June’s BoxyLuxe

Hello, again! Per my last update and the fact it’s 11:20 pm here, I’m just going to do a quick post to show what was in my BoxyLuxe. This marks one year of BoxyCharm and my second BoxyLuxe box.

I am hoping to do a year review, bit I will say I think I enjoy the BoxyLuxe way better than BoxyCharm. I wish they would have it so you could opt out of BoxyCharm and just get the luxe box every 3 months.

The theme is Getaway! Spoiler alert: it’s skincare heavy, which I was happy about. I’m trying to get into skincare more, and I have soooo much makeup I need to use for the first time right now lol.

The Living Proof sprays seems to actually add volume! I need to use it more to get my final thoughts but I like it so far. I love that they are going outside makeup and skincare and adding things like the straightener (I think in December?) And now this hair dryer. It’s little and I love the color! Great for traveling or if you go to the gym.

I have dry skin ever since my pregnancy…like, went from very, very oily skin up until age 29, then with my pregnancy that went full term, my skin completely cleared up and turned very dry. Curious haha. I was excited for these. I can’t tell if the Skin&Co spray does much yet. The serum is out for me. It says slight tingling may occur…my face full on BURNED for 10 minutes until I finally put water on it. My face was hydrated…but it wasn’t worth it.

I like the cleanser ok so far! I have not tried the Touch in Sol product properly. I didn’t quite realize what if was when I initially tried it lol.

The lipgloss is great! No complaints. I have not tried the mascara. It’s so big because it has a built in curler! Such a neat concept.

I also got the Tarte Glow face palette. I wished it had been the all blush palette instead, but I’m excited to try it. I haven’t really used Tarte stuff yet!

I also got these with my BoxyCharm points in case I decided to cancel. The eyeliner is Ofra and while pretty, I just like felt tips over actual pencils. The mascara is ok so far. It gives a natural look… definitely nothing stand-out-ish.

What did you get in your box?? I promise I will slowly but surely check out everyone’s posts, BoxyCharm or not! 😁💖


Hello, blogging world! I’m going to post this short update/apology and hopefully at least post a quick BoxyLuxe update. I realize I am terribly behind on reading everyone’s blog, and also lost all semblance of a regular posting schedule ☚ī¸ I’m very sorry. I am trying to hop on when I can and catch up on blogs even if I can’t comment on every one.

My life just suddenly has zero extra time in it. It has come down to I have time for either Instagram or my blog maybe half of the days in a week, and I decided to focus on my Instagram where I can because I can do both reviews and just looks in general. I hope to pick my blog back up regularly asap. Work suddenly went down hill and I went from getting my work done in a breeze to struggling to get it done with overtime included. On top of that, my 2 year old’s clinginess turned into an overwhelming clinginess. I can’t be out of her sight for a minute if she’s home with me. And she’s not passive lol…if I have my computer/phone/makeup out, she’s grabbing it and running like a wild child. And it went from my husband putting her to bed to I have to do that too. So 🤷 it’s been a little rough tbh. I feel like my anxiety and depression are coming back full force.

I was wanting to do a big BoxyCharm review as this marks one year of having it. I’m hoping I can piece it together and get it up next.

Love you guys!!! If you miss me terribly, my Instagram is also Avlovesmakeup. If you want to make sure I know it’s you to follow back, just DM me and say, hi I’m from WordPress 😊 ❤ī¸


TGIF!! I am bringing a slightly different beauty review tonight. Do you hate shaving your legs like me? Do you not want to deal with waxing? Nair burns a little? Well, then, Finishing Touch got you covered!

I found this at Ulta but it was actually in the As Seen on TV section. So you may have seen this on TV– I have not because I don’t have cable lol. But I decided to grab this for a couple of reasons. One, I really do hate shaving my legs. I wear glasses so it’s hard to do it in the shower, so I normally do it in my sink before or after. Well guess who else uses my sink? If you guessed my little black cat Ellie for some reason, you are correct 😂😂 She takes baths…yes, baths…in my sink. And clogs it constantly with her fur. So my legs needed shaved, my sink my clogged, I was out of draino… And I was at Ulta. 🤷

This was $60. That is a lot. However, I have seen it on sale because I’ve had it on my wish list for awhile. Ulta always has 20% coupons a few times a year if you are a platinum or diamond member. I suggest waiting for a sale or coupon.

