if you tap your brush, there’s barely any fall out. The colors swatch great but they aren’t crazy pigmented when you use a brush to apply them to your eyelids. However, they blend nicely and you can build up the colors. They are all mattes except the middle gold shade. All in all I would recommend this.

Also, can I just say the packaging is amazing considering this was $10?? It came in a box that had like a soft feel to it…then the actual palette is really nice and not cheap feeling at all. There’s a mirror inside also.


Another cheap makeup review! The makeup is cheap…not the review!

This is another palette I purchased from the Hush app. It was $10 with free shipping. I was excited because it looked like it should be a dupe for the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. However, unlike the Face Candy palette, I was a little disappointed with this one.

First, the pros: there’s not much of a scent to the makeup, and while there is kick up in the pan, there is very little fall out. With my usual primer, it lasted all day. You can definitely do several full looks with just this palette. There are light colors, darker colors, mattes, and shimmers, and they all compliment each other.

Cons: there’s not a ton of pigmentation. Really that’s about it. I managed to layer well (and they do blend just fine btw), and got a decent amount of color, but I wasn’t super thrilled with it. I’m in a “I like crazy colors that are super bright” mood, so it was kind of meh for me.

However, if you like a more neutral, soft look, you will probably really enjoy this!

Names with shimmer or matte: across the top: Queen shimmer, Treasury matte, Primrose matte, Noble matte, Honor shimmer, Regal shimmer, Grand matte. Across the bottom: Crown shimmer, Opulent matte, Heir matte, Throne matte, Reign matte, Monarch matte, Majestic matte.


I’m constantly searching for good cheap makeup. I buy so much that I would be in severe debt if I only bought high end stuff. So the last blog I talked about cheap stuff I found his the Wish app, and one was a fail and the other a hit.

I found another app with cheap makeup– Hush. I had heard it mentioned off and on but didn’t really know what it was. It’s all makeup and beauty products. So far I have purchased two palettes from there and I actually just purchased a set of eyeliners to try.

I only wore one palette so far and here are my thoughts:

The brand is Face Candy and the palette is Rainforest. I apologize for the washed out pictures. I insist on doing it at night and my lights and apparently camera are awful. I was drawn to it because it was little but had a pretty green and orange shade, both of which I like to wear a lot. It was only $10. Shipping is free from the app but it did take awhile to get here (like 10 business days?).

At the top there are a shimmer green Lush, matte sky blue Rainfall, matte orange Predator, and a shimmer almost iridescent shade Wild (which ended up being my favorite). Across the bottom are a sparkly black Nocturnal, a matte yellow Anaconda, a shimmer green Prey (it’s lighter than Lush), and a matte red Claw.

The dark shades definitely have better pigmentation but I liked all of them. I had one all day wear with Lish, Wild, and Prey, and with my usual primer they stayed on all day. They blended nicely. I will definitely keep using this and can’t wait to play with more color combos.

Anyone else tried Hush?? They have a newsfeed also for everyone to post pics and talk, which is cool! All makeup talk 🙂


So I did a blog previously on my short-lived all encompassing addiction to the Wish app. One of the first things I bought was, of course, cheap makeup. I bought two different kinds. One was an obvious knock off palette from an unknown company (since it was pretending to not be a knock off) and the others were single eyeshadows from the brand Phoera. I believe I have seen Phoera on Amazon and eBay too, but there are several sellers on Wish with this merchandise.

So first, the palette. It was trying to imitate UD’s Naked Heat. Just by looking at it, the packaging was much cheaper than anything UD would do. The colors looked just like UD, but the second your brush or finger touches a shadow, you would know it’s a knock off. The formula is very powdery, which I hate. The pigment was surprisingly not bad. However, the deal breaker was the scent. It had a strong chemical smell. I bought it more for experimentation…it wasn’t super cheap, but it was much cheaper than UD. Bottom line, I’m not going to wear it. With that smell I’m scared of what’s in it.

Phoera, however, I was pleasantly surprised! I bought 6 shades. They were each $1 with $2 shipping. They have no scent, and they have a nice almost gel-like feeling to them. They are not liquid but definitely not powder. The pigmentation is decent too. The first swipe is a bit see through with light coloration but you can definitely build it up. I wore shades all day. They didn’t stay as strong as high end stuff, but with primer it just looked a little worn after 6 hours. They blended decently. I used both a brush and just patted it on with a finger.

I couldn’t find much about the company online, but the box does have the ingredients listed and it does say cruelty free, which I hope is true! All in all I will keep wearing these and I might even buy more shades. Each seller I found on Wish with these had 20-22 shades! PS sorry for the bad lighting on the pictures!


So I posted a few weeks ago about a change in my skin care routine…which, really, was the beginning of one for me in general. I’ve always had very oily skin and nothing worked for my break outs, so I stopped trying a long time ago. However, more recently, a change made my skin extremely dry. It freaked me out because I’ve never had close to dry skin. So I started trying different products in hopes of getting myself back to where I could wear an actual foundation. I was only able to use a BB Cream, but I still have large pores so I was kind of self conscious only wearing that.

I am happy to say after using the same three products consistently I was finally able to wear a dewey foundation all weekend and my skin looked and felt normal. If you are struggling with dry skin, try these out.

Philosophy daily cleanser. It came with another bottle that I think was makeup remover and it cost between $12-$15.

ELF exfoliator. It never irritated my skin and it left it feeling really nice and smooth. It was maybe $5.

Clinique 72 hour surge moisturizer. This is pricey unfortunately. Maybe once summer hits I won’t be so dry that I need to keep using as much of this as I do. This tiny bottle was $12 I think. I don’t slather it on by any means though so it’s been lasting.

I use the cleanser or the exfoliator every day. Usually I do three days cleanser, then use the exfoliator. I use the moisturizer every day after whichever face cleanser I use. I haven’t broken out and my face feels hydrated but not oily.

In case anyone was wondering, I used the Maybelline Fit Me Dewey Finish foundation. It’s like a medium coverage and left my skin looking dewey but not shiny. I had a nice glow and it didn’t feel tacky or sticky, so I would recommend that too!