This is a razorless shaving device. It has 4 18K gold plated heads that are hypoallergenic. Ulta’s webpage says it has spinning technology to painlessly remove hair of any length. I believe you are solely to use this on arms and legs, nowhere sensitive like underarms or bikini area. It’s too big for the face. It also has a rechargable lithium ion battery. I pulled that from the website, too, because I’m no expert on batteries 😂

It’s a nice shape and size to hold comfortably. There’s also a light that comes on so you can see where you’re shaving. Basically, you charge it until the light turns green, push the power button, then go in small circles until the hair is gone. It takes me about the same time as shaving does. Not super fast but not slow either. It doesn’t hurt at all, but I did notice if I had a stubborn hair and had to go over a spot a few times, it feels slightly sensitive afterward. Nothing to really complain about and it won’t stop me from using it, but I thought I would mention it.

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…pics of my hairy leg! 😂😂 Before:


As you can see, it does work– but the shave isn’t quite as good as a razor, and I have never waxed, but I can guess not nearly as good as wax. I actually like it. I’m lazy and it’s nice to just do this on the couch after the baby goes to bed. Also, the shortest thing I wear in public is Capri leggings, so I don’t have a lot of leg showing.

It comes with a velvet pouch to store everything, the charger, instructions on cleaning and using, and also a tiny brush to clean it. It’s recommended to clean after every use because the hair builds up inside.

Final thought: I like it for me. I wish I would have waited for it to be a little cheaper, but here we are haha. What do you think? Yay or nay?


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Hello, everyone! I am still alive lol and hoping to get myself back on a normal schedule 🤞 I may even do a life update post. Although that’s boring compared to makeup 😂

I picked up this oh so cute little box at Marshall’s a couple of weeks ago:

This is Stila liquid eyeshadow minis in the set Oh My Stars. I bought this for $12.99. I searched both Stila’s webpage and Ulta’s and could not find this set. I believe it may have come out several months ago around Christmas time but I might be wrong (comment if you know when they dropped this!).

However, I think it’s worth doing a little review because you can buy all three shades inside in full size for $24 each at either Stila or Ulta.

As I’ve stated before, I don’t do research on ingredients really, but here’s the back if you would like that info 🙂 I have worn all three and have worn them all day. None of them bothered me in any way (no itchiness, burning, swelling, or discoloration). Everyone is different though so if you have sensitive skin, do your research! ❤ī¸

The box says each one is .07 fluid oz. They are so small but I’m starting to really appreciate minis and sample sizes. I have so many products that I rarely finish anything, so I have a chance to use these enough to know if I want a full size as well as maybe even finish these before they dry out! The applicator is a normal, flat doe foot. I actually think it’s very easy to apply these and get into the corner and have a nice, clean edge because of how small it is. I do have a full size eyeshadow and it’s not hard to apply or anything, but this tiny size just makes it all the easier to be precise.

This set includes Kitten Karma, which is a pinky-champage color; Diamond Dust, which is silver; and Gold Goddess, which is — you guessed it — gold. All three are glitters. Stila does sell “shimmers” if you do not like glitter.

The gold did not want to swatch well but it applies as well as the rest. They are very reflective and stunning, to be honest. They are great for an evening out or, if you’re a little extra like me, anytime 😂 I think even though they are glitters, they are neutral colors so it’s a pop of fun while not being too in-your-face.

I really have no complaints on these!

I have Diamond Dust in the top one and Kitten Karma on the bottom. When the light hits them, they are just 😍 I will get the least use out of Gold Goddess…I’m just not much of a gold person 🤷

What do you guys think? Do you love or hate the Stila Glitter and Glow shadows? What shades do you own?


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Hello! I’m sorry my blogging schedule is still messed up đŸ˜Ŗ I am forcing myself to post regularly on Instagram (same user name if you’re interested) but I’m still feeling overwhelmed and not great in RL to be honest.

Anyways, I did a blog a few weeks ago on the Natasha Denona mini Lila palette, in which I concluded it was really nice and I did like it, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to put forth the money for one of her bigger palettes.

Then I got a surprise đŸ˜¯đŸ˜ŽđŸ˜­

Ta-da!! If you are not familiar, this retails for $130 on Sephora currently. She actually has bigger palettes that are upwards of $200. I never looked into ND palettes too much just because they are expensive compared to what I typically buy, but there are a few I loved to look at–this one the most! 💜 I have green eyes and I can’t deny that purple makes them pop the most, so I do enjoy purple shades a lot.

But let’s start at the beginning. Packaging! The outer box is plain white and pretty classic looking, but not one I feel bad about eventually throwing out. I really like the actual palette though. It’s such a pretty purple! It’s plastic with a thin purple material over it, and it’s held closed with magnets.

My biggest complaint is actually the inside setup with the names.

There is a plastic sheet sewn into the inside with the shade names. It’s driving me crazy and I know I’m going to cut it out soon.

It’s soooooooo pretty 😍 Second biggest complaint: I wish there were more mattes. I’m actually really into nice mattes anymore and there’s only 4. It makes me want to buy her Safari palette, but I digress.

So I think the formula is slightly different from the smaller palette. Is that crazy? The mattes are so much nicer in this palette! They are so buttery and soft and blend beautifully. I would love to try more since these mattes are neutrals, but I love the tones to them. They are not just the normal browns you usually see.

The shimmers are beautiful as well. I feel like most companies do shimmers really well though, so I tend to judge based on the mattes. Nothing was patchy or anything I didn’t like.

I would write the names but I didn’t 😂 Sorry 😂

So is it worth it? It’s a hard pressed question. I always say things are worth whatever someone wants to pay for it. Clearly the brand does well and generally gets good reviews because they are going strong from what I see. I would be curious to try a palette like the Safari which is all matte. And if I have some money saved up, I might grab another one down the line. 🤷

What do you guys think? Which ND palettes do you own? Would you dish out $130 or more for one? I know Sephora runs a sale twice a year and I suppose that would be the time to get one!


I finally got this month’s BoxyCharm! They were pretty late getting mine out 😒 But without further ado….

This month’s theme is Make Waves. If you don’t know, this is a monthly makeup and skin care subscription box. For me it’s approximately $22. If you buy a few months or a year at a time, I think it’s less but you can’t cancel in the middle and get a refund.

I heard mixed feelings on this box. Here’s what I got in mine.

Item #1: Glamglow Gentle bubble cleanser. This retails for $28. I have never heard of this brand and I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I have mixed feelings because I heard the brand is not cruelty free and I was trying to stick to only cruelty free. So I’m not sure…since I already have it, I might try it once I run out of something I’m using. At any rate, the packaging is gorgeous.

Item #2: Alamar Cosmetics Colorete Blush trio in fair-light. Retails for $22. It has three shades. I was happy I got the right one for my skin tone. I was a little nervous when I saw it. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this yet. The shades have a little shimmer to them. They were pretty pigmented. I will have to play around with it a little more.

Item #3: Bodyography eyeliner in shade emerald. Retails for $14. I was happy to get a green shade, but I have another liner from them from a prior box and my feelings are the same. It’s ok…it’s a little scratchy. It’s not the worst because it does work, but it’s not the smoothest.

Item #4: Ciate London eye lustre creme eyeshadow in shade Cupid. Retails $22. This is actually very pretty I think. I don’t use cream eyeshadows too much just because they tend to crease on me. I only tried this for a single look so I’m not sure on a wear time yet. It went on easily for me. It is almost duo-chrome…it’s pink in some light and gold in others.

Item #5: Dose of Colors matte liquid lipstick in shade Truffle. This retails for $18. This is my favorite item in the box so far. It went on easily…easy to apply…I applied all over with one dip and didn’t need to go back over…it smells pleasant…and the shade is a perfect nude for me. Going on, I actually did wear this all day. I reapplied for the pic below, but it was almost comply transfer proof, comfortable to wear, and it wore down evenly. I saw there was a red color also and at first I really wanted it, but then I saw it was almost a neon color. So I’m happy to have this much more wearable color.

What variations did you get in your box?

Next month will be one year of BoxyCharm! I plan on doing the month box as normal and then doing a year review. I want to reflect on whether it’s something worth keeping it around.


Hello, everyone! First and foremost, I am a tad behind on reading blogs and I apologize and will catch up! I’m struggling with depression and anxiety (blah blah blah) again…work has been stressful and yet boring and Genevieve (my 2 year old) decided to stop sleeping for awhile lol.

Anyways, so here’s a little blog so I don’t feel like a huge slacker lol.

I couldn’t resist sneaking into Marshall’s this weekend 🙈 I was thrilled to find this!

BareMinerals Celestial Magic lipset. It has 8 mini Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick in it. While I love reds and rosy browns, I recognize nudes are the most go to and practical to have around lol.

I love the packaging! I love that there are two different designs. They are very tiny, but they are pretty and feel heavy (definitely not cheap).

I paid $9.99. I’m pretty sure these were on Ulta for $18 or $20 around Christmas time. I think $1-something a piece is reasonable! I will say, I think a lot of them are too light for me, which I found strange considering I’m pretty pale lol. They didn’t all look too light with the swatches, but on my lips they looked pretty pale.

All in all, I am happy with this purchase! If you see this, check it out 🙂